Chapter 279 C279. King Of Shadows

Name:Supreme Monarch Author:AnimeTagz

As the night went on, the light of the moon lit up the massive field of snow in a beautiful silver glow as the earlier thick ashen grey clouds had been completely cleared from the night skies. Leaving only the dazzling vast skies covered in glistening stars that spanned accros the sky as far as the eyes could see. 

The cold winds blew across the snowfield in a gentle breeze when suddenly, the air shuddered. 

An oppressive yet ominous presence erupted from the body of the undead king, dominating the entire space accros the Greyad plains that even beings all accross the Darknar continent shuddered from the stifling aura.

A dense smoke like aura rapidly oozed of the body of the Eldar Lich as the shadows around him warped the weirdly before solidifying and shoting out of the ground in the shape of an absurdly large pillar that seemed as though it was toching the skies. 

The massive shadow pillar then wobbled gently as the body of the Eldar Lich left the ground. Moving in the center of the shadow pillar, it rose up until it was quite a distance from the ground before the pillar suddenly changed shape.

The shadow shook violently as it morphed and wrapped itself around Zerahut in a tight ball of solidified shadows the size of a mountain. 

At this point, Daenerys had already ordered her force to retreat into the forest but giving as they all had varying movement speed, there were still a few of them who had yet to make it in time.

While they were already close to the entrance of the forest, it was already too late as the ball of Shadows suddenly shifted shot forth large shadow tentacles that flew in all directions, piercing or simply crushing the hundreds of demi-humans that was yet to escape. 

The moment they were touched by the shadows, their bodies immediately began to age as their life forever was rapidly drained away and even their dried-up flesh was absorbed into the King of Shadows. 

Of course, these shadow tentacles could not be stopped just because the others had made it into the forest as they possess enough strength to easily tear through the massive trees as though they were nothing but paper. 

Witnessing this scene, even Daenerys and her battle legion were becoming panicked as there wasn't anything they could do against these shadow tentacles. 

After all, all the attacks of the ones it had drained and absorbed outside the forest had also been absorbed as though they their Magic was food and none of them could think of a way out of this without using Magic. 

However, just as the shadow tentacles were shattering the trees towards them, a figure clad in an all black butlers outfit that felt more like a combat uniform with a pair of black gauntlet on his arms while wearing a golden mast, suddenly appeared in front of them through the sudden rupture in space that had created a massive black portal bending him.

The massive portal immediately moved and swallowed them before any of them could even think of resisting and in the next moment, their view of the forest had immediately changed as they had all been transported to a place that resembled a sort of temporary town. 

Z then turned his head to face the confused Daenerys as he spoke bluntly:

"You shall all remain within the confines of this town until Lord Ty decides on what to do with you. I advise you to not make a scene as it will not be forgiven."

As he sternly gave them a warning, they saw the army of well-geared hobgoblins and karma Onis as well as several Nightmare wolves and giant dragonflies around them, and their nerves rose a little before Daenerys decided it was fine as long as they remain calm until everything ended. 

Their loyalty towards her was enough to calm their nerves as they decided to obey Z's orders and remain here. Z nodded his head in satisfaction as he watched the changed in their emotions while reading their surface thoughts before teleportation away. 

He appeared back in the castle as he politely placed a knock on the large door in front of him even though he knew the owner of the room was not in.

Soon, a maid with short pink hair and white bunny ears upend the doors to his masters office he she now slightly and he nodded.

He then walked inside the room and saw some farmiliar figures sitting at one corner of the extravagantly luxurious office, around a coffee table as they stared at the holographic screens floating around the table. 

"Welcome back Z, do take a seat, the main event is about to begin."



—At the same time. 

Zerahut frowned as he sensed the thousands of demi-humans disappear before he could consume them to stabilize himself as he was rapidly beginning to lose his grip on his consciousness.

To achieve what he had just done, he had no choice but to plunge the orb of death deep within his core as the orb began to supply his core with an absurd amount of negative energy which could be quite overwhelming even for undead of his level. 

He could simply summon the king of shadows without going through this but that had a higher chance of the entity going on a rampage and killing him as well. At most, he could only call forth an arm or two without losing control to the strong will of the Shadow King.

While the method he was currently using had a lot of the same issues, there was a higher chance of his survival as long as he could consume enough life force to sustain his core until the very end. The other advantage was the ability to end the call without the will of the Shadow king resisting him simply by pulling out the orb by force. 

After absorbing his hundreds of demi-humans, he had squired enough life energy to counter the excess negative energy in his core for an at the very least a few minutes so he had to end this fight quickly, else the king of shadows will consume him the moment his core is overwhelmed and he loses grip on his consciousness. 

As he struggled to maintain that fragile balance, the massive shadow tentacles surrounding him lunged at the hovering dark drake with an insane speed that defied the laws of physics but Drago moved faster as it launched himself at the massive ball of shadow and immediately used his dark Dragon's breath once more. 

