‘What is this?’

Canna blinked her eyes stupidly.

‘What am I doing right now?’

Her brain, which was blank for a moment, slowly moved its gears.

What the hell am I doing?

Why am I on the floor? Crying, shedding snot and tears.


Why am I grasping a man’s pants, begging?

“Let go.”

A voice that was as sharp as a knife said. Canna raised her head in surprise.

As soon as she did, she was greeted with a pair of cold eyes.

An icy and freezing look.



The man, whom Canna saw for the first time was beautiful.

Delicate features like a glass sculpture, and a hair that shines like a silver thread.

She frowned unconsciously at its glimmer.

The next moment, the man’s lips twisted into a cold smile.

“You’re really tiresome.”


“Do you think I have feelings for you? No. That’s disgusting.”


“I told you to let go.”

Is he talking to me?

“If you don’t let go, I’ll cut your wrist off, Miss Canna.”

Soft and quiet.

He spoke calmly and even used courtesy, but his words were unbelievably harsh.


But the man called her with the correct name.

It was certain. Right now, the woman clinging to this dazzling man was herself.

Finally, strength left Canna’s hand.

Only then did the man turned his back and walked away. GWANG! The door closed.

“Ah, this is crazy.”

Canna, who was left alone in the room, spoke.

“Is this a dream? Huh?”

Why was I doing that in a place like this?

A few moments ago, Canna was still in Korea.


Canna didn’t understand what happened.

She did not know how she got there nor why.

One day, she opened her eyes and just found herself inside a body named ‘Lee Joo Hwa’.

At first she thought she was crazy.

Canna Adice has finally gone crazy. She’s always cooped up in her room, and now she finally lost her mind!

Otherwise, it was just a terrible nightmare……

But she wasn’t crazy. It wasn’t even a dream.

‘Then, my body was possessed by Joo Hwa and I was living inside Joo Hwa’s.’

At first, she denied the reality, but she accepted it eventually.

Canna’s soul possessed the body of a girl from another world called ‘Lee Joo Hwa’, and she doesn’t know how to get out.

If she didn’t want to die just like that, she had no choice but to live as Joo Hwa.

So she decided to become Joo Hwa.

There was a psychological shock, but nothing was difficult.

All the memories and knowledge of Joo Hwa remained intact so there were no inconveniences in living.

Just like that, Canna lived a new life in another world.

For 12 years.

Lee Joo Hwa was 17 years old at that time.

‘I studied hard to become a doctor.’

After graduating early, she got accepted to a medical college in a Korean university, passed the qualification exam, obtained a medical license, and recently gained an experience as a doctor.

She worked hard with the goal of opening her own clinic someday.

It was a life she diligently worked for!

‘Why did it become like this?!’

After work, she had chicken and beer with her family. After that, she took a shower.

Then she laid on her bed. Looking up at the ceiling, she smiled contentedly.

She loved her life in that world, so she was very happy.

She will live her life to the fullest……

Or so she thought.

“This is bad.”

She opened her eyes to Canna Adice clinging on a man’s feet.

She stood up from her position and approached the mirror on the wall.

Her feet almost collapsed as soon as she saw the face reflected in the mirror.

“What is this……?”

A dreary, drooping black hair.

And black eyes covered with shaggy bangs.

A face that was long forgotten. The face she tried to forget when she realized she could never see it again.

The last time she saw that face was when she was 14.

Although it has matured a lot compared to that time……

‘It’s my face.’

My real face.

“This, how on earth……”

Canna caressed her cheek and closed her eyes tightly. Then she realized.

She’s back.

In her own body.

In her original world.