Ling Mu'er snuggled into Yang's arms with the help of Jiu Jin, and asked deliberately.

"This, this happened so many years ago, why did I suddenly think of asking this?" Yang was taken aback, and hurriedly looked away, "Yes, yes, it is particularly bad, how can the weather be good with continuous rain. But who said that our family's Mu'er's fate is not good. Who in the entire Lingjia Village would believe that the dark, skinny girl who was about to die back then would become a queen empress, and our Mu'er's fate is good."

No longer entangled with Ling Muer about the production problem, but deliberately changed the topic, and looked away, thinking that Ling Muer hadn't noticed it in a flash of panic.

Ling Muer smiled, although she didn't speak again, she already had the answer in her heart.

It was winter when she was born, mother clearly told her that her birthday was in winter, why did it become cloudy and rainy again?

But she won't ask.

She has only one mother, the one in front of her.

I wanted to stay in the Ling Mansion for a longer time, but Shao Chen had just ascended the throne but had gone through a great battle. The most important thing is to appease the courtiers and the hearts of the people. Ling Muer reluctantly followed him back to the palace, but she didn't expect that When I went back, I encountered another parting.

"You really want to go?"

Looking at the oriental sparrow in white clothes in front of him, as if meeting him for the first time, he is personable and unrestrained, like a banished fairy who has fallen into the mortal world. Where is the sense of humor when a man disguises himself as a woman?

"Could it be that I've helped you a few times, and you really think I'm going to fall into court?" Dongfang Que thought it was funny.

"If I hadn't experienced life and death with you, I would have left without saying goodbye." He said, taking a deep breath, looking at the magnificent palace in front of him, he is probably the one who is most indifferent to the world, and has no nostalgia for this place.

"It's your freedom to go or stay. Of course we won't force you. If you can stay and help us, we would be very grateful, but if you really want to return to the rivers and lakes, of course it is a life I envy."

Ling Mu'er looked at everything in front of her side by side with him, and looked at the palace that everyone envied. She knew that after returning to the palace with Shangguan Shaochen this time, she would never be able to live such a free life again.

"Ling Mu'er, Ling Mu'er, do you know how many people outside the palace envy your status, queen, you say you envy me, a loner?"

Dongfang sparrow clicked his tongue and thought it was funny.

"As soon as you enter the palace, it's as deep as the sea, and the girls outside are just fans of the authorities. They want to enter this huge palace to enjoy the glory and wealth, but they don't know that this is a cage. Which one of them is not a canary?"

Ling Muer smiled, but there is someone she misses here, and she must be willing to be the canary.

"Okay, if the person on the throne hears this, he thinks I'm going to encourage his queen to wander around the rivers and lakes with me, and maybe send someone to chase me down. I don't want to die so early."

Dongfang Que shrugged, turned around, and said goodbye to her formally, "To be honest, I can't bear to part with you too. Although we have only been in contact for less than two months, these have been the happiest two months of my life."

Thinking back on everything he had experienced with them, he enjoyed this feeling very much.

"No wonder I lost Yaowanggu to you at the beginning. It turns out that your mother is my ancestor! I know you don't want to admit that relationship, and the ancestor is also permanently isolated from the world, but Yaowanggu is destined It’s yours, and you can’t let it go.”

After all, Dongfang Que took out a token from her bosom and handed it to her.

"With your medical skills, you probably won't need it in this life, but this is the inner card of my Medicine King's Valley. With this card, you can freely enter and leave the Medicine King's Valley, and you can also summon me at any time!"

"So expensive?"

Ling Muer hesitated, but still hid it very precious in her pocket, "Since the owner of Dongfang Valley is so kind, I will accept it without respect? I just don't know when we will see each other again after today's farewell."

"It's not easy to see me, as long as you take the position of the owner of Shangyaowang Valley, you can see me anytime."

Dongfang Que didn't know if he was joking or serious.

Ling Mu'er pursed her lips, "Why don't we take a gamble."

"It turns out that the current empress is so fond of gambling." Dongfang Que frowned disdainfully, but soon he smiled, "Okay, what are you betting on?"

"Within ten years, if you bring Medicine King Valley back to its former glory, I will promise you a request, how about it?"

Ling Muer added, "As long as it is within my ability, I will agree to any request."

"Okay!" Dongfang Que readily responded, "You said this, in case what I want is your man's throne..."

"Just give it a try." Ling Muer raised the corners of her lips confidently.

Ten years is not long, but it is not short either.

It may only take a blink of an eye to get to know someone, but to establish a permanent friendship with a person requires sincere dedication.

Perhaps this is the predestined fate, that's why they reached such a consensus with the Valley Master of Medicine King Valley.

"Don't worry, after meeting Master Zu this time, I also figured it out. Master actually passed the Medicine King Valley to me. Of course, I have the responsibility to carry it forward. Otherwise, wouldn't I be ashamed of Master's cultivation and nurturing grace for me?" .”

Dongfang Que is rare to be serious, "When in this life did I ever think about meeting Master, Master is such a powerful old man, he doesn't have such a blessing, it can be seen that this is God's favor. So, how can I live up to God's love for me. Although this Master is not very responsible."

Waving his hand, Dongfang Que took a few steps back. After smiling at Ling Muer, he turned around alone, "Let's go, don't forget our ten-year agreement!"

