Lu Xiaotian constantly approached the immortal army battle array in front of him. The towering magic Qi also had some influence on Lu Xiaotian. On the contrary, the Tian evil dragon silkworm behind him seemed to have no feeling for foreign objects of this degree.

In front of the immortal army battle array, Lu Xiaotian was also seen approaching here. The cold immortal army array had an inexplicable impact on the knife awns cut by the eighteen puppet war figurines.

"Just keep this rebel out of the military array. Don't attack with greed." Jinshi Kuang hurriedly chased over and told the immortal army not to wait for the opportunity to fight back. In Jinshi Kuang's view, although Lu Xiaotian's own realm was low, many means were somewhat unpredictable. At this time, he joined hands with the Lord of the cold palace to sacrifice the evil dragon and silkworm of that day. He had enough respect for Lu Xiaotian, and it was only a matter of time to clean up Lu Xiaotian. There is no need for the immortal army battle array to attack Lu Xiaotian, so as not to expose flaws for Lu Xiaotian to take advantage of.

At present, as long as the immortal army battle array can stabilize its footing and keep Lu Xiaotian out of the array, it will be in an invincible position.

In fact, Jinshi's lack of a safe strategy at this time greatly relieved Lu Xiaotian. The 170000 immortal army did not gather in one group. Once the other party fought back, even if Lu Xiaotian did not bear everyone's attack at once, it was still not fun for Lu Xiaotian, especially when he was attacked by the enemy. Any slight change may lead to unpredictable results.

When the immortal army in front of him is only defensive, it can save him considerable pressure. Boom! The eighteen puppet war terracotta figures suddenly integrated into one. A large array of eight series rules came out, and the huge knife cut on the defense formed by the immortal army battle array. The defense shook. It was not broken by the puppet war figurines. However, under the impact of endless magic Qi, the shaking of the place just attacked was obviously much more violent than that of other places.

Lu Xiaotian's body passed by from here. In fact, when the long knife was cut off, the blade came into contact with the other party's array barrier, but he took a mass of dragon blood essence secretly taken out by Lu Xiaotian from his body. It's the real dragon from Lu Xiaotian. In fact, Lu Xiaotian didn't know whether it had any effect on the Dragon silkworm behind him, or how much effect it had. He just reluctantly tried it in the dangerous environment.

Unfortunately, the dragon body of the black dragon is still within the roaring MOON WOLF family in the demon world.

Lu Xiaotian estimated that the effect would be better if the blood essence of black dragon was available. At this time, among the Dragon families in the green fruit knot circle, the cultivation is himself except the black dragon. You can only try it with your own real dragon blood.

At the same time, Lu Xiaotian is also ready to deal with the joint attack of tianevil dragon silkworm and Jinshi lack. However, Lu Xiaotian underestimates the attraction of real dragon blood to tianevil dragon silkworm.

Almost at the moment when the real dragon's blood appeared, the evil dragon silkworm screamed that day, with unprecedented excitement.

Ignoring Lu Xiaotian, he took a bite at the battle array of the immortal army attached to the blood of the real dragon. With this bite, Lu Xiaotian felt that the whole space around him was bitten. The dark mouth of the Dragon silkworm seems to have endless suction force. On this day, the attack mode of the Dragon silkworm is somewhat similar to that of the ghost fog louse Kun, but when it comes to ferocity, it is far above any ghost fog louse Kun Lu Xiaotian has seen. Of course, this is also the higher cultivation of the Dragon silkworm in front of us, otherwise there should not be such a big gap.

"Such pure and noble dragon blood!" When Jin Shiqian saw this scene, he was suddenly black and almost fell from the void. The purity of the dragon blood in front of him is far better than any dragon family he has seen. The stronger the blood, the stronger the strength of the dragon family it inherits. It is also far from the Dragon King of the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea.

It's no wonder that after seeing the dragon blood, the Dragon silkworm will lose its attitude at the first time, or frankly lose control. Not only failed to deal with Lu Xiaotian's role, but became an accomplice to attack the immortal army battle array.

The younger generation of Tianxian dragon family in Donghai Dragon Palace has never seen the lack of gold and stone, and has never reached this level. As for the dragon blood of the Dragon King of the East China Sea, after all, it is a Jinxian dragon family. The breath is stronger than before. But when it comes to the majesty and hegemony contained in the dragon blood, I'm afraid it's far from enough. When did such a blood dragon family appear in the fairy world, and where did Lu Xiaotian get the dragon blood?

Jinshi lacks a lot of questions in his mind, but no one will answer the doubts in his heart at this time. Attracted by the real dragon's blood, the heaven evil dragon silkworm like madly attacked the immortal army battle array attached to the dragon's blood, trying to collect and swallow every trace of the escaped real dragon's blood. In this way, it was naturally countered by the immortal army battle array.

Jinshi Duan also tried to issue new instructions to the Dragon silkworm, but the fierce creatures such as the Dragon silkworm ignored the instructions of Jinshi Duan at all. To deal with Lu Xiaotian, it was just to see that Jinshi Duan released it temporarily from the sealed fairy talisman. Compared with the blood of the real dragon, which onion is Jinshi Duan?

The day evil dragon silkworm continues to attack the battle array of the immortal army regardless. The magic Qi rolling around cannot pose enough threat to the day evil dragon silkworm.

"How does it feel to steal the chicken without eroding the rice?" Lu Xiaotian got rid of the crisis for the time being and looked back at Jin Shiqian. As long as he didn't join the evil dragon silkworm on that day, even if Jin Shiqian joined hands with the leader of the cold palace, he wouldn't be able to win him now.

The majestic body of the 18 puppet war figurines surrounded Lu Xiaotian in the middle, holding a long knife and looking at the front with cold eyes.

"Your strength is a part of your ability to get to this day, but your luck is really good. It's hard to find such pure dragon blood even if you search the Dragon Palace all over the world. Where does your dragon blood come from?" In Jinshi's eyes, if Lu Xiaotian didn't happen to have this kind of dragon blood, he has now fallen into a situation of death. Where can he have free time to talk to him.

"Where did it come from? I'll tell you?" Lu Xiaotian smiled when he heard the speech. The eighteen puppet war figurines changed their formations and ran towards jinshigan in a pyramid shape. The huge array of rules crossed. The array shining in the void covered all the other party's Jinji sword towers. Without the threat of the dragon and silkworm, Lu Xiaotian was able to face the cooperation between jinshigan and the leader of the cold palace.

Further away, the array patterns of the Buddhist array converge to form a virtual shadow of the phase of floating slaughter. The hand is bound with the Buddha seal, and one palm is patted to the lack of gold and stone. At this time, the leader of the cold palace was not idle. With a wave of his big sleeve, the ice blade in the void continued to cut off the extended array lines under the roar of the strong wind, so as to avoid the excessive force of the array invoked by Lu Xiaotian, so as to affect the weak balance in front of him.