Gu Qingchen and Rong Yu sat quietly. Gu Qingchen helped Rong Yu unblock his meridians while Rong Yu sat quietly. His eyes never left Gu Qingchen.


There was a crackling sound. Gu Qingchen immediately became nervous. However, Rong Yu did not move and his expression did not change.

“It’s my people, don’t worry.”

Gu Qingchen looked at Rong Yu in a daze. Rong Yu only heard the sound of footsteps and the sound of branches being stepped on. How could he be so sure that it was his men and not those mercenaries?

However, looking at Rong Yu’s calm and composed appearance, Gu Qingchen’s worried heart was slightly relieved.

Very soon, a few people wearing special clothes and equipped with many weapons appeared in front of them.

These people were like knights who had climbed up from hell in the dark. Each of them had a low aura. When they saw Rong Yu, they all stood there respectfully. No one raised their heads to look at Rong Yu’s current appearance, they reported as usual.

“Boss, we’re late.”

When Gu Qingchen heard this, her heart thumped a few times.


This address seemed a little…

She was not an ignorant person. These people were like people in the dark. Compared to them, the killing intent of those mercenaries was miles away. And these people called Rong Yu “Boss”. At this moment, she knew that she had accidentally been exposed to some secrets that she should not know.

Thinking of this, Gu Qingchen subconsciously stole a glance at Rong Yu, wondering if Rong Yu would silence her.

Rong Yu seemed to have sensed Gu Qingchen’s gaze and ignored those people. Instead, he looked at Gu Qingchen, expressionless and unmoved. Gu Qingchen could not guess what he meant at that moment.

Those men just stood there without moving, like statues. If they were not breathing, they would have thought that they were mannequins.

Gu Qingchen could tell that these men were not simple people. They must be very powerful.

“You came at a bad time.”

Rong Yu said lightly, but Gu Qingchen seemed to see the men’s bodies tremble. Could it be that she was seeing things? Gu Qingchen rubbed her eyes and found that these men were still standing there without moving. Maybe she was really seeing things.

Gu Qingchen did not notice that Rong Yu did not mean that he was late, but that he came at the wrong time.

The men clearly understood what he meant, but they did not dare to peek at Gu Qingchen. They only knew that Rong Yu had a woman by his side.

They had been by Rong Yu’s side for so many years, so they naturally knew his habits. Now, there was a woman who could get close to Rong Yu. They knew that this woman must be the woman that Rong Yu approved of.

Otherwise, those women who appeared by Rong Yu’s side would have long been chased away by Rong Yu.

Since she was their boss’s woman, they did not dare to look at her.

If they saw anything that they should not look at, they would be in trouble.

“Yes, please punish us, Boss!”

They finally understood that their boss was blaming them for not coming at the right time. Looking at the situation, the two of them were just having their private time. It was indeed unethical for them to disturb Rong Yu and Gu Qingchen.


Their boss had always avoided women. It was not easy for him to find someone he liked. They realized hat they had disturbed their boss and his woman.

Suddenly, these people were a little depressed.

If they had known this would happen, they would have stayed hidden.

It was a mistake, a mistake!

Gu Qingchen also understood a little. It seemed that Rong Yu was angry, but it was better than not coming.

“Don’t just stand there. Do you have a car? Quickly send him to the hospital.”

In the wilderness, it was not as good as going to the hospital. The hospital had all the facilities, and it had a nicer temperature. It was better than staying here in the cold. Moreover, Rong Yu was still having a fever. He needed to cool down quickly.

The leader was obviously stunned. He raised his head slightly to look at Gu Qingchen. He did not expect Gu Qingchen to interrupt.

Most importantly, Rong Yu did not seem to be unhappy at all. Did this mean… he had acquiesced?


It seemed that he had to re-evaluate this woman’s position in Rong Yu’s heart.

“What, you can’t even understand her words now?”

Rong Yu saw the man staring at Gu Qingchen for a long time, and his expression darkened. He spoke softly, but with a deep threat.

The man immediately reacted and quickly looked away. He took a deep breath in his heart.


They came at a bad time. The boss did not even use such a tone to talk to him. He only glanced at Gu Qingchen. The boss’s tone made his hair stand on end!

“Black Panther, Lightning, you take care of the boss. Fenglei, inform the Bobcat to be ready at any time.”


The leader’s code name was Qing Zhu. He gave some instructions and was ready to take Rong Yu and Gu Qingchen away.

However, Rong Yu said at this moment, “You guys should leave.”

Qing Zhu and the others did not have any doubts. After hearing Rong Yu’s words, they all disappeared at an extremely fast speed, as if they had never appeared before.

In an instant, only Gu Qingchen and Rong Yu were left there, along with the bonfire. The flames were still swaying and the surroundings were very quiet.

Gu Qingchen paused, then looked at Rong Yu, “Was that an illusion?”

Looking at Gu Qingchen’s dazed look, Rong Yu smiled again, “Do you think it was an illusion?”

Gu Qingchen shook her head, “No.”

Rong Yu smiled slightly and pointed at Gu Qingchen, “Change your clothes back first.”

Gu Qingchen looked down at Rong Yu’s shirt and then thought of the men who saw her wearing Rong Yu’s shirt, and Rong Yu was naked, and her face immediately turned red.

Oh my god!

It was so embarrassing!

Gu Qingchen quickly picked up the clothes that were almost dry and found a hidden place to change into them. After putting them on, she let out a sigh of relief and walked back with Rong Yu’s shirt.

“This… Do you still want to wear it?”

She didn’t know if Rong Yu, who was a germaphobe, would be able to stand the clothes that she had worn before. However, she couldn’t let Rong Yu leave with his upper body naked. When she thought of the scene just now where she was seen by the other men, she felt embarrassed.

Rong Yu narrowed his eyes and looked at Gu Qingchen. The corners of his lips were raised in a beautiful arc as he said calmly, “Help me put it on.”


Help him put it on again?

Gu Qingchen thought of the awkwardness she felt when she helped Rong Yu put on his pants just now and immediately felt that it was not a good idea.

Fortunately, Rong Yu and she cooperated very well this time. Very soon, Rong Yu put on the shirt for Rong Yu. Rong Yu did not show any expression of disgust. It seemed that when a person could overcome germaphobe in a dire situation.

They were all neatly dressed. Rong Yu only said, “Let’s go.”

Not long after he finished his words, those few men reappeared. Their speed was astonishingly fast. Gu Qingchen suspected that these people had not gone far just now.

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