The commotion she made called the attention of the shop's manager.

"What happened?" The manager asked.

Ingrid stood up by her own. For the second time, her once spotless white buŧŧon shirt was stained with coffee. "I'm sorry sir, I accidentally slipped by my own." She bowed her head, for the manger not to notice the insincerity that was pasted on her face.

"Of all times, why is it now…" The agitation on the manager's tune was apparent. Ingrid bit her lower lip. Her little heart was growling, 'of course, since right now is the best time to smear her name. Knowing that an important character just appeared.'

Nice move folks, now she's amused.

Even though the noise that she accidentally created was quite loud, it was not enough to disrupt the work of all employees. Customers came and go as if nothing happened at all.

A part timer filled Ingrid's left out post while she was being reprimanded at a certain secluded spot of the café.

Ingrid was still keep on staring on the glossy floor, that's why she immediately noticed that someone is approaching them after seeing another man's shadow overlapping the shop's manager. The weird thing is, Ingrid didn't hear a single sound of footsteps.

"I didn't know you were that clumsy." Hearing that familiar voice, Ingrid abruptly raised her head.

Her eyes that was hidden behind a fashionable eyeglasses widen a bit. Ingrid was surprised, however, his appearance in this shop was still within her expectation.

Laure waltzed towards them on his three-piece burgundy suit. His flamboyant way of handling himself attracted the attention of many. As he gets nearer towards her, Laure removed the coat of his suit, then he placed it on Ingrid's shoulder like a gentleman.

"Of course, I'm here to check your progress in 'paying' me."

Seeing the obviously close relationship of the two, the manager was rendered speechless, but his experience of managing a thriving business for years made him gain his composure right away.

The manager let out a dry cough, "This great sir is actually acquainted with our employee, our deepest apology for not recognizing it sooner."

Laure let out a playful smile, he circled his arm on Ingrid's neck then said the following words out loud enough to be heard by almost everyone in the shop. "In fact, she's my girlfriend. So treat her well."

The manager was tongue-tied by the v.i.p's declaration. "Of course."

He thought, 'No wonder the boss bent some rules for this newbie. She actually has this grand connection on her sleeve.'

Ingrid wanted to remove Laure's arm immediately but her strength is not enough to overcome his, hence, she can only pour all her frustrations in biting her lip.

"Let go." She said in between her gritting teeth.

The manager can only smile wryly, "I won't."

"Excellent." Then Ingrid was half dragged on the way out.

After finally escaping the guy's embrace, Ingrid hissed, "What was that for!"

"You're just too cute when you get angry."

Ha. If Ingrid didn't know that this guy had another lover besides Clauen, she would have thought that he was flirting at her.

"Piss off!" Ingrid removed the coat that was hanging on her shoulder and throw with amazing precision on Laure's face. "Ha. You think, I wouldn't guess that you're actually the one who instigated my mishap earlier?"

Laure smiled wickedly. As if admitting defeat, he raised both of his arms, "I'm innocent. I only told some of them to make your work difficult. I didn't know that they would do it to the extent that you would be threatened to get fired."

Hearing such bullshit, Ingrid 'hurrumphed' and immediately walked away.

Although Ingrid was only working there for almost two weeks, she noticed that the working environment is actually healthy. Toxic co-workers do exist but they keep their as action to only giving a hard glare. They never deliberately caused trouble for someone else.

For then to grow such big guts, can only be explained by the existence of a demon that whispered sins on them.