Chapter 83 - Chapter 83: 083: Getting older

Chapter 83: 083: Getting older

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Mrs. Sherman is extremely angry now.

Viola Thompson tried to hep Trevor Sherman, but he was ungrateful.

“Do you even have a brain?”

Despite being scolded by Mrs. Sherman, Trevor did not get angry.

After all, Mrs. Sherman was his grandmother no matter what.

Being a little confused in old age was normal.

How many 88-year-old people were still lucid?

As a junior, there was no need for him to argue with an elderly person.

Trevor just looked at Mrs. Sherman and sighed helplessly, “Grandma, don’t get excited. Let me explain slowly.”


Trevor continued: “First, I am an adult and can analyze things. Second, I have eyes and 1 understand Viola Thompson better than you.”

Pausing here, Trevor continued, “If Viola Thompson didn’t have ulterior motives, why would she appear in front of you and me again and again?” Moreover, Viola Thompson even sweet-talked Mrs. Sherman while scolding her own grandson.

This sufficiently proved her insidious intentions.

Ordinary people lack these means.

Mrs. Sherman resisted the urge to hit him, “Then tell me, what is Viola’s motive?”

Finishing, Mrs. Sherman snorted coldly, “Don’t tell me, Viola’s target is you!!

Trevor looked at Mrs. Sherman, “How can you prove it isn’t?” Viola Thompson’s objective was already very clear.

It was the position of the Sherman family’s young mistress.

If not, she wouldn’t be doing her utmost to please Mrs. Sherman.

But did she even consider, was the position of the Sherman family’s young mistress that easy to seize?

Not every peasant girl can turn into a phoenix.

On hearing this, Mrs. Sherman burst into laughter in anger, “When will you stop being so narcissistic? Do you think you’re such a great catch? Viola isn’t blind!”

If this wasn’t her own grandson, Mrs. Sherman would have slapped him a long time ago.

Before Trevor could respond, Mrs. Sherman continued: “A man like you is beneath Viola. She wouldn’t even give you a second glance. Don’t you worry about becoming a laughingstock? Besides, Viola already has a fiancé; she’s not an inconstant woman.”

“You’re oversimplifying things.” Trevor replied, “Also, do you know who her fiancé is?”

Viola Thompson’s fiancé is a well-known good-for-nothing in River City.

Given Viola’s good looks and her ambition to become a phoenix, how could she possibly be interested in Terrence Lentz?

As the adopted daughter of the Thompson Clan, there’s only one way for Viola Thompson to get rid of Terrence Lentz.

That is—

To find a real influential figure.

Looking across the entire River City, aside from Trevor, there were no better choices for Viola.

“Although Viola’s fiancé has a bad reputation, Viola never disdains him. That’s proof of Viola’s character. If she was superficial, would she agree to be engaged to the third son of the Lentz Clan?” Mrs. Sherman looked at Trevor, speaking earnestly, “Trevor, you’re too paranoid. Always judging people with a colored view. I’ve told you long ago – not everyone is after your money!

Especially Viola, she is a good girl, don’t always think of her in such a negative

Trevor did not want to continue this conversation with Mrs. Sherman.

Changing someone’s perception is simply too hard.

Particularly for Mrs. Sherman, who was getting forgetful.

Trevor changed the subject, “Grandma, I’ve almost finished preparing for the birthday banquet. You were just curious about the kind of girl I met, right? I also sent her an invitation to the banquet. You will get to meet her on the day of the banquet.”

Elizabeth Thompson was gentle, kind-hearted, calm, and familiar. Trevor believed Mrs. Sherman would certainly like her.

Mrs. Sherman sighed.

She hoped that the girl who would come to the banquet would be Trevor’s true love.

Trevor was suspicious, always doubting this or that. No one could trick him.

On the other side.

Viola Thompson, holding her mantou, was leisurely walking on Food Street.

Her attire was simple.

An white dress.

With her hair cascading behind her like a waterfall, when the breeze gently wafted by, perfect arcs were drawn in the air, everything around her seemed just like her backdrop.

From far away, Cleveland had already noticed Viola Thompson standing out from the crowd and ran over quickly, “Master! “Viola Thompson lifted her gaze slightly, “Clifford.”

“Master, I was actually about to go look for you!’

“What do you need me for?”

Cleveland scratched his head somewhat awkwardly, “I don’t know how to do something. And Doleman was looking for you to discuss something as well.”

Viola Thompson nodded slightly.

In a short while, the two arrived at the shop.

Doleman wasn’t there at the moment. Viola Thompson sat in front of the computer, typing a few lines of code on the keyboard, and soon a full screen of code was converted into an image.

Cleveland stood behind her and said a bit awkwardly, “Master, could you slow down? I haven’t been able to follow.”

Viola Thompson’s typing speed was too fast.

He simply couldn’t follow her speed with his eyes.

At his words, Viola Thompson slowed down, explaining and demonstrating at the same time.

Her voice was gentle, her pace steady, she was very patient, and her explanations were easy to understand, letting him grasp the concept immediately.

“Got it now?” Viola Thompson looked back slightly.

Cleveland nodded, “Got it.’

Viola Thompson stood up from her chair, “Now you try.”


Compared to Viola Thompson, Cleveland’s typing speed was much slower. She did not rush him, but watched patiently, giving timely corrections when he made mistakes.

After a while, Doleman returned from outside.

Cleveland said, “Didn’t you say you had something to discuss with my master?”

“Your master is here?” Doleman asked.

Cleveland nodded, “Inside.’

Doleman headed inside.

As soon as he walked in, he saw Viola Thompson sitting at a table, holding a cup of milk tea.

She really loved milk tea, she always finished every drop.

“Great Master. ”

At his words, Viola Thompson looked up slightly, “Speak.”

“It’s about the same matter from last time,” Doleman sat across from Viola

Thompson, “Trevor Sherman of the Su Corporation wants to meet with you. He probably wants to discuss a potential partnership with you.”

In a casual tone, Viola Thompson replied, “Not interested.” Doleman continued, “Is it convenient for you to at least get to know him?”

“Inconvenient.” Viola Thompson shook her head slightly.

“Understood, Great Master, I got it.”

Time quickly slipped by, and seven days passed.

The Lentz Clan’s residence.

Charlotte Young sat on the sofa, turned to the servant next to her and asked, “Why hasn’t Nanny White come today?”

“Nanny White just called in and said she was feeling unwell, so she has taken the day off.”

Feeling unwell?

Upon hearing this, Charlotte Young gave a veiled smirk.

What happened to Nanny White all of a sudden? She was perfectly fine.

It must be the beauty pills that have caused problems.

She had warned Nanny White a long time ago, but she did not heed the advice.

“Nanny White didn’t come today?” Sophie came down from upstairs.

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Charlotte Young nodded.

Sophie squinted her eyes, “1 must say, this Nanny White is really brave. She dares to eat anything.”

“What are you guys talking about?” Eleanor Armstrong came in from outside.

“Mom’s back. We were just talking about Nanny White,” Charlotte Young continued, “Mom, did you know? Nanny White took the beauty pills given by Viola Thompson and something happened. She has now been admitted to the hospital!’

“When did this happen?” Eleanor Armstrong was greatly surprised..