Chapter 1188

Name:Profound Pure Guard Author:剑如蛟
Shen Hao was puzzled at the beginning of a book on the great power of zongmen. Let him understand what the image of tiantianzongmen was in the eyes of those in power in the old Jing Dynasty.

A word "stealing" is quite the essence. It also sets the tone for the whole book.

The book talks about the tie between zongmen and the country and the dynasty, from history to reality, from military to people's livelihood, and even about the ruling cornerstone of the country and the dynasty. To express an idea in an all-round way, that is: zongmen does more harm than good to the country and the dynasty, and should be weakened as much as possible until it dies.

To put it simply, in the eyes of those in power in the Jingjiu Dynasty represented by this book, in fact, zongmen is almost the same as the barbarians in the south. If they can be destroyed, it is best to destroy them. If they can't be destroyed, they will be weakened. Cutting meat with a blunt knife will one day solve this great problem!

Will this view be one of them? Do you have any other views on zongmen?

Soon Shen Hao read four similar classics. Although the words on them were different, their views were surprisingly consistent. Even one of the classics was written by a royal family. Shen Hao remembered that he was a famous master of knowledge in the royal family. Should his views be true and represent the attitude of the royal family?

"No wonder Yang Xiusheng always gives people a kind of malice towards the sect. It turns out that Yang Xiusheng is not the only one, but always is?"

Of course, it has always been so. Not everyone hates zongmen, which can also explain why Fenghong villa was too lazy to pay attention to zongmen before. Maybe the first emperor Yang Jian didn't take zongmen seriously? Or will ideas change because of different times?

After all, the barbarians in the south are basically photographed, and they can only focus on themselves in the sea, and the brain bag of zongmen is particularly eye-catching.

In addition to these ancient books expressing ideas, there are many historical records about the old Jing Dynasty from scratch. Almost all are secrets of details unknown to the public.

For example, the Yang family actually made preparations before they became powerful. They were making adjustments according to the changes in the situation in the Jing Dynasty. It was not what the outside world said that "they were forced to help the building to collapse". In fact, it was premeditated.

Another example is the change of the barbarian strategy of the emperors of the Jingjiu Dynasty, which has also been sorted out and analyzed.

Of course, although these things are interesting, they are not what Shen Hao pays most attention to. As when he was on the mountain of ten thousand books, he was not interested in the history of the world itself, but in the history of the strong three and evil beasts, which was covered up related to the black beast tattoo on his body.

This is a history that Shen Hao is interested in. On the mountain of ten thousand books, he found a book "strange land" and learned about it. In the Royal Library, however, he saw more detailed content than the land of the strange.

Whether it is darkness, the year of collapse, or even the most evil in the world, it is much more detailed than the strange land.

The essence of the special place is to explain what the special place brings to the world, both good and bad. The above three books in the Royal Library are focused on evil beasts. From the appearance to disappearance of evil beasts, as well as various anecdotes with textual research or hearsay.

These contents filled many gaps in Shen Hao's mind about the appearance of the period when evil beasts were rampant.

According to the book darkness. Evil beasts are incomparable when they appear. There is no concept of lurking or female lurking at all. As soon as he came out, there was a wave of blood and killing everywhere. From the wild animals in the mountains, to the people in villages and towns, to the friars of the clan and the fierce soldiers of the military array, they are all within the scope of the slaughter of evil animals.

Moreover, the evil beast has the terror ability to devour. The more it kills, it can devour and transform, obtain more energy to feed itself, and become more and more powerful. This is mentioned in the three books, and the most evil in the world also clearly states that at the beginning, evil beasts can not resist the array of tens of thousands of people, and soldiers can avoid them wherever they go. There are also monks in xuanhai territory who form a joint attack to encircle and suppress, and evil beasts also avoid it. After the rampage in February, the horizontal force was strengthened, and there was no resistance

In other words, evil beasts are very powerful as soon as they come out of the strange land. But it is not "invincible" and can only avoid the wind in the face of tens of thousands of huge military formations. They also chose to avoid when they met groups of xuanhai friars who were combined with a joint attack array.

This filled most of the gaps in Shen Hao's heart about the strength of evil beasts. At the same time, I also understand the reason why the evil beast can finally set off the general crisis of annihilation: phagocytosis.

Devour, these two words are undoubtedly the points that Shen Hao can most associate with the black beast tattoo on his chest. At the same time, he can also contact the monk of the evil door. Even Shen Hao realized that he could wear these two words now.

"If you look back... All the sources of" swallowing "seem to be special places? Whether evil beasts or evil friars.

It's so strange. What's the origin of the strange place? Who left the things brought by the strange place? What kind of evil beast exists in the original place... "

Content continues. When it comes to the evil beast, it has formed an unstoppable trend only two months after its birth. Whether it was the military array of the Jing Dynasty at that time, or the friar union of zongmen and zongmen, it was no longer the opponent of those evil beasts. Often in a day or two, a first-class zongmen mountain collapses and collapses directly.

In a sentence in the year of collapse, it is: the nine heavy people in xuanhai are just the enemies of evil and livestock

Seeing this, Shen Hao also confirmed his previous guess that the reason why the evil beast became invincible was that its strength exceeded the xuanhai realm.

Good fortune? Evil beast?

These three books are the most targeted records of the history hidden by Shen Hao in the Royal Library. Very detailed, also opened Shen Hao's cognition.

It also mentioned three monks from evil families who finally ended the "troubled times of evil animals". It was these three people who finally became extremely strong by swallowing, and finally fought against evil beasts on the evil sea and ended the era of almost annihilation.

The book "strange land" I saw in the mountain of ten thousand books talked about these three people very vaguely. The process and results have been taken in one stroke.

In the Royal Library, Shen Hao found the names of the three people: Bai Wu, Qing Chi and Lang.

These three people are all from an evil sect called "remnant soul sect".

Shen Haote intended to check the latest list of sects in Xuanqing Wei. There was no name of "remnant soul sect". Even pushing forward, this sect door has not been seen since the founding of the Jingjiu Dynasty. That is to say, this sect died as early as the Jing Dynasty.

However, Shen Hao always muttered about the word "remnant soul sect". He was sure he must have seen the name somewhere, but he couldn't remember it for a moment