"Come on, everybody rush up!"

Pangu knew that the number of monks was enough, and he shouted with a little excitement.

Ordinary monks are trapped by Pangu and have to follow their orders. Although Xiao Lingyu and ye Qiu are not under control, they must cooperate with Pangu for the sake of many monks of the Xiao family.

We worked together to break through the repulsive force from the top stone steps.

The repulsive force of the top layer is very strong, but it is the same as that of the bottom layer. It is diverted to each friar. The reason why he couldn't come up before is that there are not enough friars.

"Don't move!"

When he reached the top floor, Pangu pointed to Xiao Lingyu and shouted.

Xiao Lingyu shrugged and remained silent.

Pangu stared at Xiao Lingyu nervously for fear that Xiao Lingyu would touch the gate of heaven first.

Pangu naturally didn't dare to move the Xiao family friar without authorization. He didn't want to annoy Xiao Lingyu at the last minute. He knew that Xiao Lingyu, who had experienced countless reincarnations and trained Hongmeng, was also qualified to enter the Tianmen gate.

Xiao Lingyu was worried about the safety of his family and didn't mean to touch the Tianmen gate.

Pangu walked slowly to the gate of heaven and stretched out his hand to push it.

The Tianmen gate was not pushed open, but it radiated a brilliant light over Pangu.

After a circle of glory, it suddenly disappeared again.

The gate of heaven opened slowly later.

Pangu was in front of the gate of heaven, and no one dared to rush over.

When the gate of heaven opened two feet wide, Pangu flew in and disappeared in front of everyone.

All Pangu did was to enter Tianmen. Now that he has achieved his goal, there is no need to embarrass the Xiao family friar.

After Pangu entered the Tianmen gate, we had not seen the situation behind the Tianmen gate, and the Tianmen gate suddenly closed again.

Even without Pangu, the number of monks at the top is enough to resist the strong repulsion.

"If Pangu can go in, you should also go in." Sun Dasheng said to Xiao Lingyu.

"Let me try."

Like Pangu, Xiao Lingyu pressed his palm on the Tianmen gate. Unfortunately, the Tianmen gate didn't respond after waiting for a long time.

Even if you push hard, the Tianmen gate doesn't open.

"It seems that only one monk can enter the Tianmen gate every time, and we can only wait for Pangu." Sun Dasheng shook his head and said.

Pangu entered the Tianmen gate, just like a mud ox into the sea. He didn't stir up trouble, and there was no news from then on.

The Tianmen gate has been quiet and solid. We can't open it again by any means.

Only wait patiently!

While waiting, friars still rushed to the bottom of the stone steps.

Xiao Lingyu felt that it was not easy for these friars to ascend to heaven. After a lot of hard work and fighting, everyone was qualified to get close to the Tianmen gate, so he took the friars who were already on the top floor to meet them.

As a result, there are more and more monks in front of the Tianmen gate, but we still can't open the Tianmen gate.

There are so many strong people sweeping the ancient star road again and again. The original extremely dangerous ancient star road has now almost become a smooth road. As long as you can come in and your luck is not too bad, you can successfully reach the stone steps.

The legend of the ancient XingKong road has always existed in the immortal world. Any monk who can reach the peak of Xingji for a long time and can't make a breakthrough in the realm will have the idea of exploring the ancient XingKong road. Therefore, more and more monks enter the ancient XingKong road and are received by Xiao Lingyu.

The friars in front of the heavenly gate first passed thousands, then 3000, and then 10000

The number of monks in front of the door just exceeded 10000 that day. What everyone never thought of was that the door opened automatically.

For a long time, everyone has developed the habit of taking Xiao Lingyu as the leader. Xiao Lingyu's humility and easygoing, as well as his generosity and strong strength, have convinced everyone.

After all, Xiao Lingyu is the only friar among the friars who has trained Hongmeng's body, and his realm is very high. When you see him, you will think of Pangu and make a comparison. Naturally, you will feel that Xiao Lingyu is more credible.

