In fact, both of them feel lucky. It can be said that this may be the most dangerous time they encounter. It may even be more dangerous than their sea soul.

"It's a pity..." the driver said again, "the other party was obviously invited, but he didn't ask the behind the scenes."

"No harm!" Song Qi pondered and said, "it's not the most important now."

It's a miracle that two people can escape from death. After all, they can't do too many other things in other people's territory, so it's a good thing to escape from such things.

They didn't stay here any longer and soon left.

When she got back to her aunt, Jieli was in a panic. Seeing Song Qi and her father coming back, she immediately ran forward and hugged the driver tightly.

"Dad. I don't want to be petty any more. I'll definitely go home with you... "Jerry was almost sobbing there.

The driver breathed a sigh of relief and patted his daughter on the back with a smile on her face.

Then they had a rest here for a day and wanted to leave.

Of course, in the middle of the way, they called Jano. When they heard that there was nothing more to do, they were all relieved. They just told them to get ready to go back. They couldn't stay here any longer.

Song Qi and the driver had no objection, so after staying for one night, he was ready to leave here.

But that night, Song Qi found something wrong, as if someone was staring at him.

The driver and Song Qi are absolutely alert people. When they find something wrong, they immediately go there to track them.

Sure enough, they followed people to a place and saw that it was heavily guarded.

Two people in the heart a Ge Deng, this as expected still has a person behind.

Without saying a word, they immediately went up and cleaned them up.

It turns out that this is the person who asked two killers to kill them, and also regarded as their sea soul.

After the killing, they left here with Jerry.

Two days later, they finally met.

After seeing each other, everyone was happy.

It's the rest of my life.

"The rented ships..." Lin Zhanpeng said, "the upper and lower parts of the ship have been well managed, and there are conventional weapons in our ship. Even if someone wants to attack us, it's not so easy to do. So the next thing, we just need to relax. When we get home, everything will be done."

Song Qi also breathed a sigh of relief. It's really something to be thankful for.

We have experienced so many things and can survive, which is enough for us to celebrate.

The next day, everyone got on the boat and headed home.

Many of these people are on this boat for the first time, so they are a little excited.

Song Qi is the same. Seeing the blue sky and the sea, he feels relaxed and happy.

There was nothing on the way, and we arrived at home smoothly.

When they arrived, they were really relieved. Although they felt that there would be no problem on the road, they were still a little nervous. Now they are back, they can be relieved.

Zhu Rong has been waiting for him there for a long time. This is ten tons of gold, a huge sum of money.

"Hard..." Zhu Rong can't say anything. Looking at Song Qi coming back, he can only shake hands and express his thanks.

Song Qi laughed, shook his head and said, "thank you. We just help ourselves. We can't sleep well if the soul of the sea doesn't die out. Now we can sleep at ease."

Zhu Rong nodded, "even so, I have to thank you. By the way, come to Beijing with me or what

Song Qi shook his head and said, "it's not necessary to go to Beijing. I don't want to do anything else in the future. If there's another such thing, you can let others do it. I'll be an idle person and go back to my Qinghe to do business."

Although he had known Song Qi's idea for a long time, Zhu Rong gave a bitter smile when he saw that he was so determined to leave.

"Go back..." Song Qi said faintly, "Kunlun will stay in Qinghe in the future. As for you, go back and tell the people above that I thank them for their help. As for the rest, forget it. "

Seeing that Song Qi was so determined, Zhu Rong could not say anything more, so he could only nod to him.

After that, song and Qi had already got on the car to Qinghe.

When they arrived in Qinghe, their parents met them at the station, and the security company sent a large number of vehicles to meet them. After seeing them, everyone was very happy.

Then, in addition to her parents, Cheng Xue is also there. Watching Song Qi appear in front of her, Cheng Xue can't help but pounce on Song Qi.

They held each other tightly.

The others looked and laughed.

At the other end, the driver brings Jerry to Li Xiu, "XiuXiu, this is Jerry."

Li xiuda is a teenager. Seeing such a beautiful girl, she immediately laughed and said, "it's so beautiful."

"I don't want to call your mother..." now, Jerry wants to call such a ten-year-old man your mother, but she still can't accept it. "Shall I call you sister?"

"Good!" Li Xiu laughed, "I wish I had such a beautiful sister. OK, let's go home. We have prepared a lot of dishes in the company, waiting for you to come back."


Over there, Cheng Xue hugs Song Qi tightly and doesn't want to let go any more.

"Let's get married..." Cheng Xue seems to have made a big decision and said, "Song Qi, I don't want to leave you any more. It was our family's fault before. I shouldn't divorce you. I don't want to divorce you any more... Let's get married, OK?"

Song Qi didn't expect that she would mention her marriage again. He was stunned for a moment, then he gently hugged her and said, "OK, but this time, I won't be a door-to-door son-in-law."

Cheng Xue laughs, "don't do it, don't do it... Just be yourself."

Song Qi's parents also laughed, which was their worry.

"Brothers..." Song Qi just turned around and yelled at the other people, "let's go. Let's go back to the company and have a good meal. These days in foreign countries, we are hungry and thin. We have to eat back!"

The others burst into laughter.

The group got on the car prepared by the company and went to Jindun security company.

In the following days, the world will be carefree and the years will be quiet.