Gu Zhan hissed softly. Where is Mr. X?

He didn't understand until he caught Fu Jingjing.

The mask didn't exist for a sense of mystery, let alone to keep his face from being seen and to leave a way for himself.

In fact, Mr. X, there were two people from beginning to end.

One is Fu Jingjing, the other is Fang Jingjing.

It sounds incredible, but it is.

It can't be said that there is no Mr. X.

It should be said that three years ago, the real Mr. X had been done by Fu Jingjing.

It sounds scary, but that's the truth.

They dug up a skeleton in the yard of the quiet villa.

It was finally confirmed that the male was over the age of 50.

After layers of interrogation, Fu Jingjing learned that she had no hope of getting out of prison, so she confessed honestly.

Of course, this is ultimately due to Mr. Gu Zhan's superb interrogation skills.

Because she and Fang Jing were interrogated separately, and then they cheated each other, they finally got a lot of words.

It was Liu Huaijin who really provided a lot of evidence.

Peng bin didn't expect such an ending.

Mr. X, who was obviously mentally abnormal, died in the hands of Fu Jingjing. It's hard to imagine how a tall and burly man was killed by a petite woman.

Believe it or not, that's the truth.

This was also confirmed by Fang Jingjing.

Fang Jing'an came to see Fang Jing'an once. Although things were pressed and not reported by the media, Gu Zhan still disclosed Fang Jing'an's news.

Anyway, it's also the Fang family.

Fang Su was sad for several days after she learned.

Fortunately, ye Se and Fang Jingya persuaded them, but they soon figured it out.

Some people, if you don't want her to be better, she can be better.

I have too many desires and want too much. I can't blame others.

Fang Jing'an and Fang Jing'an talked for almost half an hour. When they came out, Fang Jing'an only felt relieved.

After looking for her for so long, I finally found her. Even if I die, I can at least collect her body.

Fang Jingjing's eyes were red. After returning to his cell, he cried.

People like them end up with the death penalty.

Yeser's new work has achieved good results again.

Except that the champion of the general list is not this new book, the capital of other major lists is South crown.

In Qin Hao's words, it is estimated that no one can surpass the original sin on the general list.

It is mainly because this book has a large number of words and attractive plot, which can always make people go deep into it involuntarily.

By the end of the year, Nanguan had become the second place in the website's general list.

As a result, the website is always in the top ten, and yese himself occupies three seats.

This is the great God without doubt.

Everything is developing in a better and better direction.

Peng bin also began his continuous blind date trip.

Shuai and Leo are getting better and better.

After graduation, Jin nianen went directly back to Haicheng to take over the Kim family.

And Meimei went with her.

At Gu Sirui's third birthday party, ye se accidentally fainted.

After waking up, the man was already lying in the hospital and was told by the silly Mr. Gu that she was pregnant.

Yeser smiled and stroked his stomach with one hand.