Chapter 626 - Chapter 626: Do You Still Dare To Disdain Your Husband In The Future (5)

Chapter 626: Do You Still Dare To Disdain Your Husband In The Future (5)

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Shocked, Zhao Xiali quickly walked in.

Beside the huge projection screen in front of the sofa, Shangguan Yan held a cloisonne vase in his hands and held it high in the air. His handsome face was still flushed from being drunk. In front of him stood two servants, both of whom had panicked expressions.

“Yanyan!” Zhao Xiali quickly walked over and reached out to snatch the vase from his hand. However, Shangguan Yan was 1.85 meters tall and had his hand raised high. She couldn’t reach the vase no matter how hard she tried.

“What are you doing!” Zhao Xiali felt a headache coming on. Why was this child like this when he was drunk? Fortunately, Rui ‘er did not see it just now.

Shangguan Yan pointed at the servant in front of him and said vaguely,” You, you, why did you force me to drink?”

“Young Master, we didn’t force you to drink wine. We just fed you hangover tea. “The servant explained innocently.

“quibble!” Shangguan Yan glared at her and frowned.” Are you thinking of getting me drunk, just like Auntie? Then, then, burp with me!””

Shangguan Yan suddenly burped and Zhao Xiali winked at him. Aunt Zhou rushed over, wanting to snatch the cloisonne vase from his hand.

Unexpectedly, although Shangguan Yan was drunk, he was still very agile. He realized that there was a gust of wind coming from beside him. He frowned and let go of his hand. The cloisonne vase fell to the marble floor in an instant. With a loud bang, the vase shattered on the ground.

“Ah!” Zhao Xiali looked at the broken pieces of the vase on the ground and her face was full of heartache. This was Old Master Shangguan’s favorite vase!

After the mansion was built here, Old Master Shangguan had specially brought Hua Ping back and placed him in the living room. It was said that the feng shui of the entire house was good, so that everything in the Shangguan family’s career and family could go smoothly.

Old Master Shangguan was very superstitious, and the Shangguan family had been developing well in the past few years, so he treasured this vase more and more. He usually did not let the servants wipe it, and every morning when he woke up, he would come to see it for himself, touch it, and chant words of gratitude for the Shangguan family.

But… It was suddenly smashed. What would he do if the old man found out?

When Shangguan Yan heard the sound of the vase shattering, he suddenly became happy. He pointed at the group of women in front of him and laughed twice. Then, he turned around and walked into the bedroom.

After the perpetrator left, the living room became quiet again. The surrounding servants looked at each other in dismay. Only Zhao Xiali looked at the broken cloisonne vase on the ground, feeling uneasy and conflicted.

How was she going to explain this to Old Master Shangguan tomorrow morning?

Li Garden.

Jing Muchen drove downstairs, reeking of alcohol. It was already 11:30 at night.

The entire Li Garden was quiet. He parked the car and looked out the window at the floor in front of him. The top floor was dark, and there was not even a single light.

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What a heartless woman! Jing Muchen narrowed his eyes and got out of the car.

When the elevator reached the 20th floor, Jing Muchen took out his keys to open the door. He turned on the light at the entrance and changed into his slippers before walking straight into the master bedroom.

He reached out and twisted his hand. Well, Jing Muchen smiled in satisfaction. At least she had a conscience and knew to leave the door open for him.

He closed the door behind him, and the room returned to silence and darkness.

Jing Muchen took off his coat and threw it on the ground before lying down on the big bed..