Chapter 62


The female coach who jumped with Xu Lian was really experienced. By the time they smoothly landed on the ground, Xiang ChangKong also landed not too far from them.

After detaching Xu Lian, the instructor applauded the couple in congratulations.

Xiang ChangKong walked towards Xu Lian with a smile. “How are you feeling?”

After some thought, Xu Lian replied: “It was exhilarating. Your little stunt was a bit silly, though.”

Xiang ChangKong chuckled. “It doesn’t matter if it looked silly. As long as my intentions reached your heart, then it was worth it.” Given the fact that Xu Lian made a heart sign when they were in the air, Xiang ChangKong felt that his proposal had successfully touched Xu Lian.

Xu Lian: “….”

These past few years, together with his three-year stay abroad, made Xiang ChangKong’s personality a lot more cheerful. He had finally put down the heavy burden that had weighed his heart ever since his father’s passing.

Zhang GuoEr used to talk about the ‘heavy melancholy’ in Xiang ChangKong’s eyes, but now, there was no heaviness in his gaze. Instead, all Xu Lian could see was the endless, bright sky.

To be honest, while it was the old Xiang ChangKong that first attracted Xu Lian to him, she very much preferred to see Xiang ChangKong act like this.

“You’ve been looking at my face for a while. What are you thinking about?” Xiang ChangKong smiled.

Xu Lian smiled back and said: “Look how thick-skinned your face has become.”

Before Xiang ChangKong could answer, the other staff members approached with champagne to celebrate their successful landing.

Xu Lian accepted the flute of champagne and clinked it against Xiang ChangKong’s glass. But Xiang ChangKong hooked his arm around hers and said: “It’s better to drink it like this.”

(T/N: That thing some people to at weddings where the bride and groom hook arms and drink wine.)

“…” Surrounded by cheering people, Xu Lian looked upward and drank her champagne.

After the celebration, all that was left was to wait for their video and photos. This process would take around an hour or two, so the skydiving club had a special rest area where the guests could wait.

In the rest area, Xiang ChangKong rummaged through his bag for a while, then reached for Xu Lian’s hand.

Xu Lian looked at him suspiciously. “What are you doing?”

“Giving you something.” Xiang ChangKong replied.

Xu Lian raised a brow. “And you need to hold my hand to do it?”

Xiang ChangKong laughed. “No, but I want to.”

Xu Lian no longer questioned him and offered her right hand.

“The other hand.”

“… you’re quite picky.”

Xu Lian extended her left hand and then watched as Xiang ChangKong put a ring on her ring finger.

The design of the ring was simple. The diamond inlaid wasn’t huge, but nevertheless, it made Xu Lian’s heart tremble.

“Good, it fits.” Holding Xiang ChangKong’s hand, he raised his head and said: “I can only afford something like this for the time being.”

Xu Lian’s trembling fingers grasped Xiang ChangKong’s hand and said: “I think it’s wonderful. Big diamonds look too tacky to me.”

Gradually, Xiang ChangKong’s grip tightened, and he bowed his head to kiss her hand. “Let’s get the license when we get back. What do you think of holding the wedding in early October?”

He’s made Xu Lian wait for too long already. He doesn’t’ want her to wait any longer.

Xu Lian nodded. “Nn.”

She looked down at their clasped hands and at the ring on her finger. Her heart burst with emotion.

During Xu Lian and Xiang ChangKong’s relationship, their family’s relatives and friends hadn’t been optimistic that they would last. This was especially true when Xiang ChangKong studied abroad for three years. Even Xu Lian’s mother began to worry about them.

Xu Lian’s parents might not care about the origin or economic condition of their future son-in-law, but time was a terrible thing. It is often the biggest test any couple would have to face.

Fortunately, Xu Lian and Xiang ChangKong withstood this test.

Xu Lian knew that during his study abroad, Xiang ChangKong often traded meals and sleep for a few hours of study, all so he could come back a little earlier.

Some people were worth waiting for.

