Chapter 14

Moritz, who gazed at Lily with satisfaction, lightly brushed her hair.

“See for yourself how lewd you are, Lily.”

It was a cruel joke. The liquid dripped from her p*ssy, who bowed in shame, dripped into the mirror.

She was excited to see how lewd she was doing the act of stabbing herself and seeing that image reflected in the mirror, though what excited her the most was that someone else was seeing this kind of thing.

“Moritz, please…”

Lily wiggled her butt as if the toy was Moritz’s c*ck and moved it faster. At this moment, anyone would be fine for her. She just wished someone could put real c*ck in place of the toy and stab her p*ssy like crazy.

“Ah, that lewd expression…”

Moritz covered his face with one hand, and with the other, he lowered his own underwear and pulled the hard, puffed genitals out before grabbing it and holding it out to her. Swiftly, Lily stuck out her tongue as though she was waiting.

She wrapped her tongue around his glans and opened her mouth to suck it.

“Uhng… Huuhnng…!”

A moan of satisfaction flowed from the delight in receiving the c*ck. Lily smirked and sucked the manhood that had entered her mouth.

“That good? Aren’t you revealing too much?”

Even though there was another teasing, it was not heard by Lily. She continued to devour the d*ldo with her p*ssy, imagining that the c*ck in her upper mouth was also stabbing her lower mouth.

“Really, Lily is…obscene.”

Moritz, curling her hair between his fingers, moved her head back and forth as she suck the c*ck in her mouth.

Even with that rough touch, Lily didn’t wrinkle an eyebrow. She sucked it as if it was rather tasty and poked her hole with slow movements.

Little by little, a clear liquid dripped from the tip of the urethra, and he felt that he, too, was at his limit. Moritz couldn’t take it any longer. He wanted to shove it as hard as he could right now, deep into Lily’s p*ssy.

As he pulled his own thing out of her mouth, a silver thread ran briefly across her lips and the c*ck before it broke.

A sad expression appeared on Lily’s face.

But now, she could notice. She knew he had pulled it out of her mouth to stab her again. Waiting for the next step, Lily lifted her buttocks a few more times and stabbed her inside.

Moritz went behind her and put his c*ck on her p*ssy while she was swallowing the d*ldo.

“It… won’t go in.”

“Really? Then… Shall we experiment?”

It was nonsense.

At that, she ignored Moritz and twisted her rear to pull the d*ldo out of her p*ssy. Lily then glanced behind her and moved her lower lips in front of him.

“You don’t even listen to me anymore. Falling in love with my c*ck…”

Saying so, he chuckled as he clicked his tongue and slapped her butt. The iron rod with the d*ldo underneath her was also twisted away by his rough hand and thrown aside.

“Ah—Moritz… Hurry, put it in…”

Moritz chuckled and shook his head at her cheeky demands that started again.

“Who is the master, and who is the b*tch?”

As he grabbed her soft thighs and pulled them back, he shoved his upright genitals into her lower mouth, and Lily ate his c*ck with her fluttering lower mouth.

“Huuu… Ah, so good. Moritz! Quick, quick… Poke me!”

“Don’t rush, Lily. Ha, so lewd…”

When Moritz moved her back, Lily, who had been in a squat position, knelt down on the table and lifted her hips to bring herself into a comfortable position.

“In that case, you can’t see it. Lily.”

He pressed her shoulders to make her lie flat, then he grabbed her legs and spread them a little further to the sides. Lily stared into the mirror as his c*ck pricked her pussy. She was red from ears to neck.

She hadn’t even thought about that since she had been concentrating on the tingling sensation she felt, though seeing him piercing her like this made it more apparent that she was engaging in that lewd act.

Unable to take her eyes off the mirror, she felt so ashamed of her p*ssy dripping onto the mirror.

But, as always, the shame came with excitement. Excited by such an obscene sight, Lily tightened around the c*ck as much as she could.

“Whoo— I wish I could invite other people to show them this obscene image as well. Aren’t you Lily?”

At Moritz’s words, she immediately thought of the Emperor and Paul.

If the Emperor gazed at her with contempt with those sharp and harsh eyes. And, if he did her all night long…

Or, if Paul whispered lewd words in her ear with that husky voice and his sultry eyes flashed all night long…

Excited just by her imagination, Lily stuck out her tongue and closed her eyes, giving a lewd look on her face unknowingly.

Besides them, there were many other handsome noblemen in this game. How great would it be if all the characters in the game were shown this lewd thing, and then they took their c*cks and messed her up.

Just thinking about it made her excited.

The thick and transparent liquid she spilled on the mirror pooled, creating a puddle the size of her palm. However, Lily couldn’t see it. Her head was already filled with the lewd imagination of having her p*ssy stabbed by many other men and Moritz’s violent movements.

“Haa… Uhh—So good… Huu…”

A whimpering cry of joy.

As she let out a moan of satisfaction, the corners of Moritz’s lips also glided upward.

“I will make a place like that soon. To show you, you naughty woman…”


Moritz slapped her cheeks once more before grabbing her buttocks tightly.

As he grabbed her butt so tightly, the flesh was pulled up, revealing the hole and cock that followed. He lowered his eyes and stared at it, increasing his speed as he watched Lily’s delicate petals slide out with his genitals and curl up.

“It’s wonderful…”

Even though feeling that it was a waste to see it alone, he also did not want to show it to anyone at the same time.

That was pretty good because he was more curious about her now. If he corrupted her more and more, would she still radiate this lovely charm? Or, would she feel like a lewd, hot-tempered nymph, and he would lose interest in her…?

He wanted to see it with his own eyes.

Moritz, who had driven hard enough to shake the table, pierced her all the way to the root and spouted fuzzy liquid.

After the affair, he took Lily in his arms as usual and took her to the bathroom to wash her clean.

As soon as she entered the bathtub full of warm water, she fell asleep, and the next day she woke up in Moritz’s bedroom. When she woke up, he wasn’t as close to her as he had been last time, though Lily didn’t really care.

She had grown up from the past when she was sad or upset because he wasn’t by her side. He told her he was busy, so she understood that.

“Miss Lily, can I prepare a meal for you?”

Hearing her getting up and walking around the room, Moritz’s maid asked politely through the crack in the bedroom door.

“No. It’s okay.”

Originally, she wasn’t a big eater in the first place. However, after she entered Lily’s body, she didn’t feel any appetite anymore.

“All right.”

The maid went to the study and reported that she had woken up as Moritz had instructed.

“She woke up earlier than expected. Is she eating now?”

“I asked if she was going to eat, but she said it was okay.”

At those words, Moritz wrinkled his face. Along with his impressions, the tip of the paperwork he was holding was crumpled.

“Shall I bring a meal for Lady Lily?”

The maid glanced into Moritz’s eyes and asked carefully.

“No, it’s okay. I will go by myself, so just prepare it.”

Letting out a long sigh, he knew that Lily was skinny though what he noticed on the first night when he took off her dress was that she was much slimmer than expected. He was considerate of her and decided to refrain from violent play.

Still, she grew thinner every time he saw her. Because of that, Moritz was seriously contemplating whether to reduce the number of times they had s*x.

The real problem was somewhere else. Should he be happy with this…?

It was no surprise that he found out so late. Although he had a sexy body with the right mix of toned muscles and slender lines, Moritz was skinny compared to men of similar stature.

Far from eating meals on time, he often missed meals when he was busy with work. It was completely different from Paul, who ate sandwiches or snacks next to him.

Looking at the pile of papers once again, Moritz sighed and got up before heading for the bedroom. Even though he was busy with work, Lily was given priority.


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