Chapter 388 - Chapter 388: Your braid is crooked (6)

Chapter 388: Your braid is crooked (6)

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A few seconds later, the door opened. Su Ruowan raised her head and saw Jing Muchen in a dark blue suit. He was as handsome as a cast iron. Just as she was about to speak, he quickly pulled her into the room.

The door was gently closed behind her. Su Ruowan smelled the familiar masculine scent in front of her and her entire body was tightly hugged in his arms.

Reaching out to pat his back, Su Ruowan said helplessly,” Let go of me. Didn’t you say that there was an emergency?” What happened?”

Although she liked the feeling of being hugged by him, this was a workplace today. The press conference would start in half an hour. As the largest shareholder of this joint development project, was it really good for him to be so biased?

Jing Muchen let go of her slightly when he heard her. His right hand was still wrapped around her waist as he leaned against her body. Then, he raised his left wrist.

Su Ruowan was a little confused.

Jing Muchen curled his lips and said in a low and magnetic voice,” The button on my sleeve fell off.”

Su Ruowan only realized after he reminded her. Sure enough, there should have been two cufflinks on the sleeves of his suit, but now there was only one left on it, leaving a short blue thread on the other side.

Su Ruowan frowned.” Didn’t you bring a spare suit?”

What about his special assistant, Fan Yin? Didn’t he help him with these things?

Jing Muchen shook his head.

“Then hurry up and call Fan Yin to send another set over!”Su Ruowan’s mind began to spin rapidly as she gave him advice.

Jing Muchen pulled up his sleeves and looked at the time on his watch.” It’s too late. The press conference is about to start at 2:30 pm.”

“Then what should we do!” Su Ruowan frowned. That’s right, she couldn’t let him go on stage like this. The dignified CEO of Jingyang Corporation was wearing tattered clothes on stage. If he was photographed, what bad words would he say?

She thought for a moment and asked,” When did you notice that the cufflinks were missing?”

Jing Muchen raised his eyebrows.” Just now.”

Su Ruowan didn’t say anything. She left his embrace and started to search around the suite.

As the carpet in the suite was also dark, Su Ruowan almost lay on the carpet after searching for a while. Her eyes were wide open as she searched around. Her appearance was especially focused and careful.

Jing Muchen looked at her, a hint of gentleness flashing across his eyes.

“Ah! Found it!” Su Ruowan raised her head from the corner of the room by the bed and excitedly raised the small blue engraved cufflink in her hand. Then she frowned,” But there’s no sewing box here…”

However, this worry only lasted for a second. Then, she got up and walked quickly to the desk. She picked up the phone and called the front desk according to the instructions.” I’m sorry, please send a sewing box to room 101. If you don’t have it, you can also help me find some blue needles and thread.” Yes, yes. Okay, thank you.”

She hung up the phone and said with a smile,” There’s hope!”

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Jing Muchen curled his lips and sat down on the bed.

Sure enough, after a while, the doorbell rang.

Su Ruowan jogged over to open the door and then came back with a small sewing box.

Her slender fingers took out a dark blue thread and began to thread the needle agilely. She instructed Jing Muchen,” Take off your clothes quickly!”

Jing Muchen raised his eyebrows noncommittally. If it wasn’t for the fact that the location and time were not right, his heart would have skipped a beat..