Father, Alexandro Addiss, had banned Kanna from entering the house.

Didn’t he say he didn’t want you to stand out? And forbid you from going to any social party and just stay home?

Because of this, Kanna had been living in the Valentino estate for the past years.

She had kept her word to father to not stand out.

But what is this?

She has come here on her own two feet?

“This filthy bitch! Where is she?”

Even so, my younger sister Lucy got sick and the atmosphere in the house hasn’t been good since.

But Kanna came back home?

“Where is Kalen? And why did he let Kanna in the house?”

“I was told that the Duchess of Valentino wll be in charge of Miss Lucy’s treatment.”


“They said they’ll start the treatment as soon as the ingredients are ready. Young master Kalen has gone to go get them.”

“That crazy-! Where is Kanna?”

“Down in the lab.”

He headed towards the basement right away.

“Hey, filth.”

I stomped down and opened the doors of the lab.

And there she was, his sister, who had turned to face him.

Kanna was the same.

She was still his terribly ugly sister.

“It’s good to see you.”

No, i had thought so until i heard her speak.

Her bushy black hair, her lips exposed under it.

Kanna’s lips formed a wide smile.

Somewhere with that creepy smile, goosebumps had risen in the back of his neck.

“What are you saying now?”

Soon a sarcastic laugh came out.

“Don’t you remember how our relationship was, filth?”

Then I’ll let you know again.

He strode over and grabbed Kanna’s shoulders.

Slowly bent down to meet her eye level.

He brought his face close enough to touch the tip of her nose, he sneered at her.

“Hey, filth. You…”

And I saw it.

Her hair scattered like a comb over her hair, her dark eyes beyond.


I forgot.

In that moment, he had forgotten what he was trying to say completely.

His tongue has frozen white, not being able to say anything.

Dark long eyelashes, thin double eyelids, clear eyes like a deer’s.

At that time, her expression was harder than anything to look at.

Did it look like this?

Was it ever such a gaze?

“You’re too close.”

At that moment, Orsini, as if he was struck by lighting, hurriedly let go.

One step, another step. I stepped back without even knowing and then stopped quickly.

The feeling of humiliation came.

Orsini’s face shuddered when I started speaking.

“It’s good to see you. Don’t you think so?”

Kanna laughed, fiddling with the long pill bottles.

“It’s been a while hasn’t it? Didn’t you miss me?”

“Me? Miss you?”

Laughter came out because it was ridiculous.

Has Kanna gone crazy?

“Don’t bullshit, shut up. The filth sprinkled on the Addis family, don’t you know that’s what you are?”

“I’ll be here for a while, you see. Haven’t you heard from Kalen?”


“I’ve decided to help lucy.”

Orsinin wanted to plug his ears.

Why was she still talking?

I couldn’t understand why I let her go, and why I couldn’t seem to harm her.

I came with that intention. It still was what I wanted…

‘Okay. Let’s hit her. Let’s hit her. Just by using a bit of strength.’

He was one of the best swordsmen in the empire. His power was enough to break a stone.

Adjusting my strenght to being controlled, I hit her cheek and then grabbed her hair pulling it.

Then I can…

What am i doing just thinking about it and not doing it, damn it!

“Get out of the Addis mansion right now. No, I’ll take you out myself.”

Saying that, Orsini’s right hand went up. This time I was really going to hit her.

But then…

Kannas fingers that had been groping the glass bottles all this time, quickly picked one up and threw the contents at Orsini.

The movement was so quick that Orsini only realized it after his chest was wet.


“What is it? I’m only fixing my little brother’s bad behaviour.”

“What is this?”

The pain came belated.

Pain, as if his flesh was peeling off his chest.

Orsini screamed and took off his coat.

“This! What is this! Ugh!”


The chest that burns with the substance.

Orsini’s face distorted with pain.

“It’s one of the potions i had made when i was younger. It’s a liquid that burns your fleas without bleeding.”

“You crazy bitch!”

“It’s a special drug i made, so if i don’t use my remedy, the pain will only continue. There will be scars.”

Orsini, whose body was now body, stared at her.

He had hesitated in using violence for a while, he who was a big-sized man.

“I won’t let this go, filth!”

However, now is not the time to hesitate.

Orsini pushed Kanna’s body out the pay and reached for the vial that had been dripping.

Dozens of vials. A variety of medicinal potions.

One of these would be the cure.

What the hell…

“If you apologize, i can give you the cure.”

“Shut up!”

I’d rather die. Even if I’m dead,I wouldn’t apologize to that filth!

It was then.

“What’s this about?”

Kalen, who had come in, hardened his face.

He looked between Kanna and Orsini who had taken off his top, revealing his burning chest.

“Kalen! This is because of you ! You bring this bitch into the house! Ugh!”

Orsini was no longer able to talk.

He had fallen on his knees onto the floor, he had lost his composure.

“What the hell happened?”

However, Kalen held a gaze with no sympathy.

“Ah. You see, Orsini had tried to hit me. I just did it first.”

Orsini. His foolish brother seemed to have tried to create a ruckus again.

But Kanan hit him first, she says?

“Was it like that?”


I couldn’t believe it.

Kanna had made Orsini be in that state?

“It was a liquid I had made when I was 14.”

“You made it when you were 14? That girl?”

“Yes. There is also a cure. If Orsini had apologized, I would have given him the cure. But he didn’t, which is why he is like that.”

By fourteen, it was a time where she had lived tormented by the Addis Clan.

She had made something like that at that age already, just to have us suffer?

Why did you allow yourself to be beaten, even when you had such things that were close to weapons?

And now, what has changed in you to make you use it without hesitation?

I was curious.

Questions filled with curiosity filled up at the tip of my tongue.

I was about to ask a question without knowing it.

“Have you prepared the medicine and acupuncture materials that i need?”

At Kanna words, Kalen quickly came back to his senses.

“Yes. It will all be here tomorrow evening. And when it comes, our brother will ask the attendant to move it all to the room, so you don’t have to worry.”

Kalen replied right away and then turned around.

He furrowed his eyebrows.

A little while ago, I almost asked a ridiculous question.

‘I brought her into the house for Lucy’s treatment. Other than that, there is no reason.”


The next evening, all the materials had been gathered.

Kanna carefully measured each herb. After dividing and packing each bag, she checked the salve.

It was made exactly as requested, so she was very satisfied.

‘Somehow, I feel as though i’ve gotten a magic tool.’

Acupuncture is used to break though the clogged blood and make the whole blood flow smoothly throughout the body.

The effect would be good because it was not made into a gemstone. There was even a healing powered gemstone that helps with recovery.

‘With this, everything is ready.’

Before starting the treatment, Kanna handed a piece of paper to Kalen.

“I forgot for a moment, but here is the contract we will use.”

Their agreement had been written down in the contract.

“Do you not trust i’ll keep my promise?”

“It’s just to be sure.”

“This is ridiculous.”

Kalen grumbled as he put his signature on the document.

“As long as this is the case, make sure to fix Lucy properly.”

“Okay. Now shall we try starting the treatment?”