Chapter 19

Instead of answering, Erden put his hand in hers. He then took out a little silk pocket with a lock on it.

“What the hell is this?”

“Thanks to you, I’ve earned this treasure.”

Leticia’s eyes went dubious.

“Thanks to me?”

“Yes, it’s from the back of the queen ant you blew up when I wasn’t present.”


Come to think of it, I remember.

When they came out to see after the battle, the soldiers were sealing around the broken nest with a cloth. I didn’t know the reason for it back then.

“There was a treasure hidden in the nest?”

“Yes, the Giant Ant race leads a wandering life. That’s why the queen ant always carries important treasures.”

Erden explained.

“These things are called artifacts.”


“It’s an ancient artifact that exists in every castle in the North, these kinds of things are invaluable and have special value. We often use this kind of thing to eradicate the other castles and only get this kind of artifact.”


For the eradication of the enemy. The Giant Ant race’s artifact was a huge gain.

As soon as I understood it, I had a question.

“There’s a treasure for each castle? So what’s the artifact of Halstead Castle?”

“I was just trying to tell you.”

Erden spoke in a solemn manner.

“The artifact is me.”


Leticia was surprised.

It was not an idiomatic expression like “The Lord is the treasure of our castle.” It is literally meant to say that the precious artifact of this castle was he himself.

“Erden! Are you an object?”

“Not that…”

Erden lowered his voice even more.

“This is a very important secret of our family. One of the ancestors of the family, Ha Na, is better at fighting demons. He sacrificed something just to exterminate the demons. I don’t know how that was possible, but it’s been going on for generations.”

Then he pointed to his chest. Leticia asked.

“Through the heart?”

He nodded his head.

“It was something that the human body couldn’t overcome. That’s why our family’s successors have turned into monsters in battalions.”

“…… ”

Leticia went silent.

They even chose such extreme ways of protecting the castle from demons.

It made her feel so strange that she couldn’t say anything.


Erden changed the subject casually.

“For that reason, I have one unique ability. I can tell the name of an artifact right away.”

“What kind of mysterious power do you have? When I saw this, it was the same.”

He opened the lock and took out what was in his pocket.

Leticia’s eyes grew big.

It was a mysterious pendant.

A large jewel was placed in a delicate and embroidered gold frame. It was a bluish jewel, and as if mixed with milk.

I looked at it more and more and was dazed each time I looked at it.

It’s just too perfect!

I came to my senses when I heard the sound of fingers snapping right before my eyes.

Leticia trembled.

“What just happened? It’s kinda weird!”

“It’s the mysterious force in the Artifact. The object is called ‘The Mist of Tarua.’ It contains magical powers associated with space and oblivion. The Giant Ants did something strange using this artifact.”

“Oh yes. I heard about that too.”

Leticia agreed with his word.

“Clearly, the hoard was driven out by the Halstead army and disappeared in the sandstorm. Everyone thought they were swept away by the sandstorm, but they suddenly reappeared. The Lord left the expedition, and the castle people were all busy preparing for the wedding, while they were trying to take Halstead completely. No one understood how such a thing was possible…”

I glanced at the magic pendant.

“You used this, didn’t you?”


Erden then put the ‘Mist of Tarua’ in his pocket.

“We can make a lot of money if we sell it. But I want to see a bigger picture. I’m trying to use this artifact for a much more important thing. If the wife allows it .”

“I agree, of course. What’s going on?”

“I just had a proposal and it is like this. If we use the power of this artifact, we can defeat them. Halstead Castle itself will be mighty and out of site and the demons of the North will completely forget us. In about seven years.”

Leticia’s eyes widened.

“Seven years?”

“Yes, it’s not an easy opportunity for anyone, so I want to take advantage of it.”
Erden said emphatically.

“As I said earlier, I swore after I lost my parents. I’m going to defeat the demons. We will build up Halstead’s stronghold and make it a mighty land, and we will destroy all the demons that massacred innocent people.”

“Yes, they must be defeated.”

A lot of things are popping up in Leticia’s head.

Without the demons, she could have grown up with her parents’ love. No more innocent people had to be sacrificed.

“I want to protect the innocent.”

Erden said that and looked at Leticia.

“There are people in the world who look fragile but are very special and super amazing people. I want to protect them from all the evil things so that they can continue to shine. And in order to do that, I have to be strong. I know I’m not enough right now. I’ll get stronger and even stronger.”

And he turned his head.

“But there’s a limit here. So I’m going to go to the Black Skull for seven years.”

“Black Skull?”

“This is where the first major war occurred in the North. It is said that all kinds of unheard-of demons are swarming there. I’m going to get there and break my limits. I’ll be strong enough that no one can follow me. So……”

His face turned to Leticia.

“I’ll be able to get a complete version of “The Greatest Secret Book” and Make sure you get it…”

He’ll make Halstead the best. He’ll kill all the demons.

She knew he’d say that, but what Erden said afterwards was unexpected.

“Wife will eat and live well.”


Leticia asked puzzledly.

“What’s with that kind of conclusion?”

“Why? You can earn a hefty fortune by selling the knowledge in the book. You won’t have to worry about making a living for the rest of your life. What’s wrong with your face? Isn’t this a good idea?”

“I’m not saying that it’s bad…”

Leticia shook her head and said,

“If I get my hands on the book, I don’t want to sell it to anyone. I want to use Halstead Castle to make it a powerful place. You let me stay here without returning me to my uncle and aunt, so I want to repay you.”

“Oh, my… Thank you for saying that. You have a very great personality, too.”

Erden said. His tone was so grown-up and sweet that Leticia blushed due to it.

“But that’s why you shouldn’t be with a monster like me. The same goes to this barren castle. If you can live alone, you have to scold yourself. Your uncle, aunt, and cousins had all lived happily, to the point of having no regrets and had hefty money.”

He said so. It seemed like he had already set up all her life plans. He was ready to recommend real estate.


Leticia roughly answered and moved on. But a thought remained inside her.

‘No, I’ll do as I please. If I get my hands on the book, I’ll make Halstead estate strong.’

That’s how the story in the shrine ended.

Fatigue enveloped them when the events were all settled.

The two carefully climbed the dim stairs and returned to the first floor of the castle.

There was a big reception in the hall. But the two main characters didn’t get in there.

“Time to go to bed.”

Alexa said rigorously. Even on this special day, the rule of bedtime was never broken.


Leticia broke up with Erden and returned to her room.

She couldn’t sleep even if she was laying down with her pajamas on after washing up. Leticia blinked due to the noise of the reception that was resounding over the wall.

Then she got up. The lamp that the maids left off she turned it on again.

When she opened the window, the breeze came in. An unusually soft night breeze brushed in.

‘Seven years….’

She was so lost in thought and snapped back to her senses.

The Monster Lord, who is so kind to her, will be gone for seven years.

‘Please come back safely.’

Then she thought of it. There was a basket in the corner of the desk. Basically, she left it for a while and completely forgot.

Leticia picked it up, and continued from when she stopped.

It’s starting to make sense.

She was sleepy at first, but she gradually woke up. She soon forgot about the ticking time and was engrossed with it.

The fire of the candle burned down and gave a small light.

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