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Hearing this, Su Xing’s heart trembled.

He really did not expect the second reward Zhao Kang had arranged for him to be so rich.

One had to know that these three books were all from Zhao Kang’s collection. Every one of them was very precious.

This treatment simply exceeded his expectations.

“Principal… are you joking?” Su Xing asked hesitantly. After all, this was really too much.

“No, I’m talking to you very seriously.” Zhao Kang said in a low voice, “This is the reward you deserve!”

Su Xing was naturally short of money. After all, his aunt’s family was not very rich.

The place he lived was only a small floor.

Considering that being a mage required a large amount of money for all kinds of materials, it was obvious that money seemed to be even more scarce.

However, in fact, it was fine. After all, he had already awakened his elemental power. He could accept some missions in the future to earn extra money.

Su Xing thought to himself, ‘Since I’ve already come to this magical world, why not pursue a higher realm?’

Moreover, magic books were priceless. Not to mention 300,000, these three books might be worth more than three million.

“Principal, I choose the second one,” Su Xing said seriously.


“I’m relieved by your decision!”

“From today onwards, you’ll officially step into the world of mages.” Zhao Kang was very happy. Then, he waved his right hand and three books appeared in the air.

They were the Meditation Technique (Tier 0), the Fire Ring Technique (Tier 1), and the Fire Dragon Technique (Tier 2).

Su Xing took the three books with an excited expression.

The value of these things was not something that gold coins could measure.

Su Xing reached out to take one of the Meditation Techniques and flipped through it. It recorded the foundation and techniques of cultivation.

The other two books were introductions to the fire element’s attack and defense.

“These three books are the foundation of a mage.”

Zhao Kang slowly said, “I hope you can learn them completely before receiving the honor that belongs to you.”

“Yes!” Su Xing nodded.

“In addition, this Jade Talisman is also a gift to you,” Zhao Kang suddenly said.

“What’s this?” Su Xing raised his head and saw that Zhao Kang was holding a very exquisite Jade Talisman.

Zhao Kang smiled and explained, “It will help you. It’s equivalent to having a special resource of the academy. Take it.”

After Su Xing received it, a white light flashed and a cool feeling covered his entire body.

However, this feeling was fleeting.

Su Xing felt that it was very magical, but she did not ask further. After all, this Jade Talisman had been personally given by the principal. It was definitely a good thing.

“After you learn the Meditation Technique, you can truly master it and become a mage!”

“Understood.” Su Xing nodded.

He finally understood what his previous feeling was.

Under normal circumstances, only by reaching the standard of a mage could the power in his body be transformed into magical elements.

They were extremely powerful and far from what ordinary mages could compare to.

“Not only that!”

“Among the mages, there are also Night Elves, Lightning Birds, Frost Dragons, and so on!”

“These creatures are all anomalies in the eyes of the mages. They are born with extremely powerful strength.”

Su Xing immediately gasped.

“Have you ever heard of a saying?” Zhao Kang asked with a smile.

“What?” Su Xing was stunned.

“If you want to wear the crown, you have to bear the weight!” Zhao Kang said indifferently, “If you want to obtain strength, you have to pay the price.”


Su Xing was stunned.

“The meaning of this sentence is very obvious. In other words, if you want to have strength, you have to bear the corresponding responsibility.”

“It’s the same for mages!”

Zhao Kang continued.

“It’s the same for mages…” Su Xing said thoughtfully.

“It’s good that you can understand!”

Zhao Kang nodded slightly. “This card has my contact number. If you encounter any questions you don’t understand during your cultivation, you can ask me at any time.”

Su Xing nodded, took the card, and left.

Walking out of the office building, he recalled the three secret manuals he had just obtained and was immediately overjoyed.

He hurriedly ran to the garden behind the academy.

This was an empty place that was very suitable for cultivation.

“Then I’ll try the power of the Meditation Technique here!” Su Xing muttered in his mind and took out the Meditation Technique.

The Meditation Technique was a Tier 0 spell.

There were a total of 10 levels, which were the 10 realms. As the realm level increased, the use of the meditation technique would become more proficient.

This meant that even newbies who had just advanced to the level of a mage could cultivate.

This was also very suitable for Su Xing’s current situation.

He flipped open the Meditation Technique and carefully read the content.

“Meditation practitioners communicate with nature with their minds and mobilize the elemental power wandering in nature to form a magical shield to block the enemy’s damage.”

“Moreover, after meditating, your mental state will become extremely good.”

Seeing this, Su Xing could not help but smile bitterly.

This was because the words inside were too difficult to recognize. He had never practiced calligraphy and could only slowly figure out the meaning stroke by stroke.

“I see!”

“No wonder it’s called the Meditation Technique!”

Su Xing revealed an enlightened expression and made a guess.

Then, Su Xing took a deep breath. He sat down cross-legged and entered meditation.

Everything around him fell silent as if they had lost all color.

Su Xing felt his will gradually float into the air.

Then, his mind entered a mysterious realm and his entire body fell into a strange state.

Su Xing closed his eyes and felt strands of cool air gather from all directions.

Then, it entered his body through his nose.

This was mental strength!

Su Xing felt that his mental strength seemed to have increased.

“This is the sign of an increase in mental strength.”

Su Xing revealed a happy expression and continued to try.

After a while, he was already certain that this was a spiritual enhancement spell.

The spiritual enhancement spell was not complicated. It required a period of accumulation or some opportunity to be successfully used.

However, it was very useful.

The power of an enhancement spell that could increase mental strength was much greater than ordinary enhancement spells.

In a short while, Su Xing could clearly feel the change in his body. This was also the sign of entering the first level of the meditation technique!

Raising a level in a short period of time was an extremely rare situation.

However, Su Xing’s talent was extremely strong. In just a breath, he had already leveled up!


“With this Meditation Technique and the Fire Ring Technique, my defense will increase greatly.”

“Although I haven’t been able to condense a magic core, this is enough.”

He could not help but grin.

“Principal, you’re really awesome!”

Su Xing was so excited that he almost jumped up.

“I can’t be considered a true mage yet. At the very least, I haven’t condensed a magic core.”

“However, this is enough!”

Su Xing suppressed the excitement in his heart and began to cultivate the “Fire Ring Technique”.