Tao Yuhao turned back and smiled at Cheng Yuting, with a frank halo in his clear eyes. "I will keep an eye on him with my lifelong skills. I wish you and my brother happiness until they grow old."

"Continue to be happy when you are old." Cheng Yuting smiled playfully.

Tao Yuhao was slightly stunned. Unexpectedly, Cheng Yuting, who was noble and cold, would also have a playful side.

Tao Yuhao waved to her, "go in and accompany my brother and my mother. I'll find my right one."

Leaving the hospital, Tao Yuhao walked aimlessly on the street.

Where does she have the right one?

Where to find the right one?

From small to large, she thought that Zhang Xiaozhang was the right person for her.

And now?

He became the husband of another woman.

She felt not only empty in her heart, but also empty in her world

She didn't go back until late at night.

Thinking about shooting tomorrow, she tried to sleep herself.

Love is gone. Now she has to hold on to her career.

She likes acting. She loves the job.

Can quickly enter the shooting state.

Although some bad voices can be heard in the crew.

One man, two women, two or something, is a loyal fan of Lin tingshuang. After knowing that she had a holiday with Lin tingshuang, she was very cold to her in private.

But she doesn't care.

It's not a day or two for her to hang around in this circle.

Cynicism and hot ridicule can't attack her, nor can they attack her.

After two days of intensive work, it was Lin tingshuang's party.

Tao Yuhao forgot what party it was.

The daughter of a rich family like Lin tingshuang... Oh, is she down and out now?

But it doesn't affect her ability to hold a party.

Tao Yuhao didn't want to go, but Lin listened to double urging.

And the whole crew went. Lin Jiaojiao said that if she didn't go, she confirmed what Lin tingshuang said. She had an opinion on Lin tingshuang.

In this way, if her new play is broadcast, Lin tingshuang's fans will black her.

This will affect the ratings of the new play. If the ratings are poor, the efforts of the whole crew will be in vain.

Lin tingshuang repeatedly invited to attend the event, just to show her generosity and magnanimity in front of the media.

In that case, Tao Yuhao should also be generous and generous.

She attended the party.

The banquet was held at Xinghui hotel.

Lin tingshuang was very generous. He wrapped up the most luxurious box and invited many big men in the entertainment industry.

Those invited entertainers, both men and women, are dressed up so that they can make a good impression in front of these big guys, be liked by them, and choose to shoot one man and one woman.

Tao Yuhao didn't have any noble dresses. She made her first official film.

Not much money, not much clothes.

She casually wore a light pink skirt.

A light blue belt is tied around the waist, just like the gurgling stream flowing to both sides under the sunset.

The beautiful black hair was tied up with an embroidered hairpin, revealing the exquisite and perfect swan neck.

The light pink skirt sets off her already white and tender skin to be more smooth, tender and white.

Standing with a group of people with heavy makeup, she looks much more pure and charming.

Like a rose growing in the sea of gorgeous roses, it is chaotic, clean and elegant.

As soon as she appeared, she attracted the attention of many men.

Most of the male compatriots invited are people who have been among the flowers.

Practice a pair of golden eyes, which women are really pure, which women are really pure, you can see at a glance.

A big bellied middle-aged man came over with a tall red wine cup and winked at Tao Yuhao, "little beauty, are you alone?"