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The official lady took Su Ning’s credentials with a professional smile. After seeing that his level as a bronze-grade level 1 beast tamer and his talent as an F-level beast tamer were both rare, she frowned.

She looked at Bell with an astonished look and said with a sweet voice, “As your beast taming level is only level 1 and your exclusive beast taming qualification is only bronze-grade level 1, the second-level secret realm is too dangerous for you to go alone.”

“Can’t students go directly to the second-level secret realm?” Su Ning asked in confusion.

“There is no such restriction, but according to the Academy’s regulations, a high-level beast tamer must accompany anyone going to a secret realm of level 1 or higher. According to the Beast Tamer Alliance regulations, if the exclusive beast taming qualification is below bronze-grade level 5, you need to be in a four-person team. We only suggest that you form a team to go~”

The beautiful young lady explained patiently, clarifying the classification of secret realms.

According to the official classification, the recommended level for exploring the first-level secret realm is a level 1 to 5 beast tamer, and the second-level secret realm is prepared for beast tamers of level 5 to 10.

However, there were subtle differences in these regulations. If you had a very high exclusive beast taming qualification, you could enter a higher-level secret realm regardless of your level.

As the saying went, for every absurd regulation, there must be something even more absurd behind it.

This regulation was entirely to prevent these new beast tamers from underestimating their own strength and trying to challenge higher-level secret realms beyond their abilities.

Therefore, the first-level secret realm was the most suitable for newly awakened beast tamers to level up alone, and from the second-level secret realm onwards, it was necessary to explore with other teams.

If their exclusive beast taming qualification was very low, like Bell’s, they still needed to enter a four-person team to be allowed into the secret realm.

Of course, this did not include Bell. He would even hammer the Golden Roaring Sky Wolf, let alone these low-level mystic realms!

“I have confidence in going to the second-level secret realm alone.”

As Bell finished speaking, other professionals in the surrounding teams looked at him in astonishment.

“Awesome! It’s not just new beast tamers who want to level up alone in the second-level secret realm, but this guy with only a bronze-grade level one beast taming qualification also wants to challenge it? What an idiot!”

“Hmph! Every year there are a few rookie beast tamers who think they’re better than anyone else. I’m used to it! It’s better for them to die early and be reborn early!”

“Come on! I’ll open a betting pool. I bet this guy will die in the secret realm in less than three minutes for 500 Blue Star coins!”

“Brother, you’re still too conservative. I’ll bet 1,000 Blue Star coins he will die in less than one minute!”

In the eyes of the surrounding beast tamers, Bell was simply courting death!

In the end, everyone was counting how long Bell could survive in the secret realm down to the second!

A level-one rookie beast tamer with only a bronze-grade level-one exclusive beast taming qualification dared to challenge the second-level secret realm alone?!

The official lady saw Bell’s firm attitude and didn’t say much more. In fact, she was not surprised by this as every year, there were a few young and impulsive challengers who tried to explore the secret realm beyond their level.

But rules were rules, no matter how persuasively one spoke. The lady’s attitude was clear and resolute: “No!”

Bell looked helpless. As a bronze-level exclusive beast tamer, where could he find teammates to explore the secret realm with him?

No wonder when he first arrived here, there were so many teams selling their services outside. As long as you were willing to spend money, there would be teams to bring you down the secret realm.

They charged him three to four thousand Blue Star coins just to take him into the secret realm, which was f*cking more expensive than the fees charged by the Beast Tamer Alliance!

Besides, Bell couldn’t come up with so much money at once.

“These are my students. I am their acting class teacher. Going into the secret realm together with me should comply with the rules of your alliance, right?”

Just when Bell was at a loss, a very pleasant yet harsh voice sounded in his ear.

“Ah, Teacher Shana, I didn’t expect to meet you here.” Bell turned around and saw that it was Shana, the acting beast biology teacher of their class.

“I’ve told you so many times to call me Homeroom Teacher Shana outside,” she said.

Shana was a young girl in her early twenties, with an extremely beautiful appearance, but her style was as cold as ice, and she was even called the Third High School Ice Beauty.

He saw her dressed in the attire of a college instructor, with white hair that was like frost. Her eyes were a rare bright red, which was still fresh in Bell’s memory.

“I understand, Homeroom Teacher Shana,” Bell replied obediently.

During his three years of high school life, this cold and icy Teacher Shana had helped him a lot.

Just in front of the fat-headed director Kit, this Teacher Shana had spoken up for him.

Especially when Shana learned of Bell’s tragic background, and that he lived in the slums of the lower city on weekdays, she even used her position as a staff member to allow Bell to work in the faculty cafeteria to pay the high tuition fees.

Overall, this young and beautiful teacher was one of the few good people in this academy, at least from Bell’s perspective.

“Miss Shana, you do meet the rules of the Beast Tamer Association, but according to the school regulations, staff members are not allowed to lead students into the secret realm in order to give other students a fair chance to gain experience.” The official lady explained apologetically.

“According to the school regulations, on-duty homeroom teachers have the right to lead their own class to explore the secret realm.” Shana teacher’s expression remained unchanged, like a white rose blooming alone in the cold winter, beautiful and untouchable!

“Okay, this does indeed comply with the school regulations. Please keep an eye on your students at all times. If anything unexpected happens, you will be held responsible.” The official miss handed the secret realm voucher to Teacher Shana while speaking.

“I understand.”

Teacher Shana said coldly, as if she never spoke half a word on weekdays.

“Damn it! Look, isn’t that the legendary Ice Beauty of the academy?!”

“It really is her! How could she know that bronze-level trashy beast tamer?!”

“My heart is broken. I can’t compare to that trash!”

Bell didn’t say much. The principle he believed in could be summarized in one sentence: ‘Don’t argue with idiots.’

Facts would tell them the limit of their intelligence and vision.

Bell’s figure appeared in a vast forest again. He was surrounded by towering trees. The dense canopy blocked the sunlight, and a chill soaked his entire body.

Bell endured the intense nausea and dizziness, and looked around.

At the same time, the secret realm bracelet also received an emergency notice from the Beast Tamer Association.

[Respected Beast Tamers, we interrupt this message with an urgent notification!]

[Due to abnormal fluctuations in the level-three secret realm space, a level-30 Poison Eye Wolf Spider has unexpectedly appeared in the northern part of the level-two secret realm forest!]

[For your own safety, all level-20 and below beast tamers are advised to leave the secret realm immediately!]