Chapter 20 - Hunting Demonic Beasts with Junior Sister

Chapter 20 Hunting Demonic Beasts with Junior Sister

No matter which dynasty it was, the working environment in the mine was quite harsh. Even the Kunlun Taiqing Sect of the Orthodox Dao had inferior spirit stone mines.

Around him were rock walls that had been carved out irregularly, showing a green color in the frozen soil. At every set distance, there was a wooden structure supporting the rock wall. An oil lamp hung on the top, emitting a faint light in the dim mountain.

Hu Haozhi was at the front. As a Qi Refinement disciple of the older generation, he had already stayed in Kunlun for thirty years and had completed countless missions to hunt demonic beasts.

Before entering the cave, he gave Static Talismans to everyone and made them stick to the back of their boots to avoid making any noise disturbing the demonic beasts.

Miss Xu Yinglian was naturally taken care of by Hu Haozhi. Not only did Hu Haozhi give her two additional Static Talismans, but he also let her walk behind him so that he could protect her more easily.

“These people are so annoying!” Xu Yinglian refused coldly. She turned around and complained to Qiu Changtian. “Do they really treat me as a powerless lady?”

Qiu Changtian smiled and satirized.

“Why would the young firebird pay attention to the intimidating sounds made by the owl when it’s flying towards the north sea?”

Xu Yinglian: …

She naturally knew what this meant.

The “owl” was a bird that ate rotten flesh. Its cry was like an “intimidation”, hoarse and unpleasant.

Meanwhile, the “firebird” is a kind of five-colored phoenix. Its natural disposition is noble and unsullied, it won’t make any other trees other than the chinese parasol tree to be its home, nor would it drink water that is not sweet.

The meaning of this sentence was: “A gentleman doesn’t have to care about the noisy little person.”

However, her Senior Brother clearly knows that the outside world praises her as the “Phoenix Fairy”, but earlier, he compared herself to “a young firebird”. What does this mean?

Was it a disguised confession?

Xu Yinglian was a little troubled. Her senior brother’s words seemed to be a confession but not a confession. She didn’t know how to respond.

Qiu Changtian waited for a long time, but the Kunlun Mirror didn’t give him any hints after his posture. He felt strange and continued,

“You have to be careful. Demonic beasts don’t just recognize people by their voices. They also recognize light, smell, wind, and even the tremors on the ground…”

“I won’t be careless,” Xu Yinglian said coldly.

Relying on her Smart and Adroit Mind, she quickly calmed down. Saying that it was a confession was too far-fetched. Actually, what he said was just a double meaning. On the surface, he’s comparing herself to a phoenix, but the main reason for the metaphor is to remind her not to care too much about other people’s words.

Hmph, as expected of my senior brother. It was a good satirization, but I still broke through it.

[Invincible persona, synchronization value+1]

Qiu Changtian: ?

He was puzzled when he heard the notice from the Kunlun Mirror. What’s wrong with Junior Sister Xu? Is her brain delayed?

They continued to walk for dozens of meters before they felt a cold wind blowing, mixed with a rotten stench. It was obvious that the demonic beasts were right in front of them. Everyone pulled out their flying swords and prepared to attack.

After a while, a strange beast indeed pounced out of the darkness, raising a strong evil wind.

Everyone was intimidated by its ferocious aura and the stench made them dizzy. Therefore, they did not react for a moment.

Hu Haozhi, who was at the front, was an experienced senior after all. He subconsciously bit the tip of his tongue with his teeth and immediately woke up from the pain. Just as he was about to drive his flying sword at the critical moment, two streaks of light shot out from behind him!

The jade color was in front, and the red color was behind. They were only a hair’s breadth apart, but when they rushed in front of the demonic beast, the red flying sword, which was slightly faster, had already arrived first. It stabbed into the mutated beast’s neck and sliced it in a circle. The demonic beast’s head rolled down, and blood gushed out from the severed neck.

In the blink of an eye, the demonic beast was killed, and the remaining disciples did not even have the time to react.

Xu Yinglian took back the Yujia Sword and flicked it to get rid of the blood on the sword.

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“A mere demonic beast is nothing much.”

Qiu Changtian: ?

My junior sister’s show-off has 70% of my charm, but you don’t need to maintain the Imitation Mode, so why are you showing off?

He also put away the Yu Yan Flying Sword and saw Xu Yinglian turn her head over. The corners of her mouth curled up slightly. Hmph, Senior Brother, I won this time.