However, not only had his attack not done any damage, the shadow ball seems to have swallowed or absorbed it as it got larger while continuously swiping its tentacles at Drago with ridiculously speed and strength that rapidly changed the terrain. 

Tyler silently observed the massive round mountain of solidified shadows as it grew larger and larger before suddenly jumping off the back of the massive drake as his five shadow guards mirrored his movements. 

He then ordered the drake to return to the town as he had deemed Drago's presence no longer necessary. The drake seemed to be disappointed in its performance and perhaps a little sad its master had left him but Tyler didn't have a choice as all Drago was doing was making it stronger even though it was his fault.

"Anti Divination."

"Spirit concealment."

"Counter Remote Viewing."

Tyler used multiple spells to conceal this area from the distance eyes of the Great Five as he no longer required their presence. This night may have been a show of strength to them but it was already almost dawn and there was no need for him to reveal any more of his abilities to them. 

It was better to leave some things to their imagination as he didn't want them to completely figure him out. Not wanting to give them any ideas that they would be able to handle him with a good plan or something.

Which would defeat the entire purpose of this war, to begin with. 

Landing gently on the ground as though they were all weightless with defied gravity, Tyler promptly expanded his universal barrier around them as dozens of truly massive shadow tentacles came crashing down on them and continuously pounded them as though they were drums.


The reverberating sounds of several explosions could be heard far and wide as all the shadows were pushed back. However, they all immediately came crash back down at them with even greater force than before. 

However, unlike the last time, Tyler did not confidently receive the attack with his nigh-indestructible Universal Barrier as Uriel had made a prediction that worried him. 

{Probability alteration detected. Master should avoid receiving the next attack.}

With world divination and FutureSight, Uriel could accurately predict the nature of any attack used against him and advice him with thought acceleration. And with his high reaction time and supreme physique, he was more than fast enough to react in time. 

Tyler could also accelerate his body to match the speed of his accelerated thoughts so naturally, he was able to use his skills and spells even in that state, making it possible for him to react literally, in an instant. 

He quickly used Spatial teleportation to move away from the attack as it easily tore through his barrier-like hot knife through butter. 

"To think it's even able to use skills in such an unstable state. How troublesome."

Tyler thought as he watched the dozen or so tentacles shatter the ground he had just been standing on. 


Giving the command, Tyler permitted his personal guards to attack as they moved quickly and swiftly, appearing around the massive ball of solidified shadows floating in the air. 

•Summon Shadow Familiars• 

•Death Claw•

•Dark Lightning•

•Abysal Bind•

•Shadow Armor•

•Shadow Clone•

The girls moved like the shadows themselves, appearing and disappearing at will ad they moved in the air, easily avoiding every shadow tentacle that came at them while simultaneously using their various skills in well-coordinated attacks that reflected their perfect teamwork that was unexpected of ordinary undead. 

Zelda summed a horde of shadow creatures that pounced on the ball of shadows but were easily destroyed by the shadow tentacles, Maeve flew above the monster while avoiding the swinging tentacles as she used dark lightning followed by countless spells as though her mana had no limits. 

While Kali and Flare attacked with their strongest attacks, Messi who was the only demigod amongst them, created more than a hundred clones of herself that shared more than 40 percent of her abilities.

However, even with their combined skills and were coordinated attacks, none of them had even remotely damaged the shadoe ball nor one hidden in the shadows as the ball of shadows either ate their attacks and got bigger, or simply recovered after taking a little damage. 

[Futile, all your efforts will be rendered futile in the presence of the Shadow King. Did you really think you've outnumbered me? Know your true master minions!]

Having finally gained some semblance of control over the overwhelming power of the King of Shadows by inserting the orb of death directly onto his core, Zerahut regained his a form grip on his consciousness and activated one of the skills of the Conceptual being.

•Shadow Lordship• 

While wielding the powers of the King of Shadows, Zerahut now had the absolute authority over darkness itself and even those born from the shadows could no longer stand against him.

With that, the bombardment of attacks from Tyler's shadow rogues suddenly stopped as they all fell lifelessly to the ground as their cores were being suppressed by the will of the shadow king. 

Normally this process would've taken only a moment as the shadow king had absolute authority over all shadows and all beings born in darkness must serve him but Zelda and the others were highly intellectual and instinctively resisted the urge to serve a different master.

This, however, allowed Tyler to react in time as he sensed his link with his shadows being corrupted and it irritated him. 

"Oh, now you've gone too far. I've already been corrupted one too many times to permit such a blunder."

Finally taking this seriously, Tyler pulled out his Magic weapon from the void as he devoured the Magic it passively emitted with his glove and swung it without the use of any Magic. Just a purely physical strike. 

Or so it was supposed to be.