Ling Mu'er didn't speak any more, and waved goodbye to him, the sunlight made her figure slender, and Dongfang Que raised the corners of her lips happily looking at the shadow waving on the ground.

Um. See you in ten years, ten years later I hope your body has been recuperated very well by you, otherwise, let me help you recuperate.

"he's gone?"

Shangguan Shaochen did not know when he appeared behind him.

Ling Mu'er nodded, and snuggled into his arms like a child, "Sister Sheng'er first, and Dongfang Que, they left my side one by one, but I'm very glad to have known them in this life Shaochen, do you think it is God's favor or my fate, why can't I keep the people I want to keep by my side?"

"It's me who is more blessed. I saved the common people in my previous life and I can meet you in this life."

Shangguan Shaochen rested his chin on her forehead, exerted strength with his arms, and domineeringly wrapped her in his arms, "Those who can stay by my side will never leave anyway, and those who can leave, why bother to keep them?"

After finishing speaking, he took out a document from his pocket and handed it to Ling Muer, "Amutuo sent it urgently within eight hundred miles."

"Written for me?"

Ling Muer was curious.

When she was about to open it, she realized that the document had not been opened before. This kind of respect from her husband warmed her just lost mood.

The text on the document was not long, and besides the words of thanks, there were also some polite words, the corners of Ling Muer's mouth slowly raised,

"What did you write?" Although Shangguan Shaochen was curious, he didn't dare to peep.

"You're so curious, you'll know if you see it for yourself."

Handed the document to him, indicating that he could look at it casually.

The concubine Ai agreed, what else could he hide, Shangguan Shaochen generously put the documents in his palm, read ten lines at a glance, and quickly read them.

"Amuto thanks you for saving his wife?"

"You must never have imagined that his wife is Sister Sheng'er."

"It turns out that there are so many miraculous existences in this world." Surprise flashed across Shangguan Shaochen's eyes, but he quickly returned to normal, "Amutuo buried the ancestor, and made up her position, and made her the emperor's favorite concubine , mentioned your identity again."

After closing the document, Shangguan Shaochen raised Ling Muer's chin with one hand, "My beloved concubine is actually the princess of the Western Regions, it seems that I have to dote on you more, otherwise one day my beloved concubine will go back to the Western Regions in a fit of anger. Don't I want to keep the empty room alone?"

Hearing his half-joking and half-serious words, Ling Muer snorted coquettishly, "Who agrees to be the princess of the Western Regions? Also, I don't want to be a queen!"

Yes, when she said goodbye to the oriental sparrow just now, she made a decision. She didn't want to be a queen. If she became a queen, she would share the men around her with other women, and she would no longer be free. She didn't want to be the loneliest bird in the cage. Canary, she wants to fly free in the air.

"Then don't be a queen, just be my favorite concubine!"

Shangguan Shaochen said.

Ling Mu'er originally thought he was joking, but she didn't expect that rumors spread wildly in the palace the next day that the emperor abolished the position of empress, and ordered courtiers never to speak to him about accepting concubines.

Ling Mu'er was stunned by such a decision, just as she was about to enter the palace to discuss the matter with the emperor, another imperial decree came down.

"Fengtian Chengyun, the emperor, summoned and said, make Ling Mu'er the Concubine Xiaoyao, who can enter and leave the palace at will, participate in state affairs with the emperor, and monopolize the important power of the six palaces. I respect you!"

The eunuch put the imperial decree into her hands, and looked at Ling Muer who was in shock, he smiled all over his face, "Your Majesty, the emperor also said that in this life, I will only be with you as a couple! Madam, how lucky you are."

Holding the imperial decree in her hand like a piece of hot potato, Ling Muer pursed her lips for a while, smiling calmly.

Since this is the only favorite given to her by Shangguan Shaochen, what she can give back is of course to share the mountains and rivers with him and help him create a peaceful and prosperous world!

after one month.

Shangguan Shaochen is officially enthroned, the new emperor succeeds to the throne, the world is amnesty, and the national tax is exempted for three years. The people are happy and grateful to the emperor.

The king of the Western Regions came to congratulate him personally, and sent many congratulatory gifts as the concubine, concubine, concubine, concubine, and elder brother of the Western Regions. The name of Concubine Xiaoyao as the princess of the Western Regions quickly spread throughout the world.

Who said that Ling Mu'er, who was born as a civilian girl, was a crow that turned into a phoenix and was not worthy of the emperor?

"You are now the younger sister of my king of the Western Regions, so I will make you the right match with the emperor."

Amutuo once again announced Ling Muer's identity to everyone on the court hall, and gave her endless dignity.

Five years later.

In the 317th year of Kyoto, under the rule of Shangguan Shaochen, the five prefectures surrendered.

In the same year, concubine Xiaoyao received good news that she gave birth to a son for the emperor, who was named the crown prince.

There was joy in the palace, celebrating the birth of the prince.

But Su Xiangfu's gate was lonely and desolate.

Zitong stood behind Su Ce with a congratulatory gift, "Young Master, do you really want to give the congratulatory gift in person? Today is your birthday, and the Minister of Rites sent a letter today to bring his daughter to celebrate your birthday. You really don't plan to see it ?”

"The second daughter of the Minister of Rites, named Qu Linglong, is said to be a newly talented girl, a gentle and dignified girl, but unfortunately... the Su family's family rules, the men of the Su family only love one person in their lives, and they believe that they are their lives. Have you forgotten? "