“Hi, Lucy.”

Lucy Addis was wrapped up in a blanket.

“Lucy you don’t have to be sacred. Can you please look at me?”

“Oh, uh….”

A group came from inside the blanket.

Her lips were twisted due to facial paralysis, so she was not able to pronounce words properly.

Kanna was treating her like she did when she had to deal with younger patients.

“It’s okay, Lucy. You’re just sick for right now. If you take the right medicine and get treated, you will be alright.”


There is crying coming from inside the blanket.

“Oh, I give you my word. We can fix it, alright?”

“I’ve met a lot of people with the same condition as lucy. I’ve helped them treat it myself, so I can help you.”

Set on gaining her trust, I said it in a firm voice.

Was that confidence revealed?

Lucy slowly lowered her blanket.

And then, her face was finally revealed.

Her face was grotesquely twisted.

Kalen, watching silently from behind clenched his fist.

Ip until now, the other physicians were astonished or would gasp as soon as they saw Lucy’s face.

How hurt was my sister that she gave that reaction?

He glared at Kanna’s back. If Kanna ever hurt Lucy,he would never let it go!

“Now, shall we close and open our eyes once? Let’s blink. Can we do the other eye too?”

Kanna was already examining Lucy’s face.

She seemed to not be surprised, as if something that was common.

It was Kalen who was taken back by her sudden carefree reaction.

‘Why isn’t she surprised?’

How can she be so calm? In front of a twisted ace like that, which everyone said was a curse from the devil?

Even himself, when he first saw Lucy’s face, he frowned.

But she didn’t?

Even my sister and mother pointed fingers at her!

“Lucy how are you? How is your right eye? Do you have a cold?”

Lucy was curious.

All the doctors, even family members, looked at her face and screamed. They said, “isn’t her face of a monster?”

Yet, this older sister reacted as if her face wasn’t hideous.

Realy, its ikeshe wa seeing it like it was something that was only temporary.

In Lucy’s heart, hope came. This older sister is different from other people!

“Let’s see, what’s the cause?”

On the other hand, Kanna was looking at Lucy, trying to ease her mind.

It wasn’t because Lucy’s face was distorted. I have treated facial paralysis patients several times before so I am used to it.

‘First i have to find the cause.’

I swore to Kalen that I could fix it unconditionally, but it may not be like that.

‘If it’s a stroke or a brain disease is the cause, then treatng it will be difficult. The medical facilities here are underdeveloped.’

If I do a blood test or an MI the cause could easily be determined.

But I can’t expect to be able to do anything like that in this world. I have no choice but to look at the prognosis of the symptoms one by one.

“Caldendo, does lucy get sick very often?”

“I’ve often had minor illnesses but it has never been anything serious.”

“Have you ever had any fevers or cough before getting this illness?”

At that, Kalen opened his eyes wide.

It was something that had happened.

Not long before this, Lucy was on a boat, and while playing fell into the pond. Since then she had been suffering from anxiety and was diagnosed with a cold.

“Yes. I had colds and aches but I got better soon after.”



Kanna looked away from Kalen, this time looking at lucy.

“Lucy, had you ever had an earache or heard a ringing in your ear?”

“No, Lucy never mentioned that before…”

Kalen’s voice was blurred.

Kanna stopped by raising her hand firmly.

“I didn’t ask you, Kalen.”

Calenods brows furrowed.

Who knows if what you say is true?

Surely lucy wouldn have told him if she were sick…

“…..yes, yes. It’s true.”


It can’t be, why is Lucy nodding her head?

Lucy’s timid gestures smacked Kalen in the back of the head.

But kanna had fully understood what had happened.

“I see.”

Fever, cough, and ear pain.

They were typical early symptoms of facial paralysis that was caused by infection.

‘And it’s also the most common cause of facial paralysis. This was the case for ppost patients I had treated with this sickness.’

A sigh of relief came out.

To Lucy and her, this was very fortunate.

