“There are even experts who have analyzed that the appearance of the spirit stone mine will allow humans to catch up to the evolution of other extraordinary creatures in a short period of time.”

Listening to Betty’s explanation, Lin Meng’s branches could not help but tremble.


“It can still be like this? Doesn’t this mean that the greatest advantage of extraordinary creatures is gone?”

Although he had thought that humans would find a way to catch up to the evolution of other extraordinary creatures…

But when he really heard it, Lin Meng was still a little dumbfounded.

This came too suddenly.

Seeing Lin Meng’s nervousness, Betty comforted him, “Master, this is just an expert’s analysis. The credibility is not high.”

“I feel that it’s the truth.”

After casually replying, Lin Meng became more certain in his heart.

Even his roots were absorbing the underground spirit river. How could humans not absorb the pure spirit energy contained in the spirit stone mine?

Moreover, this could not help but remind him of some ancient immortal cultivation legends.

In those legends, humans’ talent was not as good as other races and species. In the end, they relied on the spirit stone mine and many other spiritual items to cultivate, becoming a peerless expert in one fell swoop.

And now, the situation of the humans was exactly the same as those.

Things became impatient again.

As such, his progress in all aspects had to be accelerated, so that he could be strong enough.

Hum hum hum…

Thinking of this, Lin Meng’s gaze was drawn to the sky.

One after another, eight peregrine falcons that were as fast as flowing light appeared.

In his field of vision.

Lin Meng’s eight pets.

As their strength grew stronger, the other mutated beasts grew larger and larger. As for their eight peregrine falcons, their bodies actually became smaller and smaller.

Of course, even if they became smaller, they couldn’t ignore how terrifying they were.

At this moment, they had already entered the 7th rank.

The black wings flapped slightly, sweeping away the snow in the air.

What was even more shocking was that when they wanted to dive down, one side of their wings turned into a bolt of black lightning.


In the blink of an eye, they flew past the cliff and disappeared without a trace.

“These guys are becoming more and more like the overlords of the sky.”

As he muttered, Lin Meng’s eyes lit up.

The peregrine falcon was his eye in the sky.

It was also the only method that Lin Meng could use to control the sky.

With the strength of the eight of them and the help of the white crane that had entered level six…

They had truly dominated the skies of the misty mountains.

Up until now, there weren’t any birds in the misty mountains that dared to challenge them.

However, if it was before, Lin Meng would have been satisfied.

But now, after learning that humans could use spirit stone mines to speed up their cultivation, Lin Meng couldn’t sit still anymore.


He took a deep breath.

Lin Meng’s gaze shifted.

In front of him was a lake.

It was something Lin Meng had previously opened up, which could effectively speed up the cultivation of the mutated beasts under him.

And now, in the middle of the spirit lake, there was a white crane lightly touching the surface of the lake.

It spread its wings, stretched its neck, and raised its head to spray water.

It was very beautiful.

This was Lin Meng’s most clean and noble pet—the white crane.

Species: Mutated White Crane.

Level: Entry Level 6.

Innate Talent: Crane’s Cry—sharp cry. Enough to break rocks.

Special Ability: White Crane’s Wings—its wings were like blades, enough to cut through most materials…

It was another pet with good combat ability.

However, compared to actual combat, it could not beat the peregrine falcon even if it risked its life.

It had been taught a lesson by the peregrine falcon several times.

It was also for this reason that the white crane obediently submitted to Lin Meng and sought protection.

“It’s time to send them out to hunt.”

With a thought, Lin Meng used the branches to transmit some information to their minds.

“Hum, hum, hum…”

The eight peregrine falcons and white cranes spread their wings and flew up.

Without waiting for the other mutated animals to react, they turned into streaks of light and flew in one direction.

And there happened to be a colony of mutated bees there.

As Lin Meng’s eyes and ears, the peregrine falcons and white cranes had already grasped the position of 80% of the mutated creatures in the misty mountains.

Now, with Lin Meng’s instructions, they could naturally and quickly snipe the target.

Lin Meng’s gaze was drawn to the horizon.

In his line of sight, there was a black curtain that covered the sky.

It was densely packed as if there were no end to it.

Bees. And not just any ordinary bees. Just by looking at the sharp stingers and fierce eyes, one could see everything.

“These guys are really ruthless.”

Looking at the peregrine falcons flying toward the canyon with a black beehive that was several meters tall, Lin Meng could not help but sigh.

He had only asked these little guys to lure the bees over but he didn’t expect them to be so ruthless.

They actually brought the beehive over directly.

It was no wonder that these mutated bees would chase after them like crazy.


Looking at the familiar canyon not far away, the peregrine falcons let out a surprised cry.

Immediately after, they spread their wings and dragged a corner of the beehive to quickly rush over.

At this moment, the beehive, which was several meters tall, suddenly shook. Black and ferocious heads poked out from the dark holes.

No words were spoken. These fellows, whose auras were obviously much stronger than the other bees, had a hint of red light in the depths of their eyes.

Then, they all turned into arrows that left the bowstring and shot straight at the peregrine falcon.

A buzzing sound was heard like thunder.

The sharp bee stings stabbed toward the peregrine falcon fiercely.

However, perhaps the bee stings came too fast, as the peregrine falcon with the beehive could not dodge in time.

Only a “bang” was heard.

Like a collision of metal, a burst of sparks was produced. The peregrine falcon shot toward the ground like a cannonball.


Snow flew up from the snowy ground and a bottomless hole appeared.

“This explosion?”

Lin Meng was a little shocked as he watched.

A mere level 4 honeybee was actually able to blast the peregrine falcon into the ground.

It had to be said that these honeybees had some strength.

However, was this really good?

A burst of violent spiritual energy slowly rose.


Snow danced wildly in the sky and the cold wind whistled.

For a moment, the entire land was enveloped by a cold killing intent.

Wild beasts were still wild beasts after all.

Even if they were raised by Lin Meng, their violent blood would not be extinguished.

And as the top of the food chain, the peregrine falcon was even more so.


A high-pitched neigh tore through the wind and snow.



A black bolt of lightning actually slashed out from the hole in the ground.


As fast as lightning, it disappeared in a flash.

Without waiting for the bee to react, the black and sharp beak had already torn the bee’s body apart.


There was another sound.

The sound of tearing was clear and crisp, along with blood splashing in the sky.

Facing Biggy, who had already reached level seven, this bee was only at level four.

So what if it reached the same level in time.

It could easily break through the speed of sound at a terrifying speed, enough for peregrine falcons to ignore most of their own kind.


There was another sound.

It drew a Z in the air until another bee left.

At this time, Lin Meng, who was quietly watching this scene, did not make a move immediately.