Even if the gate of heaven opened, everyone also looked at Xiao Lingyu first.

"Go in and have a look?" Xiao Lingyu asked, facing everyone.

Everyone didn't nod, but their expressions were a little excited and expected.

Xiao Lingyu can see that everyone wants to enter the Tianmen gate. After all, they have been waiting for countless years just to enter the Tianmen gate.

Even Xiao Lingyu's wife and children were obviously ready to move.

So Xiao Lingyu took everyone across the gate of heaven.

Behind the gate of heaven, there is a void, and in the endless void, there are also large stars.

If you count carefully, you will find that there are exactly 10000 stars in the void.

The ten thousand stars are arranged in parallel, like pieces on a chessboard.

Xiao Lingyu took everyone to the starry sky.

Looking closely, the more you look at the 10000 stars, the more they look like chess pieces, and the more the starry sky looks like a chessboard.

At the edge of the starry sky, there is a huge shining stone slab with two lines of big characters written on it

Thousands of people return to solve chess all day. Once they succeed, they sigh in vain.

"What do you mean?" Jiang Lanshang couldn't understand.

"The meaning is not profound, that is to say, with the support of thousands of people, with the help of thousands of people, we can solve this chess game and achieve the way of heaven."

The Eastern Emperor narrowed his eyes, smiled and said, "if only a strong man has achieved Hongmeng's body and experienced countless reincarnations, he can only sigh in vain here."

Everyone understood the explanation of the Eastern Emperor.

"What about Pangu?" Sun Dasheng asked.

"He should not give up. He entered the chess game. As for the situation now, I don't know." the Eastern Emperor replied.

"There is only one who can live all day, but it still needs the hearts of thousands of people."

Sun Dasheng then said, "the reason why the Tianmen gate is opened automatically for us must also be because we have thousands of people, and the one who wants to live all day must get the support of thousands of people. Of course, the stone tablet under the stone steps also clearly says that if you want to live all day, you must go into reincarnation and gather Hongmeng."

Therefore, everyone looked at Xiao Lingyu. At present, only he can meet these conditions at the same time.

Facing the temptation all day long, most monks will be hard to resist, but Xiao Lingyu hesitated at this time.

For one thing, he didn't have much desire for all day, and he didn't want to control the fate of other monks and become the supreme existence.

Second, he still felt that things were not so simple. There were hints and guidelines step by step. Obviously, these hints and guidelines were not generated automatically, but were deliberately done by monks. Going on like this may not be the right way.

"I don't think there should be a day! So we don't have to crack the chess game. We can destroy the chess game!"

"From now on, there will be no more days!"

Xiao Lingyu narrowed his eyes and said to everyone.

When he said this, everyone was stunned at first, and then they all looked with approval.

"We unite as one and don't understand the chess game, just to destroy the Tiandao chessboard, just to... There will be no more days!"

Xiao Lingyu raised his arms and shouted.

"No more days!"

All the monks responded together.

Then, Xiao Lingyu attacked the chessboard with all the people behind him.

Although the chessboard is exquisite, it is also shaking and trembling under the roar of more than 10000 experts

It lasted two hours before a star exploded.

Then one by one, ten thousand stars exploded in a few days.

"I hate it!"

All the stars were destroyed, and an old but loud voice suddenly stirred in the void.

An old man's shadow appeared. He said, "I did everything. I saw that I was going to succeed, but I didn't expect that someone would give up the chance all day!"

"I hate it too!"

Pangu's shadow appeared again in the void. He said, "I was trapped by you. I entered the Tianmen gate alone and your chess game. Now the chess game is destroyed, you and I will die. I play games with you and do everything. In the end, it's nothing!"

The old man Xu Ying smiled bitterly and said, "you also have the opportunity to command the people to destroy the chess game. Unfortunately, you are greedy."

