Chapter 410 - Chapter 410: Untitled

Chapter 410: Untitled

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However, Li An’an refused to leave. She turned around and grabbed a glass of red wine from a passing waiter, and gulped in down hurriedly.

Yang Xia was so anxious that she didn’t know what to do. The woman was drinking, and drinking would only make things worse. Fortunately, she found Fu Yiheng in the crowd.

“CEO Fu!” She waved.

“Why don’t you stay with An’an! She’s in a bad mood. Go dance with her. She seems to like dancing!” Yang Xia suggested.

The wine glass in Li An’an’s hand was taken away. She looked away, feeling a little unhappy.

The lights in the banquet hall dimmed, probably to create the atmosphere.

The wine stain on Fu Yiheng’s garment had already been wiped clean. His lips were pursed under the mask, and he didn’t look too happy.

“I only took a small sip.” Li An’an retorted. Seeing that Fu Yiheng did not look any less upset, she smiled. “Alright, I promise you, I won’t drink anymore.” She smiled, somewhat coquettishly. Fu Yiheng had been really good to her, so she didn’t want to upset him.

The man’s large hand touched her cheek. Li An’an wanted to dodge, but he was too fast for her. It brushed against her face and came into contact with her ruby lips, caressing them. Then, he applied some pressure that hinted of playful punishment.

Li An’an froze, her mind blank, afraid that Fu Yiheng would say something she wasn’t ready for.

Fortunately, Fu Yiheng’s eyes flickered behind his mask and he didn’t speak further.

All of a sudden, Li An’an felt a little dizzy. It could have been because she had had too much to drink and now she was a little tipsy. She was led onto the dance floor again.

The soothing music started playing and the man circled his arms around Li An’an’s waist. She rested her slender arms on his strong shoulders and lowered her head, not daring to look into his eyes.

Yang Xia stood by the dance floor with a glass of wine in her hand.

The two of them were really compatible. Although they were both wearing masks, the aura they exuded could not be concealed. They were simply a golden couple. It would have been perfect if Li An’an was a little less shy.

She looked towards the corner of the room. A few waiters were anxiously gathered together. She wondered what was going on. But it was none of her business. However, she found it strange. CEO Long had specially asked her to bring An’an along, and now he was ignoring her, as though handing her over to Fu Yiheng. She simply couldn’t understand what these men were thinking.

Actually, it was quite good for An’an and CEO Fu to be together. CEO Fu was young, promising, and powerful.

Long Ting came over with a glass of wine. “Good job.” He praised her.

Yang Xia thought that she had been praised by CEO Long for appeasing Li


“It’s my job.” She smiled modestly.

Long Ting’s gaze fell on a particularly outstanding couple on the dance floor. He wondered if it was just his own imagination, but he felt that they looked very familiar.

Yang Xia spoke again, “But CEO Long, don’t change your partner so easily next time. An’an is a very modest person.”

Long Ting raised his eyebrows, as though seeking clarification on her remark. He understood every word, but when the words were strung together, he was stumped by what they could possibly mean.

Yang Xia looked towards the dance floor.

“But CEO Fu really cares about An’an. The two of them look very compatible.”

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Long Ting caught the main point and raised his tone. “You’re saying that the couple on the dance floor are Li An’an and Fu Yiheng. Who is that woman then?”

Yang Xia glanced in the direction Long Ting pointed.

Liang Qian and CEO Chu were also dancing on the dance floor. Many people on the dance floor took the initiative to make way for them, and the two of them became the focus of attention.

“That’s Liang Qian, CEO Chu specially gave her a gown worth hundreds of thousands of yuan. Are you telling me you didn’t know about it!”

Although Liang Qian and Chu Yichen had become the focus of attention, she felt that An’an and Fu Yiheng danced better. They were more elegant and beautiful..