Chapter Miao Liang and Zhai Yaohui 42

"Anyway, you don't want to get married, and you have no partners. Let me see. First, introduce Miao to an object and let Miao get married first. Miao's children are no different to your mother and me than to your grandchildren. In this way, I promise your mother that I will not urge you to marry and have children. You are also free from hardship and can devote yourself to the cause of your army. "

The best of both worlds. He's really enough for his son. (Keng's son is never soft)

"mmm..." Zhai Yaohui's face on the other end of the phone is completely black. He doesn't want to talk to his father anymore. "If there's nothing else, I'll hang up."

"OK, hang up. When you come back next time, you can hold your nephew. Do you think Miao's first child is a girl or a boy... "

Before Zhai's words were finished, there was a blind voice on the other end of the phone, which made Zhai laugh: "little rabbit, you dare to play tricks with me. I don't feel bad for you!"

"How is it?"

Asked grandma Zhai nervously.

"Don't worry, that kid will come back quickly and help us marry Miao back. Hold grandson? The one I'm holding is definitely a grandson and granddaughter! "

Grandma Zhai Le: "really?" That's really beautiful. "But Yaohui has only been back to the army for a month. When he is in such a critical moment, he calls him back with the matter of seedlings. Is it really OK? Don't think Yaohui blames Miaomiao for his failure. Then we're sorry for Miaomiao. "

"My son is not the kind of coward who puts the blame on women. What's the problem of getting married when I come back? Only when my son has solved his personal problem can he serve the country and the people better. It's good not to get married all the time, but to be single all the time. Isn't it necessary to bother organizations to help solve personal problems? "

How could it be wrong for the leaders of the army to worry about his son's life if his son came back and married him?

"Can Yaohui really come back?" Does that sound so hard to believe? Is her son the kind of man who wants the beauty to get rid of the mountains and rivers?

"Of course I can come back!" Zhai replied with great certainty.

What kind of Laozi there is, what kind of son there is naturally.

Didn't he fight the little Japanese just to protect his daughter-in-law and son?

He said that if Yaohui just came back to marry a daughter-in-law and had a wedding party, he would not be promoted. It was definitely Yaohui's lack of ability and performance.

Anyway, he has never heard of anyone who could not be promoted because of his marriage since he was a soldier for so long.

On the contrary, the more the troops attach importance to talents, the more the other side will care about their personal problems.

You can't know a son like a father.

Not only did Zhai Yaohui really come back three days later, but before he came back, Zhai also received a phone call from the Army: "this matter, oh, I know I know. That's for sure. My son is married. Can I know? My daughter-in-law is also the daughter of my good brother. The other party's female comrades are excellent and wonderful. Yaohui married her, which is our Zhai family's blessing. Oh, the status is very ordinary, just girl. Well Yes, that's it. You agree. "

"What marriage?" Asked grandma Zhai.

"Yaohui reported to the organization about his marriage."

Grandma Zhai is in a hurry: "make a marriage report? No, Yaohui is getting married. I don't know how to be a mother. And who is he married to? " She's dizzy.

"With whom? Who else can I talk to, of course, Miao Miao. The name on the marriage report is Miao Miao. I've already said that this son of a bitch still pretends with me. Now I know that there are other male comrades who like Miao Miao. He can't pretend anymore, can he? "

Dishonest man, should be a little stimulation!

Zhai Yaohui is the first one to be stimulated in this matter, and Miao Liang is the second one.

Miao Liang's eyes widened, looking at the man in the military uniform who was serious: "brother Zhai, what did you say? The wind was too strong just now, I may not hear you clearly."

Zhai Yaohui unbuttoned a button: "I have finished the marriage report, you take the ID card, we are going to pull the marriage certificate now."

“……” Miao Liang smiled a little reluctantly. "Brother Zhai, are you kidding? You have a fiancee! "

This kind of joke is not funny at all, and it's pretty bad.

"First, military marriage is protected. Second, bigamy is against the law. Third, I don't have a fiancee. "

Zhai Yaohui's three orders are reversed, that is, he has no fiancee or marriage history.

If he has a problem and Miao Liang marries him, he will be punished.

At last, since he decided to marry Miao Liang, he was naturally responsible for Miao Liang to the end.

Military marriage is protected and not allowed to leave. This is Miao Liang's guarantee. Miao Liang just needs to rest assured.

Miao Liang's face sank: "brother Zhai, I don't know why you came here and told me all of a sudden. But when you say that, I will answer you. I'm sorry, I won't marry you. "

No one knows how complicated, tangled and painful Miao Liang was when she decided to move out of Zhai's house.It can be said that Zhai's family are the first, second and third people who show kindness to Miao Liang and sincerely treat her well.

So for Zhai's family of three, Miao Liang has a special feeling in her heart.

In particular, Zhai often talked about her and Zhai Yaohui. As a normal young girl, even if Miao Liang told herself a hundred times a day that she and Zhai Yaohui were impossible, she would not take Zhai's family's words seriously, otherwise, she would only insult herself.

Keeping calm on the surface, Miao Liang's heart can't help shaking for the 101st time every day. What if

Until leaving Zhai's home, Miao Liang's heart no longer has such a "in case" existence.

Zhai Yaohui, who has been keeping a distance from himself, suddenly ran to his face and said that he wanted to marry him. Only Miao Liang, the party concerned, felt the most.

In the face of Miao Liang's refusal, Zhai said he would not accept it.

Zhai Yaohui also has the experience of refusing to admit that he is fond of Miao Liang. With only one look, he knows that Miao Liang, like him, is also fond of him.

Instead of wasting his time on the unwilling topic, Zhai Yaohui strides forward, takes Miao Liang on his shoulders and smoothly tells her workmates: "I'm sorry to disturb you. I'm Miao's target. I've been a soldier in the army. Recently, when I was very busy, I typed the marriage report and led Miao Miao to prove it. I'll treat you to a wedding candy some other day! "

After many years, there were three grandchildren. Miao Liang always remembered Zhai Yaohui's painful feeling of being carried up, stomach held, head down and blood flowing back that day.

Thinking of this, Miao Liang couldn't help but take a few pictures of Zhai Yaohui who was lying beside her: "you said you, I don't ask you to give me a wasteful proposal like the young people now, but how could you be like a bandit in those days, I said I would not marry you, and you even carried me away!"

Miao Liang seriously suspects that the reason why she signed and pulled in a confused way at that time was because Zhai Yaohui was confused.

Wait for the moment when the marriage certificate is obtained, Miao Liang wants to regret it too late.

Zhai Yaohui is a little confused. All three grandchildren have gone to university. Why did Miao Liang suddenly turn to him.

He turns over and presses on Miao Liang: "your son asked me if I couldn't do it recently, so you always pay attention to his wife and children. Since you can't sleep, do something good for your relationship. "

Say, don't give the opportunity that Miao Liang refuses, also be like in those days overbearing carry Miao Liang to pull card general, old husband and wife's, life still can lead domineering sweet.

Miao liang thought, it's also good. Happiness comes a little late and the road goes around a little bit. Fortunately, it finally comes.

Zhai Yaohui, you said that if we have another life, can you be gentle and like me to tell me earlier?

Miao Miao, if you want to have the next life, I like you. I want you to be my daughter-in-law. I said that earlier.