Chapter 147

Name:Odalisque Author:미나토
However, Liv believed that their jealousy hadn’t dissipated. If anything, this incident would likely transform their one-dimensional jealousy into a deep-seated animosity.

They would likely feel frustrated, angry, and resentful. They would likely complain about what they had done wrong and how she was disrupting the shop over a mere scratch from a safety pin.

Bitter laughter escaped Liv’s lips. She could envision exactly how they were viewing her.

A cranky, arrogant mistress who happened to enjoy significant backing.

“I will collect my order, but I’d rather not continue to be associated with an unprofessional establishment.”

Being ambiguously polite would only fuel their grievances. If she was going to be criticized behind her back regardless, she might as well ensure that they—especially people like them—couldn’t voice their complaints to her face.

By turning the tables in this manner, at the very least, they wouldn’t resort to the same underhanded tactics as before.


“Bring me the finished clothes.”

Liv realized that she would be going through something like this many times in the future.

She didn’t like it, but she recognized that she would have to become accustomed to it.

Liv thought of heading straight home, conscious of what had happened in the boutique, but changed her destination.

She didn’t want to step foot on this street as much as possible, so she opted to take care of all her business while she was out.

After loading her belongings into the rented carriage and keeping her hat on as tightly as she could, she made her way to a shop that sold a variety of clothing-related goods. She had been considering what she might buy for Philip, Adolf, and the others, and had settled on buying something simple, handkerchiefs.

It was a fancy shop that she wouldn’t have looked at in the past, but the expense wasn’t really a burden to Liv now.

“If it’s a handkerchief, you’ll find it here.”

Guided by a staff member, Liv suddenly glanced at something. The staff member looked to see where she was looking.

“These are the high-end products that we handle exclusively in our store. They are delivered to aristocratic families, so the prices are quite high.”

The staff explained allusively. There was a hint of caution in his voice, suggesting that he might have gathered something about Liv’s situation from her attire.

Liv walked over to the display cases, leaving the staff behind. The first thing she saw were sparkly cuffs. Silver, shimmering boutonnieres, elegant cravats, and more adorned the display. They seemed to be on showcase rather than for sale, revealing the range of products they had in stock.

Slowly scanning them, Liv’s eyes lingered on the last display case.

“Do you have a pair of gloves for a noble person?”

“By a noble person… Do you mean to give it to a lady?”

“No, a gentleman.”

“Of course, we have.”

The staff member asked her to wait for a moment and hurriedly departed. While she waited, Liv continued to peer into the display cases.

She recalled the Marquis, who invariably wore gloves except during their intimate moments. He would likely have his gloves custom-made, of the highest quality and price, but…

If she gave him a present, she would likely never see him wear it, but…

“Ma’am, do you happen to know the size?”

The staff member who had gone inside to retrieve the gloves peeked out and inquired. Liv responded in an offhand manner.

“I know.”

She vividly remembered the size of the hands that had touched her.


It was the greatest splurge of her life.

Even when she totaled the cost of all the handkerchiefs she had bought for others, it paled in comparison to the price of the gloves for the Marquis.

She wondered if her hands trembled as she paid for them.

“Thank you. You can place them over there.”

Having moved more things than she had expected to the front door with the help of the coachman, she felt like she had solved a big problem. She figured she’d spend less time out and more time with Coryda.

After paying the coachman a small fee for his services, Liv turned and headed back into her home.


A familiar voice made her turn around, and she saw Brad in shabby clothes.

Upon locking eyes with Liv, his face lit up, and he rushed toward her. Yet, his advance was quickly halted by another group of men who seemed to appear out of thin air. They were the guards the Marquis had stationed to safeguard Liv’s residence while she stayed overnight, and they were still present, maintaining security in the vicinity.

“Wait, I know Liv! Liv! Give me a minute!”

“… I know him. It’s okay, you can let him go.”

Following Liv’s directive, the guards released their grip. Brad made a slight pained noise and rubbed his arms as if they were sore from the brief hold. He cast a wary glance at the guards, concerned that he might be intercepted again, before hastening his steps to reach Liv.