Chapter 248 - Chapter 248: Older Brother Has an Apple of His Eye

Chapter 248: Older Brother Has an Apple of His Eye

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When Gu Ci returned to the Blue Fields Villa, Dr. North was still there. “I asked Third Master,” she said, “and he knows nothing about my brother’s disappearance. It might not be related to the Black Hawk. Think about it, does my brother have any other enemies?”

“His identity is very secretive, and he wouldn’t have many enemies, except for the recent conflict with the Black Hawk,” Dr. North replied firmly. “Are you sure it’s unrelated to them?”

“Both Uncle Li and Third Master’s reactions seemed like they were hearing about my brother’s disappearance for the first time, not like they were involved,” Gu Ci affirmed. “1 saw my brother on New Year’s Eve, and Ji Chi also said he saw him that day. When Ziyu comes back, I’ll have him check the surveillance footage. Master, you should rest here for now; when Ziyu returns, we can get the news firsthand.”

“Alright,” Dr. North had been busy with this matter, unable to sleep well, so he decided to get some rest. Gu Ci, on the other hand, was still worried and cautiously inquired about the Jiang family’s side.

Jiang Minghua mentioned that Jiang Junlin had an important project recently and would often be out of contact for ten days or even half a month at a time. The Jiang family hadn’t noticed anything unusual. Lin Chunli had sent him a text, and he had replied promptly, even agreeing to buy something for her in Paris.

Gu Ci felt relieved. Since they didn’t know, she decided not to bring up the matter for now to avoid unnecessary worry.

When Gu Ziyu returned, Gu Ci took him to the study and briefly explained the situation, omitting the fact that Jiang Junlin was the head of the underworld. She only mentioned that they couldn’t reach him and asked Gu Ziyu to investigate.

“Alright, Mom, don’t worry!” Gu Ziyu said, fearing that his mother would become anxious and lose sleep. He took a sip of water and checked Jiang Junlin’s phone location, which was in Northern Europe, in a remote village with fluctuating signal strength.

“Why would he go to such a remote place?” Gu Ci couldn’t understand and suddenly said, “Check Zhang Qiang’s phone too.”

Gu Ziyu nodded and checked Zhang Qiang’s phone location, which was near Jiang Junlin. He asked, “Mom, are you sure you’re not overthinking this?”

“No,” Gu Ci shook her head. “There’s definitely something strange about this. Ziyu, can you also check the surveillance near Uncle’s house and Ji Chi’s house for New Year’s Eve?”

“This will be a bit troublesome and time-consuming, at least seven hours,” Gu Ziyu pondered.

“Please do it.”

“…Alright.” Gu Ziyu had a lot on his plate, but he cared more about Gu Ci. After notifying Chen Liangdong, he used his privileges to access the surveillance footage of Jiang Junlin in Paris.

This took some time, and as Gu Ziyu checked and watched the screens, he said, “Mom, I’m hungry.”

He had been brought to the study as soon as he returned without even having a hot meal. Gu Ci was momentarily surprised and then chuckled. It seemed her son never missed an opportunity to compete with Lu Zhiyuan. She ordered some takeout for him.

“What would you like, dear? I’ve made seafood porridge for your father in Paris. Would you like some too?”

“Yes!” Gu Ziyu smiled. “I want the same seafood porridge you make for Dad. Even in Paris, you make it for him. I want to have it too.”

The identity of my brother… is so mysterious.

Gu Ci chopped up two crabs, shrimp, and scallops, along with various seafood, and threw them all into the pot to simmer together. The soup that came out of it was used to cook porridge. Once it boiled, she added the seafood into it.

Inside the house, a pleasant aroma gradually filled the air!

However, Gu Ci’s mind wasn’t focused on cooking porridge. She was watching financial battles in the world of finance on her tablet. These were classic battles, each financial battle was fought exceptionally well.

This was an international venture capital company registered overseas, yet it possessed vast funds. Gu Ci examined Jidao’s financial reports and the financial data from their battles, and they didn’t match up at all. With such enormous funds, Jidao couldn’t possibly have access to them. There must be a mysterious force behind this, and she could see it. Lu Zhiyuan could surely see it too.

After each of Jidao’s financial battles, the funds were redirected back to Asia. This was intriguing.

Three years ago, during that financial storm, only the domestic financial system remained unaffected. Other countries faced economic downturns due to the financial crisis, but the domestic financial system fought a brilliant battle, resisting the financial storm.

Black Hawk, the one trying to plunder assets from the Hong Kong stock market, ended up bankrupt with heavy short-term losses.

“Third Master… how could he possibly lose this battle?” Gu Ci’s knowledge of finance and marksmanship had been personally trained by Lu Zhiyuan. She could immediately spot the issues. “Is he doing this intentionally?”

She rapidly reviewed several of Jidao and Black Hawk’s financial battles. Aside from the one that Ji Chi had lost, the others had some problems. These flaws, her brother must also be able to see them!

“What’s not right?” Gu Ci racked her brain but couldn’t figure out exactly what was wrong. Her brother was manipulating Jidao, but for what purpose? His methods were too enigmatic.

Dr. North was sleeping restlessly and woke up to the scent of the porridge. Gu Ci had been simmering it for two hours, and the seafood porridge was rich and fragrant. She served a bowl for her brother, Gu Ziyu, and another for Dr. North.

“Master, my brother’s management system has too many flaws; all the information is concentrated in him alone. If something were to happen to him, everyone would be left in silence. What if… he dies?”

“A new master comes online, and the system is restarted!”

Gu Ci’s heart skipped a beat. This was too frightening.

“Who does my brother trust the most?” Gu Ci wondered. He must have left some backup plan; her brother was thorough and wouldn’t leave himself without an escape route.

“He trusts no one!” Dr. North said. “I heard a gossip, quite old, so it might be somewhat distorted… When the master was in his early twenties, it seems he really liked someone, but he was betrayed and nearly died. He took two bullets to the chest and was in a coma for three months. He almost didn’t make it. Since then, he stopped trusting people.”

“Is that so?” Gu Ci was surprised. “His first love?”

Dr. North replied, “That’s what I heard.”

“Who told you?”

“A few years ago, when Zhang Qiang got drunk, he mentioned it accidentally.”

“My brother… actually had a lost love.” Gu Ci smiled suddenly. “No wonder Ji Chi is so crazy.”

“Gossip isn’t necessarily true,” Dr. North cautioned. “Think about the main issue. Can Ziyu find any clues?”

“I don’t know; let’s wait for news.” Gu Ci couldn’t estimate. “Master, if something happens to my brother, can’t you contact anyone?”

“Cici, it’s like this: I betrayed the master before. My former partner died, and I had to change my name and position. It’s been several years, and many people have been replaced. Moreover, just before Christmas, the master made his stance clear, willing to give me another chance, so 1 haven’t been officially activated.”

Jiang Junlin had conditions; she had to cure Gu Ci!

“I understand!” Gu Ci said. “With my brother’s disappearance, such a significant event, it won’t be only you who’s anxious to find him. Others will be searching