After Aria said that , she looked at Helios and noticed something strange . 

" …..Wait ! Since when did you wake up ?…..No ! Since when did you arrive at here ? " asked Aria . 

" It's been a while . " said Helios . 

" How much is that ' a while '  exactly ? " asked Aria a bit hesitant to hear the answer . 

" Well , I got to enjoy your performance fully before entering . I must say that it does need improvement . Your waist and hips were okay  but you needed to keep your back a bit more firm . " said  Helios with a smirk when he saw the dumbfounded look on Aria's face . 

" ...You know it's illegal to peep on others , do you ? " said Aria . 

" Here is my house . I am allowed to go everywhere in my house . " said Helios with a smirk . 

" Yes…. " said Aria with a forced smile then turned her back at Helios as she sulked in an embarrassed way . 

' Why does this guy catch me in my most embarrassing moments ?….I literally made a fool of myself just now . ' thought Aria when thinking about her dance .

' Pffft !...….Waking up and seeing a girl preparing breakfast for me feels quite nice . I wonder why I thought it was very annoying in the past....It must be because the choice in girls was wrong . ' thought Helios with a smile . 

" …..I can't believe you actually prepared breakfast for me . " said Helios . 

" I wanted to eat too but since this is your kitchen and your food , I thought of preparing a portion for you too . After all it would be too impolite from me to take advantage of your kitchen . " said Aria . 

" You sure are a righteous girl . " said Helios . 

" I just hate owing other people . " said Aria as she cut the tomato into slices . 

Helios smiled a little as he stared at her . As Aria cutter the tomato , she accidentally ended up cutting her finger . 

" Ouc ! My finger.... " said Aria with an expression in pain . 

Helios got up from his seat then walked near her and looked at her hand . 

" Are you alright ? " asked Helios . 

" I am . It's just a small cut . " said Aria .

" We should disinfect it . " said Helios holding her hand . 

Aria felt a bit surprised from his reaction and smiled a little , thinking that he was overreacting . 

" It's alright ! " said Aria and pushed his hand away softly . 

She took some sugar and a small plate then placed her bloody finger in it . The sugar around the plate started to absorb her blood . 

" What are you doing ? " asked Helios confused . 

" In Albania , we place the cut wounds in sugar . It helps to stop the bleeding . I had countless of accidents , cutting my hands and fingers when attempting to cook or cutting vegetables . " said Aria as she kept her finger inside the sugar . 

Helios looked at the her finger then got her hand from the sugar and held it . 

" We here in Denmark have a different method . " said Helios . 

" Different method ? " said Aria confused . 

Helios took her hand and placed the cut finger , rounded in sugar in his mouth . Aria looked at him shocked but at the same time in a daze . Helios licked her finger and sucked the blood that had come out . 

" Mhmmm...…never thought sugar tasted so sweet before . " said Helios with a smirk looking at Aria straight at her eyes . 

' …..Gosh ! Why is he behaving like a vampire ?!....A handsome one even.....gulp..... ' gulped Aria in a nervous way as she looked at him .

" Your hands are surprisingly soft..... " said Helios with a smile when he saw Aria's nervous expression . 

At that moment Aria's phone started to ring . The sound of the phone ringing made Aria realise the awkward situation she was in . 

' Damn Aria ! Get a hold of yourself... ' thought Aria shaking her head a little . 

" I….eee...I need to get this call . Also , the old way to treat wounds is….less stressful . " said Aria gulping then went away from Helios and started to search for her phone . 

" Ufff…..where did I left my phone ? " said Aria looking around for it . 

Helios smiled as he looked at Aria's nervous and messiness in trying to find her phone . 

' ….She's caught off guard . She looks quite cute . ' thought Helios smiling .

Meanwhile at the other side of the phone Kejt was calling Aria . 

" Why is she taking so long to answer ? Hasn't she woken up yet ? " said Kejt with a troubled expression . 

" Mom , you don't understand . I can't meet Aria now because she is a bit angry with me . " said Ace . 

" She is angry with you ? I don't think she is . You have given her the best news that a littler brother can give to his hardworking big sister . " said Kejt with a smile .

' That's precisely why she is angry with me . Because I didn't tell her . How come I always make the same mistake ?...Aria will not let me off easily this time . She will definitely kill me . ' thought Ace with a scared expression . 

After searching for her phone , Aria finally managed to find it . 

" Hello ! " answered Aria without even looking at the name . 

" Sweetie ! Good morning ! " said Kejt with a happy and cute tone . 

" Good morning mother ! " said Aria . 

" Did you finish your job ? " asked Kejt . 

" Huh ?…..Yes ! I did . I am coming home in half an hour . " said Aria looking at the phone's watch then placing it back on her ear . 

" Great ! I have a surprise for you . " said Kejt excitedly . 

" A surprise ? " asked Aria a bit curiously . 

" Yes ! Ace came yesterday right after you left home . I was waiting for you to tell you yesterday night but since you had work to do , I decided to not disturb you so I told you today . Aren't you happy , sweetie ? Your brother is home and he even won a great tittle for himself . Your efforts in helping him are finally paid off . " said Kejt with a smile . 

" ...So , he arrived yesterday ?...I am….VERY....happy . " said Aria with a scary smile . 

' He is busted .. ' thought Helios when looking at Aria .