When the video and photos were done, Xu Lian thought they were quite good. Along with Xu Lian’s initial poses, Xiang ChangKong’s ‘performance’ was also recorded clearly.

Xu Lian saved each one and shared them on social media. She had used her store’s account, so soon, there were customers who liked and commented on the posts.

‘Wow, the owner went skydiving! So cool!’

‘Amazing. Skydiving! Is that little brother the owner’s boyfriend?’

‘Hey, hey, I’ve decoded the message! Isn’t the little brother spelling out ‘marry me’???’

‘Marry me? ???? 6666 for proposing in the heavens!’

(T/N: 6666 is a term used online to mean ‘you’re too amazing/powerful/cool’)

Xu Lian read a few of the comments, then replied.

‘The owner is very happy. All goods will be 20% off on the next opening day.’

Xiang ChangKong, as usual, liked all her posts.

Xu Lian’s friends and relatives soon saw her posts and began calling her phone non-stop.

Xiang Nuan knew that her brother was planning to propose today, but she didn’t think it would be while skydiving!!!

Proposing in the heavens? How exciting!

Xiang Nuan went to her friend group chat to share the occasion.

Nuan Nuan Traveling The World: My brother proposed to my sister-in-law in the sky! While skydiving! I don’t know what to say. ????

Brother: You can say congratulations.

Nuan Nuan Traveling The World: Congratulations!

Do A Question For Five Minutes, Paralyzed For An Hour: Hahaha, now that your brother raised the standard, anyone planning on proposing to you must be feeling a tremendous amount of pressure right now!

Shen Lin: …..

After their skydiving session, Xu Lian and Xiang ChangKong spent two more days playing around, then flew back to City A. The first thing they did after returning was to get their household registration books, then go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get their marriage certificate.

After successfully getting their marriage certificate, they spread some dog food in their friend circle once more. Last time, Xu Lian posted photos and videos of their skydiving session, so people might have missed her ring. This time, she posted a photo of her marriage certificate, along with her wedding ring in full display. With a picture like this, there was no way people could misunderstand.

After receiving plenty of blessings, Xiang ChangKong began working at a plane courtyard while preparing for his wedding with Xu Lian.

The wedding was scheduled for National Day. By the time of their wedding, Xiang Nuan would have officially graduated from university.

On the day she received the wedding invitation, a bear child in Xiang Nuan’s class dumped black ink all over her white skirt.

(T/N bear child is an unruly kid.)

Xiang Nuan: Brother, can I maybe skip your wedding ceremony? ????

Xiang Nuan: [picture]

Xiang ChangKong: What happened to your skirt?

Xiang Nuan: A naughty kid in my class happened. I’m very, very angry, but I have to keep smiling. ????

Xiang Nuan: I’m too poor, ah. Brother, give me some money to buy a new dress…

(T/N: I’m wondering why Xiang Nuan would wear a skirt like that to a primary classroom? But, well, plot, I guess.)

Xiang ChangKong: [red envelope]

Xiang ChangKong: Buy two.

Xiang Nuan: Ah, ah, ah!

Xiang Nuan: Brother, I love you!

Xiang Nuan: I’ll definitely be attending your wedding! I’ll be wearing a gorgeous new dress! You’ll not lose face, I promise!

Just then, Xu Lian came out of the kitchen with a plate of fruit and looked at Xiang ChangKong, who was sitting on the sofa, staring at his cellphone. She naturally sat in Xiang ChangKong’s arms and placed her head on his shoulder. “What are you looking at.”

Xiang ChangKong replied: “Xiang Nuan. A kid from her class spilled some ink on her skirt.”

He opened the photo Xiang Nuan sent him and showed Xu Lian a white skirt dotted with black ink. The dark color was very conspicuous against the snow-white skirt. Xu Lian frowned. “What kind of kid was this? It’s obviously done intentionally. Teachers nowadays are so miserable, ah.”

Xiang ChangKong nodded in agreement. “We have to properly educate our children in the future.”

