19 Ill help you darling

Name:Obsessive CEO Author:jiemena
MinMin was heartbroken hearing her crying he buried her into his chest and let her cry while saying it's okay I'll help you find out who you are and what happened I promise! She said softly in his ear thank you MinMin I love you.

After Lea calmed down she asked MinMin if she could go home. MinMin told her that she needed to stay for one more day so they could make some tests. So she wasn't able to go home though she was sad she couldn't go home she was glad that this time she woke up in the hospital she wasn't alone. And hopefully wouldn't be alone for a long time like in the past. She later had dinner with MinMin and made him go home, wash up, and have a good sleep. Then she was able to go to sleep calmly after she knew MinMin was able to sleep well at home.

While Lea was asleep someone entered the room. They were in black clothes and had a black mask covering their face. They whispered in her ear "Now that your back I'll have to deal with you Jason Lu is mine Lea Jung or should I say "Xu Lin". With that's that person disappeared into the night. But before she left she injected something in Lea.

Lea woke up with a high and dangerous fever right after she left. She couldn't describe the pain she left it was almost like someone was burning her insides. She needed water but it wouldn't help, they rushed her into the emergency room. She was injected with monitors and injections that calmed down the high and dangerous fever of 42 Celsius fever.

When Min was informed he was scared of the thought of losing her. He rushed over to her to see her condition but it was worse then he thought. She was pale and unconscious due to her weakness at the moment. He couldn't believe it she was fine before he left? Why was it suddenly this bad of a condition!

He concluded that something might've happened while she was asleep. Because this was quite suspicious why did she suddenly wake up with such a terrible fever?

He went to the security office to figure out what the hell happened while she was asleep!

He entered the office and said "Show me the footage of her room and hallway now!" Got it Mr.Mo replied the security guard. Someone had come into her room and injected her with something before leaving! Who was it though?

I want all the security around her room enforced got it! Yes Mr.Mo we understand replied the security guards and with that Mr.Mo left to check on his wife.