Chapter 50 - It's Your Turn

Chapter 50 It’s Your Turn

After Gu Zhan brought the water in, Su Luo patted Gu Zhan’s shoulder and said, “Now, I’ll leave the important task of dealing with this living clay to you.”

Gu Zhan nodded and went to add the dried red clay to the water. Then, he raised his fist and smashed it down one punch after another. Soon, the red clay was torn into pieces.

Su Luo brought the two children and squatted quietly by the side. After a short while, bean-sized beads of sweat rolled down from Gu Zhan’s forehead.

Su Luo looked at Gu Zhan with some infatuation. She thought to herself, “Why is the original main lead so stupid? Why does she like that selfish and heartless man, Lin Tian?”.

Gu Zhan saw that Su Luo kept looking at him and said with some embarrassment, “Luo Luo, why do you keep looking at me? Is there something on my face?”

Only then did Su Luo react. Her cheeks were slightly red as she shook her head. Squatting in the middle of Gu Zhan, she said, “No, I just think you’re good-looking.”

These few words had deeply shocked Gu Zhan’s heart. In his impression, Su Luo had never praised him like this before.

At this time, Gu Xi mischievously grabbed a small lump of clay from the basin and smeared it on Gu Bei’s face.

Gu Bei looked at his sister and said a little angrily, “Don’t mess around!”

Gu Xi smiled smugly and did not forget to make a face at her brother.

Gu Xi pointed at Gu Bei’s face and said to Su Luo, “Mommy, look at brother. He looks like a dirtied cat.”

Su Luo saw her daughter being so naughty and lightly tapped her forehead, saying, “Xixi, don’t bully your brother. Otherwise, mommy will get angry.”

Gu Bei looked at his sister and couldn’t be bothered with her. He also took a small lump of clay from Gu Zhan and placed it on the earthenware body. He then said to his sister, “Stop fooling around. Let’s start the competition and see who can make the best stuff later.”

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Upon hearing her brother speak in a serious tone, Gu Xi stopped fooling around. Instead, she sat next to another pottery body and asked Gu Zhan to take a small piece of clay from the pottery basin.

As a boy, Gu Bei was a little stronger. He placed the clay on the pottery body and used his hands to pinch the mud nimbly.


Gu Xi was a little weaker. She had to spend a lot of effort separating the clay into a few small pieces.

When Su Luo and Gu Zhan saw that the two children were having a good time, they looked at the glass table by the window.

Gu Zhan asked Su Luo, “Do you want to sit by the window and rest?”

Su Luo nodded and walked towards the opposite side without saying a word.

Gu Zhan had just sat down when his phone rang. He looked at the number on his phone and frowned slightly before answering the call. Then, he heard a sobbing voice coming from the phone. “Gu Zhan, something has happened to me. I don’t know who is trying to frame me online. What should I do now?”

Su Luo was sitting not far from Gu Zhan. When she heard that the voice on the phone was Qi Yi, her lips curled up slightly. It seemed that Shen Ling was quite fast in handling matters.

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Gu Zhan was obviously a little surprised after hearing it. He didn’t even know what had happened, but he could hear Qi Yi crying loudly on the phone. “Qi Yi, just tell me what exactly happened.”

Qi Yi was slightly stunned. She didn’t expect Gu Zhan to say that. Logically speaking, shouldn’t a normal person ask you what was wrong and then comfort you? However, Gu Zhan didn’t. Moreover, his tone was so cold.

Qi Yi calmed her emotions and sobbed, “I don’t know who I offended. Why did they decide to hurt me like this?”

“Brother Gu Zhan, do you think I’m that annoying? Why would someone want to harm me like this?”

Gu Zhan didn’t understand what Qi Yi was trying to say after listening for a long time. He directly lost his patience and replied with slight anger.

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