When Xu Lian heard the word ‘children,’ her mouth quirked into a smile. She picked up a piece of fruit from the plate and fed it to Xiang ChangKong. “Eat some.”

Xiang ChangKong accepted the fruit with a smile and picked up another piece to feed Xu Lian. “You eat some too.”

Xu Lian didn’t act politely and opened her mouth to accept the fruit. She hummed in appreciation and said: “The fruits Auntie Weng sent us are so sweet.”

Xiang ChangKong smiled. “You need to get into the habit of calling her mom, ah.”

“….” Xu Lian remained silent and swallowed the fruit in her mouth.

Xiang ChangKong then reached for the open laptop at the coffee table and turned the screen towards Xu Lian. “The owner of Sugar Honey Heart just sent me the final designs for the wedding dessert table. Have a look.”

The dessert table for their wedding would be specially designed by the owner of Sugar Honey Heart, and Xiang ChangKong and Xu Lian sent them a wedding invitation in appreciation.

“It looks great.” When Xu Lian talked to the owner about the themes of the dessert table, Xu Lian said that she wanted the table to have the same feeling as one would feel when looking at the sky. Xu Lian felt that her words were abstract and probably not very easy to implement, but the owner of Sugar Honey Heart seems to have really pulled through.

Xiang ChangKong told her: “In the email, the owner told me that this dessert table is called ‘Loving the Sky.'”

(T/N: remember, ‘Lian’ in Xu Lian means ‘to love’ and ‘Kong’ in Xiang ChangKong means ‘sky’)

Loving the sky. It shared the same name as the incense candle Xiang ChangKong had bought from Xu Lian. This candle was still intact in Xiang ChangKong’s room all these years because he wasn’t willing to light it and use it all up.

Xu Lian swallowed the fruit in her mouth and smiled. “I think I’m getting the short end of the stick with that name.”

Xiang ChangKong laughed.

On their wedding day, the sky was blue and clear.

Xiang Nuan came to the venue early to help the couple set things up and prepare. She brought Shen Lin and a thick red envelope with her. While she wasn’t well off, with the combined efforts of her and Shen Lin, they were able to prepare a sizable envelope.

The wedding was to be held outdoors. Xu Lian had figured that holding the wedding under the blue sky was probably the most suitable place for them.

After everyone was seated, the wedding officially began. Onstage, the wedding officiant told the story of the couple’s first meeting. Xu Lian thought back to the day Xiang ChangKong first came to her store to deliver her chicken set.

The Xu Lian back then never would’ve thought that she would later fall in love with the man.

They exchanged rings, read aloud their oaths, then kissed in the presence of all their friends and family. It was an old and formulaic process, but it still made people tear up.

The couple’s mothers were already wiping their eyes, and even Xu Lian’s father was blinking to clear his moist eyes.

After dinner that evening, the guests didn’t want to disturb the couple and allowed them to retire and go to the bridal chamber early. When Xu Lian and Xiang ChangKong returned home, they were so tired that they ended up slumped on the sofa, unable to move.

By now, Xiang ChangKong had already moved into the master bedroom. He picked up the fast asleep Xu Lian, wanting to let her sleep on a proper bed. But as soon as he lifted her, Xu Lian woke up. “What’s happening?”

“Go to bed and sleep. You might catch a cold if you sleep here.” Xiang ChangKong said.

Xu Lian pondered for a while, then said: “But I haven’t bathed yet.”

Xiang ChangKong looked down toward his wife and said: “Well, how about we go in together?”

Xu Lian smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Nn.”

When the couple went into the bathroom, Xiang ChangKong saw the familiar red little box Xu Lian always had lying around. He put Xu Lian down, then threw the box away.

At Xu Lian’s puzzled expression, Xiang ChangKong gently pushed her against the bathroom wall and kissed her. “We don’t need that anymore.”

Xu Lian paused, then gave him a look. “You could’ve told me earlier, ah. What am I going to do with the rest?”

Xiang ChangKong smiled. “Keep it. They’ll still have some use in the future.”

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