Chapter 200 - Armstrong’s Been Poisoned

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“Young Master? Is he the only son of the Hayes’?”

The women who had come to the interview knew who Jeremy was. Now, their gazes were very heated.

Jeremy was very famous in the entertainment industry of Mediterranean City. A lot of actresses and models were connected to him.

However, Jeremy mostly played around with women and rarely showed his face, so not a lot of people knew what he looked like.

Just like the sons of the King of Gambling and the name of the richest man in the country, his name was like a clap of thunder to those who heard it. He was very famous. 

However, even if those people stood in front of you, you might not be able to tell who they were.

Walt almost burst into tears out of fear. “Y-young Master, why are you here?”

Jeremy’s face was dark. “Hehe, I can’t visit? This is my company. F*ck you all, what did you do? I’m just the idiot son of a landlord, huh? I’m brain damaged, huh? I only know how to play around with women, huh? Meanwhile, you’re smart. You treat yourself like a VIP of my company. You make a few billion annually but only give me a few hundred million. It’s like you’re chasing a beggar away, huh?”

Even though Jeremy loved to have fun, he was not stupid.

He was Jackson’s son. Jackson was a formidable character, so how stupid could Jeremy be?

He took out his phone. “Hello, is this the Ministry of Justice of Hayes Consortium?”

The other party asked who Jeremy was.

Jeremy yelled, “F*ck! Who am I? I’m Jeremy f*cking Hayes!”

He was close to dying from anger today. “Get the people from the Ministry of Justice to look into Glorious Entertainment. Some people here are involved in corruption, acceptance of bribes, and fake accounts. Get me someone and investigate Glorious Entertainment thoroughly!

“Arrest anyone you have to and send the ones who should be behind bars straight to jail. I’ll put anyone who’s ever stolen even a cent from my family behind bars for the rest of their lives!”

Jeremy exploded in front of everyone. Walt was so scared he fell to the ground, drenched in sweat.

Greg was even worse. He soiled himself immediately.

They had both taken so much money from Glorious Entertainment ever since they had begun working there. They would definitely spend the rest of their lives behind bars.

More than ten minutes later, the people from the Ministry of Justice of Hayes Consortium arrived. They took the accounts from the office for investigation.

A few of the people in upper management who had been in cahoots with Walt jumped off a building after hearing the news.

An hour later, inside the chairman’s office of Glorious Entertainment, Jeremy was sitting on his seat, his face dark as he looked at the document in his hand.


He sighed. Then, he closed the folder and brewed some tea for Clarence. He looked at Clarence and Hailey. “Clarence, do you think I’m an idiot?”

The two of them looked at each other and nodded at the same time.


Jeremy was hurt. He sniffled and said, “I didn’t expect this. Those people were so savage. They took three billion from the company in just three or four years.”

Clarence smiled. “Your family has money, so what are you afraid of?”

Jeremy shook his head. “Clarence, the money my family has doesn’t grow on trees.”


Clarence nodded. “What are you planning to do now?”

Jeremy averted his gaze. It landed on Hailey, and he jumped up. “Miss Lester, you’re so pretty.”

Hailey looked vigilant. “W-what are you doing?”

Even though she had learned about culture and entertainment overseas, she knew about the entertainment industry in this country.

She had heard about Jeremy before.

The person she had heard about was unbridled and had a lot of ambiguous relationships with many actresses and models. He was not a good person.

Jeremy knew Hailey had misunderstood him. He quickly shook his head. “Miss Lester, I didn’t mean that. You’re Brother Clarence’s woman, so how could I have impure thoughts about you?”

“What are you talking about?” Clarence and Hailey asked at the same time.

“She’s not my woman.”

“I’m not his woman.”

Jeremy was stunned. He covered his mouth and laughed. Then, he put on an understanding expression. “Don’t worry, I understand. I understand everything. 

“Clarence is such a playboy.”

Clarence reached out his hand to hit Jeremy. “Nonsense.”

“Have mercy on me, Brother Clarence.” Jeremy lowered his head to beg for mercy.

Clarence had a helpless look on his face. “Never mind. You’re so shameless.”

“Hehe.” Jeremy chuckled. He then continued to try to worm his way into a relationship with Hailey. “Miss Lester, I didn’t mean that. I just want you to help me manage my company.”

“Me?” Hailey was overwhelmed. She shot up from the sofa.

She had only wanted to become a secretary for the manager or perhaps a project manager. After that, she would work her way up after gaining some experience.

Now, Jeremy was asking her to immediately go from not having a position to managing the entire company?

Jeremy nodded. “Yeah. Walt and his gang robbed me and embezzled so much money from me. I looked at the accounts from Glorious, and I think even a pig would be able to do better. Can’t you?”

Clarence frowned. “Watch your mouth.”

Hailey had an unpleasant look on her face.

Jeremy knew he had said the wrong thing, so he quickly apologized, “Ahem ahem, Brother Clarence, Miss Lester, I didn’t mean that. 

“I mean to say I need someone to manage Glorious. Considering Miss Lester’s relationship to you, Clarence, I can trust her. I’d even be glad if she embezzled money from me. Who are Walt and Greg Dover? They’re just pigs! They’re not worthy of taking my money.”

Jeremy continued, “You’re a top student who came back from abroad, and you’re a professional. I would feel relieved having you manage Glorious. Don’t worry. I’ll let you have complete decision-making power. You can do whatever you want, and you can even showcase your skills. As long as we make a profit every year, I’ll give you some stocks too.

“You can do whatever you want, from getting a filmmaker or a director, or you can even conduct a talent search. Just ask me for investment. As long as it can bring me money!”

Hailey was intrigued. However, she felt that it was too much at once and would put a lot of pressure on her.

Clarence smiled. “Hailey, since Jeremy believes in you, you should say yes.”


Hailey looked at Clarence stupidly. “I…”

She lowered her head again. “I’m afraid I can’t.”

She looked confident, but because she had come from an orphanage, the feeling of inferiority was etched into her bones.

She did not feel confident at all about Jeremy giving her such an important position. The feeling only intensified the longer she felt it.

Clarence shook his head. “Don’t worry, Hailey. I came from an orphanage too, and people always used to look down on me. Now, I’m the miracle doctor of Mediterranean City. You have the skills and knowledge, and you’re also a top student. Do you think you’re worse than me? 

“You were always so confident back then, so don’t feel undervalued and look down on yourself now.

“You have to be confident for as long as you’re alive!”

Hailey looked dumbly at Clarence, her eyes red. She took a deep breath before nodding in agreement. “Okay, Clary, I’ll take over Glorious Entertainment.”


Jeremy sealed the deal. He immediately asked someone to have Hailey sign the contract.

She immediately became the chairwoman of Glorious Entertainment.

After everything was said and done, Jeremy treated Clarence and Hailey to a meal to celebrate. He even invited the upper management of the company to let everyone know about their new chairwoman.

Ring ring! Suddenly, Clarence’s phone rang. After he pressed the answer button, he heard Miranda’s hurried voice. “Clarence, come to Villa One. You need to save someone!”

“What happened?” Clarence was shocked.

Miranda was crying from her anxiety. “My dad’s been poisoned, and he’s foaming at the mouth. He’s not breathing….”