At this critical moment.

Four rays of divine light suddenly flew out of Shen Lang's body and teleported in front of Su Ruoxue, blocking the erosion of the black and white vortex.

Those four divine lights are the Lotus Lamp, the Coffin Palace Lamp, the Eight Scenery Palace Lamp and the Cuiguang Liangyi Lamp!

"It's the four spiritual lanterns!"

Shen Lang's face was filled with astonishment and shock.

Why did the four spiritual lamps suddenly appear?

These four spiritual lamps were seen surrounding Su Ruoxue, forming a golden barrier that defused the devouring power of the sealed star disk.

The Fengjie Astrolabe returned to the form of Ancestor Hongjun, and said with an indifferent expression: "You finally showed up, Suiren clan!"

As soon as he finished speaking, the four spiritual lamps hovering around Su Ruoxue merged into one, erupting into a golden divine light and fire that soared into the sky and swept over the entire Ghost Temple.

A large swath of golden light and fire converged into one, turning into a figure covered in golden light!

The figure had a majestic figure, with facial features as deep as a knife, and a sun pattern condensed between his eyebrows. The dazzling light released from his whole body illuminated the entire ghost temple.

Indescribably huge and extremely powerful spiritual pressure swept out of his body. This aura seemed to come from eternal chaos, making Shen Lang unable to stop trembling.

Shen Lang had only felt a similar aura of chaos from Hou Yi, but the aura released by the golden figure in front of him was far more powerful than Hou Yi!

Is this person really the Suiren clan?

While Shen Lang was shocked, the figure covered in golden light slowly spoke and responded to the ancestor Hongjun: "Hongjun

, since you know that I will borrow the four spiritual lamps to be reborn, why don't you stop the Son of Heaven from taking away the Cuiguang Liangyi lamp? "

Ancestor Hongjun said sternly: "The four spiritual lamps were originally transformed from the fragments of the jade disc of creation. If I want the sealing star disk to turn back into the jade disc of creation, these four fragments are indispensable. I don't need to stop the way of heaven." the son of."

After hearing this, Suiren suddenly laughed: "Hahaha, I'm a little surprised. How can you be so confident and think that I will cooperate with you to rebuild the treasure of the world?"

Ancestor Hongjun said calmly: "If we want to regenerate the human realm, we can only recreate the jade plate of creation. This is the principle of cause and effect, and the fate of you and me."

Suiren shouted in shock: "What a destiny! Unfortunately, this is just your destiny. You and I are different after all."

Ancestor Hongjun shook his head and sighed: "Suiren clan, you and I are twins of one body. We are supposed to work for the welfare of all living beings in the human realm. Unfortunately, you have become a pawn of the master of the ghost realm."

As soon as these words came out, Shen Lang couldn't help but frown, sensing something was wrong.

Suirenshi argued: "Hongjun, you must not be mistaken. I was not ordered by the Lord of the Ghost Realm to hide here to stop you. On the contrary, I showed up to counter you!"

"You keep saying that you are guiding the sons of heaven, but in fact you have evil intentions."

"Once the sealing star chart is reorganized, the first thing you do must be to occupy the body of the son of Heavenly Dao, transform yourself into Heavenly Dao, and dominate everything!"

Having said this, Suiren's eyes turned to Shen Lang and warned: "Son of the Way of Heaven

, you must not be deceived by him. "

"This..." Shen Lang was shocked.

He didn't know whether what Suiren said was true or not, but judging from Ancestor Hongjun's ability to control the sealing astrolabe, once the sealing astrolabe was successfully reorganized, he would indeed not be Ancestor Hongjun's opponent.

Ancestor Hongjun said calmly: "Sui Ren, you are wrong. We are still alive today. We don't care about life and death, nor do we care about these illusions. Our only obsession is to restart the human realm and get everything back on track."

"As long as the Son of Heaven is willing to follow and lead all this, I will not replace him."

Suiren asked: "What if he doesn't want to?"