The other disciples were still in shock, but Hu Haozhi was the first to recognize it. His eyes widened and his face was filled with shock as he cried out in disbelief.

“What a fast sword! A red stream of light and a flash. There’s a phoenix engraving on the sword hilt. Could it be the Tiannan Xu Family’s immortal sword, Yu Jia?”

Xu Yinglian didn’t even look at him. She just continued to look at the demonic beast’s corpse with a cold expression.

“I didn’t expect you to really be Senior Sister Xu Yinglian!” Hu Haozhi put on a warm smile and asked obsequiously, “Senior Sister, why do you have the time to come and do missions?”

Xu Yinglian sneered. “Why can’t I do the sect mission?”

“Ahem, indeed. It’s my fault for being blind. I didn’t recognize you at first.” Hu Haozhi pretended to slap himself and apologized with a smile. “Senior Sister, be careful. I’ll go see how that demonic beast is doing.”

Lu Zheng, Liu Daoran, Wen Qin, and Liu Yiyi were all stunned.

It had to be known that this Senior Brother Hu Haozhi had been putting on the haughtiness of a senior from the very beginning. He either didn’t speak, or he would urge others to hurry up when he opened his mouth.

In the end, he recognized Xu Yinglian’s true identity. Not to mention completely losing his status, he would even abandon his seniority and be willing to call himself junior brother! He switched from arrogance to deference as if he was a different person, and it was truly an eye-opener.

Wen Qin’s face turned pale. After all, she had mocked Xu Yinglian in a low voice before. Her legs turned weak at the thought of the possible revenge.

Liu Daoran’s expression was similar. Since she was Xu Yinglian, wouldn’t the handsome young man beside her be…

No one dared to think further because it was too terrifying. This is a god descending to the mortal world to cultivate with us mortals!

However, none of them had the “flexibility” of Hu Haozhi, so they only forced a smile and pretend that nothing had happened.

After checking the corpse, Hu Haozhi returned and said respectfully, “Senior Sister Xu, Senior Brother Qiu, that earth ant is dead.”

“If you want the corpse, then you can take it,” Qiu Changtian said gently. “However, that deacon said that there’s a bloody light appearing in the depths of the mine just now. This earth ant might not be the only one here. Everyone has to carefully investigate and confirm that there’s no danger.”

“That’s right.” The outer sect disciples immediately nodded rapidly. Even Liu Daoran, who had targeted him the most previously, agreed respectfully. “Senior Brother Qiu is brilliant. We will definitely be careful.”

“Heh.” A teasing voice suddenly came from inside the cave. “To act so pragmatically and switch from arrogance to deference. Is this how a disciple of a famous orthodox sect acts?”

Hu Haozhi’s eyes turned cold. He quickly raised his hand and shot the flying sword forward, but it disappeared into the darkness.

In the next second, his expression changed drastically as he cried out, “My flying sword has lost its connection!”

Under everyone’s gaze, a thin person walked out from the darkness ahead. His hair was messy and his face was withered. It could only be vaguely recognized that he was a young man.

Of course, the cultivation world could not judge age by appearance, and it was not easy to determine the cultivation of the other party. It was because the other party was covered in a dark green Daoist robe from head to toe. His temperament was also sinister and evil. He was clearly a disciple of the Devil Dao.

Xu Yinglian narrowed her eyes slightly, and the Yu Jia sword trembled slightly in the air. She watched Qiu Changtian’s reaction from the corner of her eyes and prepared to cooperate with his attack.

Fighting devil cultivators and hunting demonic beasts were two completely different things. Although she was competitive, she was not to the extent of using her life to gamble.

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Since Xu Yinglian did not attack, and with Hu Haozhi as a precedent, the other Kunlun disciples naturally did not dare to attack. They only pulled out their flying swords and suspended them in front of them with nervous expressions while waiting seriously.

The devil cultivator walked under the light of the oil lamp and threw the object in his hand onto the ground.

Qiu Changtian saw clearly that it was Hu Haozhi’s flying sword. However, for some reason, the flying sword’s surface had already dimmed and lost all its spirituality, making it look like a piece of scrap metal.

“Kunlun Sect’s current chief disciple, Enlightened Dao Heart, Qiu Changtian?” The devil cultivator’s withered eyes moved slightly. He looked at Qiu Changtian’s face and then turned to look at Xu Yinglian, his gaze stopping on her red flying sword. “The Yin Ghost Dao of the Beimang Mountain?” Qiu Changtian asked expressionlessly.

The two of them paused for a moment before suddenly shooting out their flying swords at the same time!

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