‘In this case i can fix it.’


After a while, Kalen moved her to a room.

“Can you fix it?”

“If you can prepare what I need.”

“What is it that you need?”

“A medicinal book of the east continent.”

As expected Kalen frowned upon hearing her words.

“A medical book of the East continent?”

The east continent. Land first discovered at the top of Devor.

As a new continent that has been for less than 10 years,things about it are still unknown.

But is it because of that?

The culture of the East continent came to theWestern continent as mystical and charmful and gained tremendous popularity.

Tea culture originating from the east in now something that all nobles enjoy and have since then integrated into society.

If the memory of Ju-hwa is correct, there are a lot of herbs that come from the East in the western continent because many medicinal herbs for tea were quite popular amongst nobles.

Since her mother was an oriental doctor as well, Ju-hwa listened to her stories attentively.

‘But there is not much information. Actually, little is known regarding medicine in the Eastern Continent.’

It is said that brewing the peony root of the East continent and drinking it is good for anemia, but only a fragment of information is known.

When used boiled together, it creates a sort of drug formulation. It is a method that exerts the best effect, but it is also a drug that should not be taken lightly.

It wasn’t as known as the world where she lived and where Ju-hwa is from.

So, it was used as a health-friendly medicine.

‘It doesn’t matter.. All the knowledge i need is in my head.’

Is it because of this situation?

Kalen immediately looked at her with distrustful eyes.

“Do you think that a book of medicine from the east continent will actually be helpful?”


I needed to check that all the necessary herbs were recorded.

Kalen looked suspicious, but nodded regardless as if he had decided to believe it was true.


After a while, an attendant in the mansion came in with a beautiful encyclopedia o eastern medicinal herbs.

‘Astragalus root, female ginseng, red peony, cordyceps, safflower, eucommia bark.’

Infusion medicine prescribed for facial paralysis, herbs that were needed were written down.

Kanan flipped through the book pages.

Kalen without saying anything just watched her silently.

Kanna flipped the pages, with her black hair hanging as if she were a ghost.

As he watched her, he suddenly felt empty.

‘What am i doing?’

My sister who left as if being kicked out is home right now.

What is she doing sitting on the sofa looking at the eastern continents medical herb encyclopedia? It was ridiculous.


‘It doesn’t seem like bullshit. I found out that Lucy had a fever and a cough. I guess there were symptoms i didn’t even know about.’

Kalens face suddenly darkened.

Lucy said she had an earache and a ringing in her ear even after her fever was gone.

But why didn’t she tell me she had these symptoms?

For some reason, I felt stuffy, as if my chest was heavy. He couldn’t stand it and opened his mouth.

“Why did you say that?”

“Im busy right now, so i have to concentrate. We can talk after-“

“Ignoring Kanna”s word, Kalen kept talking.

“My sister understood that Lucy was hiding something. It was like you knew that we weren’t being truthful.”

“No, I didn’t know.”

Kanna replied distraught.

“I just thought that maybe she didn’t tell you everything.”


“Because that’s what would’ve done.”

At that moment, Kalen was left speechless.

Kanna talked calmly

“You said you went to the clinic? By the way you must have noticed that she kept saying it hurt. Maybe she was scared of hearing that, maybe she was just faking it?”

But Kalen Addis, you will never understand this.

You, who grew up loved by everyone since birth, will not be able to understand or to empathize.

“….That can’t be. I’m trying to make Lucy feel comfortable in the mansion.”

Kalen argued. Kanna couldn’t stand it and scoffed.

“Are you the only one in this house?”

“You say Lucy is a maid’s daughter, is that correct? No matter how good you are to her. Are you sure Orsini would be the same? Your sister and mother would never act like that towards her.”

I don’t think Kalen is doing it well, so i’m sure he is saying that she’s just sick.+

Anyway, there is someone who listens.

….But why did Kalen favor Lucy so much?

‘That’s interesting. He wasn like that with me.’