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Han Jianglou circled the deep mountains for a long time. Finally, in some random corner, they saw Dong Nuan basking in the sun.

The short little girl was turning over at this moment.

Hearing footsteps, Dong Nuan looked up and saw that it was Han Jianglou again. She looked surprised.

“Big Brother Han?” Why was the humanoid pill here again? Could it be that there was something on the mountain today?

Dong Nuan called out in confusion. At the same time, she got up and sat on the rock. Her two short legs were still swaying by the rock.

Han Jianglou’s tense heart finally relaxed when he saw the pitifully thin legs swaying there. Not only was he covered in sweat from running all the way here, but his heart was also beating rapidly, afraid that Dong Nuan would be eaten by wild beasts…

“Hehehe!” Han Jianglou was about to persuade Dong Nuan to leave the mountain earlier when he heard the sound of wild beasts not far away.

Not good! It was a wild boar!

This thing was very fierce. Han Jianglou was very unwilling to encounter it!

He had been in a hurry on the way here, but he had conveniently grabbed a hatchet before leaving. However, wild boar skin was thick, so this hatchet might not be able to easily chop into it.

Moreover, Han Jianglou still had to protect Dong Nuan. There were many things to worry about, so making a decision was easy.

“Run!” Han Jianglou rushed over, grabbed Dong Nuan, and ran out.

After running a few steps, he realized that Dong Nuan’s legs were too short. She was almost being dragged on the ground by him. He suddenly picked her up and threw her onto his shoulder as if he was carrying firewood.

When Dong Nuan was carried down the mountain, she was still in a daze.

‘What about it?’

When Han Jianglou was halfway down the mountain, he was about to put Dong Nuan down when he suddenly thought of something. If he did not let go and carried Dong Nuan down the mountain, would he not have an excuse to propose marriage?

However, before that, he had to ask how Dong Nuan felt.

If Dong Nuan was willing, he was naturally willing to take on the responsibility too.

Marriage proposals were not about getting married immediately. He would probably have to wait a few more years. After Dong Nuan grew up a little, his peaches might have grown.

Moreover, even if they got married now, he would not dare to touch her.

Touching a child?

Was he crazy?

If Dong Nuan was unwilling, he would put Dong Nuan down now. If he did not say anything about what happened today, and Dong Nuan did not say anything, others would naturally not know.

Very few people came to the deep mountains, especially now that there was still a lot of work in the fields. Since everyone was busy, no one would come.

It was only because he did not have his own fields and usually worked part-time at Old Master Xiang Kun’s house to earn some money that he had more time to himself.

“Lil Nuan, are you willing to follow me?” When Han Jianglou asked this, he did not put Dong Nuan down yet.

At this moment, his entire body was still tense because he was not sure if the wild boar had chased after him.

Those things were very wild. Sometimes, they would not stop until they achieved its goal. Naturally, Han Jianglou did not dare to let down his guard.

“Huh?” Dong Nuan felt a little uncomfortable. Just as she was about to signal for Han Jianglou to put her down, she heard the other party ask her this.

‘Follow him?’

Of course she was willing. Who would not want to be with their medicinal pill every day?

Moreover, this medicinal pill was free!!!

The point was that he did not cost money!

After all, Dong Nuan’s pockets were empty now. She was really poor.

After thinking for a moment, Dong Nuan nodded and said, “I’m willing.”

After saying that, he patted Han Jianglou’s back and whispered, “Put me down first. It’s making me uncomfortable.”

Han Jianglou did not expect Dong Nuan to respond so readily, but he immediately reacted.

She was only a half-grown child. What did she know?

Forget it! He should worry more.

“I’ll let you down after we get down from the mountain. There are wild boars deep in the mountains. They’re very fierce and have even bitten villagers to death previously. In the future, even if you have nothing to do, don’t go deep into the mountains. If you really want to eat fruits, tell me. I’ll go pick them for you.” He was strong and could outrun wild boars. It was relatively safe for him to go in.

Just relatively, though.

‘A wild boar?’

A question mark appeared above Dong Nuan’s head.

That thing was very fierce, but the bamboo spirit still had a trace of pressure on it. It was still very useful to intimidate some small animals that did not have any intelligence.

Therefore, Dong Nuan was not afraid of those wild beasts.

However, this matter involved her little secret. It was better to notsay it.

“Okay,” Dong Nuan replied nonchalantly. She wanted to adjust her posture, but Han Jianglou’s body was too hard. No matter how hard she tried, she could not feel comfortable.

As they approached the farmland, Han Jianglou said in a deep voice, “Lil Nuan, sorry for offending you.”

Dong Nuan, “?”

Why was he suddenly acting like this?

Before she could react, Han Jianglou had already put her down from being carried on his back.

If it was not for Dong Nuan’s quick reaction, she might have slipped off the other party’s body.

Dong Nuan, “…”

Alright, this was her medicinal pill, after all. It was an insignificant matter, so she had to endure it.

Dong Nuan was carried down the mountain by Han Jianglou. This matter was seen by many people working in the farmland.

Dong Erzhuang’s family naturally saw it too. Han Jianglou had specially chosen the mountain that was closest to their family’s field.

Hearing others say that Dong Nuan was carried down the mountain by Han Jianglou, Dong Xing could not help but jump out and say, “Oi, why is Nuan Nuan being carried back by a man?”

Dong Xing had just been beaten up by Dong Nuan yesterday. Today, Dong Nuan gave the other sisters at home apricot to eat, but she did not even give her a look. Thus, Dong Xing was sulking.

Now that she had finally found an opportunity to ruin Dong Nuan’s reputation, how could she not work hard?

She even forgot that her mother had originally wanted to marry Dong Nuan next door for the benefit of her family.

At the moment, personal hatred was more important than anything else. Dong Xing could not care less. She just wanted to see Dong Nuan make a fool of herself. She did not want to see Dong Nuan living well!

Moreover, she knew about Han Jianglou. The outsiders in the village did not have their own fields. Their houses were all newly built last year, and there were only two houses. The place was pitifully small, and it was in the west of the village. It was lonely, and the occupants had no neighbors. It was pitiful.

Dong Nuan was just perfect for him to marry. These two pitiful worms should be matchmade!

At the thought of this, Dong Xing wished she could say something that would instantly spread throughout the village. “Oh my, Nuanya, you’re getting married! This is a joyous matter.”

Dong Xing wished she could clap her hands and cheer. She jumped up from the field and shouted as she walked out.

Second Aunt had just fought with Madam Dong Wu in the morning. Of course, she did not lose, but she did not win much either.

In the end, Old Madam Dong stood up and gave each of them fifty strokes of the paddle. Then, they did not dare to make a fuss anymore.

Second Aunt was thinking in her heart that if Fifth Uncle was really useless, then she would definitely fight for her rights in the family!

However, it would not be enough to just snatch his spot. She still had to ask Scholar Liao, who was next door, to teach her youngest son some words first. This way, she might be able to gain more recognition from the headmaster.

Previously, the Liao family’s sister-in-law had mentioned that she had her eyes on Dong Nuan.

How could the neighbors not know what the conditions next door were?

Second Aunt coveted Scholar Liao’s knowledge, but at the same time, she despised his family background. She did not want to sacrifice her daughter, so she had the idea to send Dong Nuan over.

When the Liao family’s sister-in-law passed, Dong Nuan, that wretched girl, would exhaust herself working!

Second Aunt had already prepared to go home at noon to take a break. She would fan the flames for the old lady, but now…

Hearing Dong Xing’s ear-piercing voice, Second Aunt felt a buzzing pain in her head.

How did she give birth to such an idiot?