From these words, Xiao Lingyu can guess that if he leads thousands of people into the chess game and wants to crack the chess game, he can't become heaven at all, but will be calculated.

All along, everyone, including Xiao Lingyu, has been calculated. But at the last minute, Xiao Lingyu's choice surprised the old man who was obviously behind the scenes.

"Hum!" Pangu snorted coldly, and his virtual shadow and the old man's virtual shadow were fading.

"You are not the first generation of Haotian, I am!"

The old man said: "Unfortunately, when I reached the top and stood alone at the top, I wanted to make a breakthrough and leave this world, so I opened up this ancient road of starry sky, which is actually a space channel that penetrated the original space barrier of heaven and earth. What I didn't expect is that the space channel I opened up has never reached other worlds in endless years Endless emptiness, endless loneliness... "

No wonder the void on both sides of the ancient road in the starry sky is so dangerous. It turns out that it is the space barrier of the eternal world. How can it not be dangerous?

"Moreover, the more we continue to open up, the more energy we need to maintain the stability of the whole space channel. I can't support it here. So I went back and arranged the ancient XingKong road. No wonder I arranged the stone steps, Tianmen and the star chess game just now. In fact, I just arranged a strong person who deceived the eternal world to keep coming I know that the more dangerous and strange places are, the more they attract the strong, especially the top ones. "

"Facts have proved that my scam is very clever. Indeed, there are always top strong people who are cheated. Unfortunately, it is difficult for them to come to the end. After they die on the ancient XingKong Road, their accomplishments and energy will become the energy to maintain the long-term stability of the ancient XingKong road. If not, the ancient XingKong road would have collapsed."

"But when I finish all this, I'm ready to continue to open up this space channel, right in front..."

The old man of virtual shadow said this, pointed to the distance, and then said: "As soon as I started to open up, I moved forward less than ten feet. However, Haotian's throne suddenly caused chaos in my body. It collapsed my body and soul and flew away. I only had a remnant soul, but I was blocked by the Tianmen gate I made myself. I can't go back. To become Haotian, I should not be too far away from the original world of heaven and earth. I should have crossed the boundary , I will encounter such disasters. I hide in the star chess game arranged by myself and control the chess game with the remnant soul, which also has a glimmer of vitality, because this chess game is my backhand. If I encounter an accident and hide in the chess game, as long as more and more strong players enter the chess game, I can take advantage of the power of the chess game to get a chance of rebirth. Unfortunately, hateful... No matter how clever calculations are It's impossible to count everything. "

Xiao Lingyu understood it. He asked suspiciously, "did you control our destiny? How do you explain the theory of destiny?"

The virtual shadow old man shook his head and said, "fate can't be really controlled, because the future can't be clearly presented at all; the theory of destiny is a talk of deceiving the world!"

When the words came to this, the virtual shadow of the old man was finally completely transparent, and then completely disappeared.

"Ha ha..."

Pangu's virtual shadow burst out a laugh and then disappeared.

Pangu's laughter was full of complex meanings. From that laughter, Xiao Lingyu's doubts were much clearer.

Up to now, Xiao Lingyu can think of many things. Everything is not controlled by anyone, but the game between Pangu and the old man of virtual shadow. Pangu thought he had done everything, but he was also calculated, and ended up in a tragic end. He and many friars were just involved, calculated and deceived, but he didn't really step into the abyss of conspiracy.

Because this is a game of chess, in which there are scams and calculations, people will feel that their fate is controlled and they will feel that they are chess pieces.

I don't know whether it is because of the disappearance of the old man of the virtual shadow or the destruction of the star chess game. There are signs of instability in this void. The whole ancient road of the starry sky suddenly vibrates, and even the heavenly door is broken.

"It looks like it's going to collapse here. We have to hurry back to the eternal world."

Then, Xiao Lingyu took all the monks out of the gate of heaven and walked along the old star road towards the eternal world.

End of the full text