Chapter 20 Staying For The Night

Xiao Ye stood at the side and glanced at Chi Yaoxi. He unwillingly made an ‘oh’ sound as a form of agreement. “Who’s that man?” Xiao Ye couldn’t help but ask after pondering for a long time. “What kind of cake is he bringing over so late at night?”

Chi Yaoxi smiled guiltily and immediately cut him off. “Don’t ask anything you shouldn’t ask. I’ll tell you when the time comes.”

Xiao Ye remained silent and went to the room to grab a blanket and pillow before throwing them onto the sofa.

Chi Yaoxi looked at him in surprise and asked doubtfully, “Why are you still here so late at night? Why did you bring out the blanket and pillow?”

“What do you think? Since you’re here, do something and play your part. Be a guardian angel. I’m afraid that strangers will knock on the door in the middle of the night. I’ll stay behind to protect you.”

“Aiya, who needs your protection? You should go back and rest.” Chi Yaoxi directly walked to the sofa, pulling Xiao Ye’s clothes, making him stand up.

Xiao Ye laid on the sofa but did not move. His face was expressionless and he had mixed feelings in his heart. His mood fell to rock bottom.

Who exactly was the man who delivered the cake? He was wearing a suit and leather shoes. One look and one could tell that it was from some high-end brand. He was stern, cold, and rude. Just his appearance was okay. His relationship with Chi Yaoxi was not ordinary.

Especially when he’d exchanged a glance with him earlier. It was obvious that he was hostile towards him, and even provocative. This caused Xiao Ye to feel very displeased in his heart, and he faintly felt jealous.

When Chi Yaoxi reached out to pull him up again, Xiao Ye simply lay down on the sofa and covered himself with the blanket.

“You don’t have to chase me away. I’ll stay on the sofa tonight. We haven’t finished discussing the investment. Besides, I’m feeling sleepy now. I came to look for you right after I got off the plane. Can you think about me for a while? We’ll continue the discussion tomorrow after I wake up.” After Xiao Ye finished speaking, he lay down and closed his eyes.

Chi Yaoxi was speechless. She could only let him lie on the sofa and wash up to sleep.

The next morning, Sister Ming came to talk to Chi Yaoxi about the script. The moment she entered, she saw a man lying on the sofa. Sister Ming widened her eyes in surprise. Who was this? The man had his eyes closed and was still sleeping. Sister Ming stole a few glances at him. He was really handsome. His facial features were well-defined and his nose was high.

After seeing him, Sister Ming was stunned. Who was this man? He was very different from the man who married Chi Yaoxi last time she saw him. What was going on with this Chi Yaoxi? How many times had she told her to pay attention to her image and influence in times of need? Yet, she had brought the man back to her room and stayed overnight! This was preposterous. Sister Ming looked up and saw Chi Yaoxi. She walked out slowly, brushing her teeth as if nothing had happened.

Sister Ming was so angry that Chi Yaoxi was stunned. She glared at her and said in a low but unusually strict voice, “Explain to me what’s wrong with this man?”

“Er…” Chi Yaoxi was very embarrassed by Sister Ming’s question. She quickly explained simply, “It’s a friend, a friend. He just returned to the country and is staying here for a night.”

Sister Ming was angry and frustrated. She had expected better from Chi Yaoxi. Frowning, she pointed at Chi Yaoxi and said fiercely, “You continue on with this. There’s nothing you don’t dare to do! I think the media will catch something big sooner or later!”

It seemed there was no way to discuss the script together. Sister Ming only came to take a look and left the room angrily. Chi Yaoxi rubbed her head, knowing that she had done something stupid again.

Looking at Xiao Ye who was still sleeping, Chi Yaoxi tugged at his arm. “Wake up, it’s morning! Someone will come later!”

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Xiao Ye opened his sleepy eyes and looked at Chi Yaoxi in a daze. He then looked at his watch and saw that it was only seven o’clock. He mumbled, “It’s still early. Let me sleep a little longer. I’m tired from jet lag.” With that said, he pulled the blanket over his face and wanted to continue sleeping.

Chi Yaoxi was anxious. It was broad daylight, and she did not know who would come later. If she was targeted by the crew’s gossipy people or entertainment reporters, she would be in big trouble.

While Xiao Ye was half-awake, he felt waves of coldness coming from his body. When he opened his eyes, he saw Chi Yaoxi standing by the sofa. The blanket he had covered was already lifted by her.

“Hurry up and get up and leave! There are too many people here, and there’s a lot of gossip. Can you bear with it if there’s a scandal or something?” Chi Yaoxi lifted her leg and kicked Xiao Ye down the sofa.

However, the man stretched lazily and dodged it. “How can you treat your friends like this?” Xiao Ye grumbled and yawned before reluctantly getting up.


After washing up briefly, he was reluctantly invited out by Chi Yaoxi.


When they arrived downstairs, Xiao Ye saw a black Rolls-Royce parked by the roadside when he walked out of the hotel. The man sitting in the driver’s seat was the man who had delivered the cake to Chi Yaoxi last night!

Xiao Ye immediately perked up and looked seriously at the movements in the car, deep in thought.

The relationship between this man and Chi Yaoxi was indeed not ordinary. He waited here early in the morning. Chi Yaoxi could not be blamed for being so nervous and chasing him away so early. However, on second thought, he was the one who stayed in Chi Yaoxi’s room last night.

At this thought, a sly smile appeared on Xiao Ye’s face as he walked towards the car.

“Good morning!” Xiao Ye came to the car window and pretended to be polite as he took the initiative to greet Li Qianming. Seeing him raise his head, he even stretched lazily. “I’m too tired. I can’t get up early even if I wanted to.”

Li Qianming was reading a document in his hand. When he heard someone talking, he looked up and saw that it was the man in Chi Yaoxi’s room last night. He frowned slightly before recovering his noble and cold expression.

That man had actually come down from upstairs early in the morning, didn’t he leave last night? He was still staying there? This woman called Chi Yaoxi… was too casual! Li Qianming could not help but frown deeply, deep in thought.

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Although he knew that Chi Yaoxi was only Chenchen’s mother and getting a marriage certificate with him was just on the surface, the contract clearly stated that the two of them did not interfere with each other’s private lives.

However, seeing that this man was actually living with Chi Yaoxi, Li Qianming still felt very uncomfortable and inexplicably wanted to flare up.

Xiao Ye saw that the man in the car was only looking down at his documents and did not pay attention to him at all. He was annoyed and left the hotel resentfully.

Chi Yaoxi tidied up and went downstairs. Today was an important day. It was the little fellow’s anniversary celebration in kindergarten. The little fellow had long agreed to let Daddy and Mommy watch his performance together.

When she saw the familiar black car parked by the roadside waiting for her downstairs, Chi Yaoxi hurriedly opened the door of the backseat and got in. Looking at Li Qianming’s cold face, she instantly felt nervous. “Sorry, Sister Ming came to find me, so she came down a little late.”

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