Chapter 83 - Tricked By Madeline

Chapter 83 Tricked By Madeline

Madeline hung up the phone and chatted with Lucas for a while. “You mommy will come to look for you soon. Are you happy here?”. Madeline asked the little boy in front of her with a smile.

“I’m happy, Grandma.” Lucas had no idea what had happened. He thought that Maisy and Madeline had an appointment.

Maisy immediately rushed to the hotel that Madeline had mentioned. In order to be safer, she reserved the entire hotel and hired many security guards.

“Hello, miss. May I know who you are?” The security guard saw her coming over and quickly went over to greet her.

“Hello, I’m Maisy. I’m looking for Madeline Ziegler,” Maisy explained with a smile. “What’s your relationship with her?” The security guard asked, “I’m her friend. We had an appointment yesterday.”

The security guard looked at her suspiciously and asked a lot of questions. Maisy felt a little embarrassed. She was just going to look for someone. Was there a need to do that? After the questioning, the two security guards looked at each other and asked her to hand over her ID card and cell phone for inspection. They checked very carefully. Just like that, she was stopped outside the hotel and waited for 10 minutes. “Alright Miss, you can go in now. She is waiting for you on the 10th floor.”

Maisy nodded. She took her wallet and phone and entered the hotel without looking back. Although she always knew that there was a huge gap between her and Jay and that Mrs. Hamilton looked down on her, today, she suddenly realized that Jay was actually a very low-key person. Although he had a lot of luxury goods, it was because of his identity as the young master of the Hamilton family that everyone respected him. In terms of Jay’s daily lifestyle, he wasn’t considered extravagant, but Mrs. Hamilton was only staying here temporarily and she was living in such luxury. Even though she and Lucas were the only ones staying here, they had built an entire hotel. No matter how many years Maisy worked hard for, this was a life that she couldn’t have.

Maisy was anxious. When she thought about how her son was still in Madeline’s hands, she felt anxious as she stared at the elevator go up. The moment she stepped out of the elevator, the first person who greeted her was a security guard again. “Show me your ID,” the tall man said coldly.

“I’ve already been checked downstairs. Can I visit my child?” No matter how good-tempered she was, Maisy still felt that this was a little outrageous.

“I’m sorry. We won’t allow you to enter without looking at your ID.” The security guard was business-like. He was completely unperturbed by Maisy’s words.

“Here.” Maisy felt that she was being played by Madeline. The security guard seemed to be deliberately stalling for time as he kept looking around.

“Are you done?” Maisy’s tone became harsher. “Do you want me to call Madeline?”

“It’s alright.” The security guard stuffed the identification card into her hand. “Madam is waiting for you inside.”

Maisy’s patience was almost worn out. If she didn’t see Lucas soon, she would really lose her patience.

“You’re here?” Madeline sat on the sofa leisurely.

“Where’s my son?” Maisy looked around but didn’t see Lucas’s figure.

“Why are you in such a hurry?” Madeline sneered. “It must have taken a lot of effort to get here, right?”

“Where’s Lucas?” Maisy only wanted to see her child as soon as possible. Every word from Madeline was an insult to her!

“He’s playing in the living room.” Madeline put down the teacup in her hand and gestured to the security guards on both sides.

Maisy had a bad premonition — before she could say anything, a few tall men surrounded her and held her down.