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Dong Nuan had no idea that Han Jianglou was chasing after her.

After entering the forest, she was like a bird returning to its patch of the sky or a fish entering the sea. Dong Nuan was extremely carefree.

In one moment, his left hand would produce fruits, and in the next moment, his right hand would produce medicinal herbs to nourish his body. Dong Nuan ate happily in the forest, feeling extremely comfortable.

Other than the trees in the forest being high-vibration and a little stuffy, everything else was fine.

However, the bamboo spirit needed sunlight and rain, so it was naturally not afraid of the sun.

It was just that after chilling a long time, she felt a little dizzy.

However, there was no hurry. There was still spring water in the forest. Although it was a little hot from the sun, there was a cooling air from the spring.

The mountain spring water flowed down and formed a small pool. Because it was running water and there were rocks at the bottom, the water was very clean. It was so clear.

Smelling her own scent, Dong Nuan felt that taking a shower would not be a bad idea.

Last night, she did not dare to go to the backyard to take a shower because of the wound on her head.

There was already some stink on her body now. When she thought about the humanoid medicinal pill that she had approached so boldly just now, Dong Nuan felt a little silly.

However, it was not a big problem.

She was the one absorbing the pill’s energy, not the other way around.

Therefore, if she had a stink, so be it.

Now that the water temperature was cool and the sun was shining, she simply scrubbed and washed his clothes. They would dry after a while.

In the deep mountains and old forests, no one was likely to come by.

Moreover, it was working hours, and the hunters in the village would not enter the mountains.

Thinking of this, Dong Nuan quickly stripped herself clean.

She was young and looked thin and weak, so the clothes she wore were very simple: a coat, pants, and underpants.

Yes, just three pieces of cloth.

As for her undergarments?


With her current figure being comparable to the fields she worked on, she did not need it.

She would probably only need them when she was older.

It was only when she soaked herself in the spring water that Dong Nuan felt her burdens lighten.

As she scrubbed herself, she took off her clothes and placed them on the stone beside her. With the temperature of the stone and the sunlight, they should be dry in a short while.

After running a few rounds, Han Jianglou finally arrived at this place. The first thing he saw was…

There was a hint of yellow on her back.

Although her back was thin, her spine was a very nice shape.

Han Jianglou, “…!!!”

Realizing that he had seen something he should not have, his first instinct was to turn around and run!

As long as he ran fast, no one would be able to catch him.

However, after searching for a long time, he could not find Dong Nuan. Seeing her thin back, it was obvious that she was not very well-developed. Therefore, Han Jianglou already had his guesses.

It was probably because the other party had given him a lot of fruits just now that Han Jianglou suddenly did not want to run away irresponsibly.

However, marrying Dong Nuan?

He was still a child!

The Dong family was inhumane. They had married a half-grown child to Liao Mingkun. He did not want to be inhumane either!

However, he could not leave so irresponsibly. Only Heaven and Earth knew about this matter. Dong Nuan did not know yet.

However, he could not get over it.

Thinking of this, Han Jianglou took two steps forward and was about to speak when he realized that the figure in front of him had turned around!

Yes, it turned around!!!

Han Jianglou was stunned for a second. When he came back to his senses, he suddenly turned around and said in a rare panic, “I was worried that you had accidentally entered the forest. There are wolves here, so I came to look for you. I didn’t expect to encounter this. I…”

Han Jianglou wanted to say that he would take responsibility, but when the words reached his mouth, he felt like his mouth was burning. His throat was dry, and his lips and teeth began to chatter.

He couldn’t bring himself to marry a half-grown child!

Dong Nuan had long noticed that the humanoid pill had returned. However, since the other party did not move, Dong Nuan did not move either.

As for her sense of shame?

What shame do you expect a bamboo spirit to have?

However, looking at the humanoid pill, he seemed a little embarrassed. Dong Nuan thought about it and did not walk out of the water.

“Thank you for looking for me. I’m fine. I’m very familiar with the forest. Don’t worry.” Dong Nuan did not catch his main point, or rather, she did not really care.

After all, the other party was a humanoid medicinal pill. She was already feeling very guilty about rubbing against him.

There was no need to fuss over such unimportant things.

Although Han Jianglou repeatedly resisted, he would not really run away from responsibilities.

Hence, he stood there in a dilemma for a long time. After fighting between rationality and emotions for a long time, he finally said with difficulty in a hoarse voice, “Don’t worry. I’ll take responsibility for you.”

Take responsibility for her?

Did that mean that she could freeload off him every day?

Hearing Han Jianglou’s words, Dong Nuan’s eyes lit up, and her voice was filled with visible joy. “Really? Does that mean I can see you every day?”

Seeing him every day was equivalent to freeloading every day.

There was nothing wrong with this line of logic!

Han Jianglou never expected Dong Nuan to be so proactive and lively…

For a moment, Han Jianglou even doubted her.

Could it be that she had lived for too long in her previous life, so there was a deviation in her memory?

Was the Dong Nuan in his memory such a person?

‘I don’t remember.’

They were not familiar with each other. It could even be said that they never interacted with each other before. They lived in the same village and did not even speak to each other.

While Han Jianglou was thinking, Dong Nuan, who had not received an answer for a long time, got a little impatient. She raised her voice and asked, “Does it?”

“…Yes.” Although he was unkind in his mind, he would treat her well.

Hence, Han Jianglou replied with difficulty. His heart was still in a dilemma.

Unfortunately, Dong Nuan did not understand at all. She was still feeling very happy.

In the future, she could freeload every day!!!

Yay! Perhaps she could ascend again after rubbing against him?

She did not know how lucky she was this time.

If he were to encounter the Great Divine-Infernal War again, Dong Nuan felt that it would be better for her to not ascend.

Se had worked hard for more than a thousand years and fought until she cultivated.

Why bother?

She had wasted thousands of years of effort.

However, whether she could fly or not was a matter for the future. The most important thing now, or rather, the most surprising thing, was that the humanoid medicinal pill had said that she could freeload off him every day!


She was very happy!

Dong Nuan was really happy.

That happy cheer followed the sultry breeze in the forest and slowly blew on Han Jianglou’s face.

He was nervous and conflicted just now. Coupled with the stifling heat in the forest, he was covered in sweat.

When that pleasant smell drifted over, Han Jianglou wiped his face and was about to ask Dong Nuan if she wanted to eat anything. However, before he could say anything, he was carried away by this smell, and his mood also drifted.

Because his emotions were fluctuating, when he spoke this time, Han Jianglou’s voice was much gentler, and the way he addressed her had also changed. “Lil Nuan, is there anything you want to eat?”