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The old lady sat at the door with a dark expression and did not make a sound, but Dong Nuan knew that she soon would.

More and more people had come to watch the show, and the old lady cared about her reputation. If she did not want others to laugh at her family, she would definitely make a move.

Sure enough, after Second Aunt failed a more few times, she picked up a stick at the side. Just as she was about to step forward, the old lady shouted coldly, “Enough. That’s from Second Brother’s family.”

As soon as the old lady spoke, Second Aunt was like a frightened quail. She had already waved the stick, but now, she reluctantly retracted it. When she thought about it, she felt indignant. As she retracted the stick, she did not forget to glare fiercely at Dong Nuan.

Dong Nuan made a face at her, making Second Aunt so angry that her liver hurt. However, it was not enough for Dong Nuan to make a face. She quickly said, “If Second Aunt thinks Young Master Liao is so good, then make Dong Xing marry him. Like Second Aunt said, Young Master Liao is a scholar. He has a bright future. Whoever follows him will enjoy a good life. This is good fortune. I’m not lucky enough to keep it for myself. I’ll give it to Dong Xing.”

Although Dong Nuan said that, she could not help but curse in her heart.

Second Aunt had always been smart. Why did she not want such a ‘great blessing’?

It was all because she could clearly see that Mother Liao had been holding for so many years and was about to die. She probably would not live past this winter. Young Master Liao would then be left alone as a weak scholar. He could barely hold his head up on his own shoulders or lift his arms. In the future, all housework and farming would be his new wife’s job.

Why did she take a fancy to the original owner of this body?

It was all because the original owner of this body was a silly girl. She was as stubborn as an old cow. Although she was young, she was especially capable and was comparable to half of a strong labor force!

Knowing the story, she knew she would probably still be married off in the end.

Because the Dong family and the Liao family had their own schemes.

The Liao family had taken a fancy to the capable nature of the young lady’s family. If they made her marry him, they could make her continue to work and support Young Master Liao’s studies.

On the other hand, the Dong family had taken a fancy to Mother Liao’s promise to make Young Master Liao teach the younger children of the Dong family how to read and write. This was beneficial to the two families, but it was a pity for the original owner of this body.

In the end, in order to support Young Master Liao’s studies, she died of exhaustion before she was even twenty years old.

On the other hand, Young Master Liao stepped on the bones and blood of his old mother and first wife to rise to power and become a high-ranking official. When he returned to his hometown in glory, he had a beautiful new wife and concubines by his side. He was so happy. Who still remembered the pitiful little girl who supported him back then?

This was before Dong Nuan ascended. Because they had the same name, she had read more about it.

“You b*tch! You…” Hearing Dong Nuan’s words, Second Aunt’s blood rushed to her head, and she could no longer control the stick in her hand.

Dong Nuan was not the type to sit around and wait to be beaten up. With a few quick steps, she rushed from the living room to the courtyard.

As soon as she reached the courtyard, she saw outsiders outside the fenced yard.

Coincidentally, it was Dong Manniang and her daughter, Dong Man!

Dong Nuan’s eyes lit up when she saw them.

Dong Man was not to be trifled with. Dong Man’s father was a hunter in the village. He was a fierce man as tall and strong as a tower.

Although Dong Man won the fight in the morning, she had also been injured. Her family had never been at a disadvantage in the village. If she had come over, she was definitely here to take revenge.

“Dong Man, Dong Xing is crying inside the house. If you want to do this, you have to do it as soon as possible. Otherwise, if she runs away later, you won’t be able to catch her.” After Dong Nuan ran to the courtyard, she raised her voice to remind Dong Man.

The old lady’s old face darkened, and she glared at her fiercely. Dong Nuan pretended to not see it.

Dong Xing was smart. If she ran away when she saw that the situation was growing tenser, this matter would become a fight between adults.

Dong Xing made the original host’s young lady take the blame for her and the fight she caused. In the end, she was targeted by the two of them. Why?

Whose fault should it be? Anyone could take the blame, but in any case, she would not take the blame for Dong Nuan!

Dong Man was just like her name suggested. She was very tall and strong. She was a year younger than Dong Nuan and Dong Xing, but she was taller than Dong Xing. She looked like she was fourteen or fifteen years old.

Upon hearing Dong Nuan’s words and seeing the pitiful look on her face, Dong Man could not be bothered with her. She rushed into the Dong family’s home in a few strides, passed by a few elders, and picked Dong Xing up from inside the house to bring her to the courtyard. She pinned her to the ground and punched her!

Dong Xing was crying because of the pain in her face and wanted her mother to get back at Dong Nuan. She did not believe that Dong Nuan, who could not even hit a fart, would dare to hit her. She wanted revenge. She wanted to beat Dong Nuan to death!

However, as soon as her ambitions rose, she was pressed to the ground and beaten up by Dong Man.

“Mother, save me! Dong Nuan, you b*tch! You’ll die a horrible death! Dong Man, you’ll die a horrible death too!” After eating a few mouthfuls of soil, Dong Xing lost all composure. Even though it was about Dong Man, she dared to curse at the top of her lungs.

Seeing that Dong Xing had been beaten up so badly, Second Aunt wanted to go forward, but when she saw Dong Man’s burly figure and fierce gaze, she retreated timidly and looked at the old lady.

The old lady was also annoyed, but Dong Man was indeed an extremely difficult person to deal with. To be honest, she was a little afraid of her.

However, if she did not stand up now, her family’s reputation would be ruined.

Thinking of this, the old lady straightened her back and glared at Dong Nuan again, only to see Dong Nuan smile innocently at her.

Seeing this, the old lady felt a lump in her throat. After taking a deep breath, she said with a cold expression, “Hey! You b*tch, aren’t you going too far?”

After saying that, she snorted and continued. “It’s just a small fight between children…”

Before the old lady could finish speaking, she was rudely rebuked by Dong Manniang. “Hey, Aunty, Dong Xing is so young, but she sure knows how to sneak around. If we don’t discipline her well, won’t there be other copycats in our village in the future? Although the imperial court’s taxes have been reduced in the past two years, the harvest in the fields has been good, and life has been good, which family doesn’t value their personal possessions? How can we not be angry after she touched our things? We’ve been kind today. Today, we’re just teaching Dong Xing a lesson. She shouldn’t have touched our things. If she’s beaten to death one day, it’ll be too late for you to regret it.”

The old lady almost fainted from anger. Her eyes rolled back, and she raised her hand to calm herself down. After a long time, she gritted her teeth and said, “My granddaughter doesn’t need to worry about her!”

Dong Manniang was a sensible person. She was hot-tempered, but she would not go overboard. Otherwise, if she became the public enemy of the entire village, her life would not be easy in the future.

Seeing that Dong Man had vented her anger after fighting for a long time and that the old lady was so angry that her eyes had rolled back into her head again. Dong Manniang stopped while she was ahead and shouted, “Alright, Lil Man, it’s time to go back. There’s a lot of work in the fields in the afternoon. Don’t waste your time here.”