Chapter 3764 - Sweet Burden 4

At this moment, Gao Ran walked out from his office.

His police uniform jacket was unbuttoned, revealing the black T-shirt underneath.

Despite his young age, Gao Ran had stayed in the bureau for years and cracked many big cases, so he was well respected by the other police officers.


“Chief Gao.”

“Chief Gao…”

They greeted him as he walked past.

Huo Mian didn’t speak; she just watched silently.

Sure enough, when Gao Ran walked past Chen Yuning, the woman stood up immediately.


“What is it?” Gao Ran looked casual, not as enchanted by Chen Yuning as Zhu Lingling had described.

“You must be tired working overtime. I made coffee for you to freshen up your mind.”

“Thank you.”

Gao Ran took the mug of coffee and walked on without a pause.

Behind him, Chen Yuning gazed at him with love in her eyes.

Seeing the scene, Huo Mian had her theory confirmed.

It seemed to be a story about a girl’s unrequited love for her boss.

Gao Ran was young, handsome, vigorous, and steady with his work; despite his young age, he was in a high position and had the lofty air of a guy coming from a family of high-level officials.

The young girl just graduated from university and was protected and praised by many male colleagues, but she was only interested in her boss, even though she knew he was married with a son.

At this thought, Huo Mian felt no matter how beautiful a girl was, she’d look ugly when she became the other woman.


Gao Ran walked to Huo Mian’s side.

“Are you finished with your work?”

“Yeah. I worked overtime at a meeting. I told you if you need me just call me and I’ll go to you. Why did you come here?” Gao Ran took a seat across from her and put the coffee on the table.

Huo Mian glanced at it and saw it was a mug from Starbucks.

It seemed the coffee wasn’t made casually as the girl claimed; she was very thoughtful.

“Oh, it’s fine. I just came up on my way home.”

“You’re pregnant, so you’d better not run around like this. If something happens to you, how can I explain to your husband? He’d chop me into pieces,” Gao Ran said with a chuckle.

The police officers around them were stupefied when they saw their solemn chief talk so animatedly with a woman.

Chen Yuning kept glancing at them…

“How is the investigation going?”

“We found something.”

“What is it?” Huo Mian was a bit excited.

“I told you Zhao Fu had once adopted a child but later returned the child because he couldn’t afford to raise him. Do you remember that?”


“The boy is very probably Zhao Fu’s biological son. A few years ago, he lived with a woman working in a hair saloon for a little over a year. After the boy was born, the woman saw Zhao Fu had no money and left him.”

“How about the boy?”

“The boy has a congenital heart defect. Zhao Fu delivered him to the charity house and then took him back; later he sent the boy back again…”

“This man is really…” Huo Mian didn’t know what to say. This guy didn’t deserve to be a parent. He sent the boy to the charity house and then got him back; did he think the child was a toy?

“The suspicious part is that the boy got a big amount of money from a mysterious source to have heart transplant surgery one week before Zhao Fu’s accident.”

“Oh? A big amount of money?” Huo Mian raised her eyebrows, realizing it was indeed an important clue.

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