Ancestor Hongjun did not answer Suiren directly, but said calmly: "As a son of heaven, he should make the right choice."

Suiren looked at Shen Lang and asked bluntly: "Son of Heavenly Dao, reorganizing the sealing star chart will also mean that your wife will perish. Are you willing to sacrifice your wife?"

Shen Lang said categorically: "Of course I don't want to!"

The Suiren clan turned to Ancestor Hongjun and said, "Hongjun, this is the choice of the Son of Heaven, what should you do?"

Ancestor Hongjun looked at Shen Lang and finally advised: "Son of Heaven, your wife is just a body, why insist on fighting against fate for a body?"

"After you achieve the position of Realm Master and take over the human realm, it will not be difficult to recreate the same body."

To Shen Lang, these words were simply a joke.

Shen Lang said bluntly: "Hong

Senior Jun, you don’t need to test anymore. To me, my wife is a unique existence. As long as I am alive, I cannot allow her to die! "

Ancestor Hongjun said in disappointment: "Son of Heaven, I didn't want to take your place until the last moment. But seems that I can only do this!"

As soon as he finished speaking, the endless black and white divine light all over Ancestor Hongjun turned into a black and white vortex and flew straight towards the Suiren clan.

Suiren sighed with emotion: "Hongjun, you and I are twins of yin and yang. You are yin and I am yang. Yin and yang are in conflict. We will eventually reach this point... In this case, let's fight!"

A golden divine light and golden fire burst out from Suiren's body, and he forcefully caught the black and white vortex that ancestor Hongjun transformed into.


A sky-shattering roar sounded, and bright light engulfed the entire Ghost Temple.

Time and space seem to have stopped at this moment!

The aftermath alone almost turned Shen Lang's body into powder.


Shen Lang's eyes were about to burst, and he used all his blood and nerves to withstand the energy impact that was like a cosmic explosion.

The moment Suiren clan and Ancestor Hongjun had just fought, the space in the Ghost Temple had turned into chaos.

Shen Lang tried his best to withstand the pressure, came behind Suirenshi, picked up Su Ruoxue and protected her in his arms.

Then he quickly retreated and tried to escape from the area where the two sides were fighting.

However, he found that no matter how he retreated, he could not

Get out of this chaotic space.

The space near the Ghost Temple seems to have been completely blocked by Ancestor Hongjun.

"Boom boom boom!!"

In the chaotic space, the terrifying black and white light and golden divine fire are constantly surging, spreading, and roaring!

The Suiren family and ancestor Hongjun fought so hard that the sky was dark and the earth was dark, and the big explosion that destroyed the world was so heart-stopping!

Fortunately, the magical powers of both sides did not reach the edge of space, and Shen Lang finally had a chance to breathe.

The magical power released by Suiren and Hongjun Ancestors was so terrifying that Shen Lang was unable to spy on it with his spiritual thoughts. He could only judge the situation through the intensity of the black and white light and golden flames in the explosion.

Thanks to the blessing of the sealing astrolabe, Ancestor Hongjun quickly gained the upper hand.

"Heaven and earth are born together, the ancestor of the five elements, leaving the netherworld and entering the underworld, and his destiny is taken away!"

Ancestor Hongjun recited the mantra silently, and the endless black and white light finally suppressed the golden flame.

Along with countless big explosions, Suiren's body was riddled with holes in the black and white light, half-kneeling on the ground, in danger.

"Sui Ren, your body composed of only four fragments of the Treasure of Creation cannot compete with me." Ancestor Hongjun said indifferently.

Although the sealed astrolabe has not been completely repaired, eleven of the twelve Heavenly Dao fragments have been collected.

The eleven fragments of the Heavenly Dao are the eleven fragments of the Jade Disc of Creation. The body composed of the eleven fragments of the Treasure of Creation by the ancestor Hongjun is naturally far superior to the body composed of the four fragments of the Treasure of Creation by Suiren.