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Yan Shun watched as the two couples chatted amicably. Once again, he stood by as a bystander, but his heart raced with excitement. It seemed that this trip with Lin Fan was truly worthwhile. He was contributing to Lin Fan’s business in his own way.

Soon, the two couples sat face to face around a table. Except for Yan Shun, who sat upright, the others were relaxed, wearing smiles on their faces.

“If Mr. Lin is willing, the two of us, as a couple, can supply you with the fabric you need. One of us will handle the supply, and the other will help you sell the goods. We’ll sell you the fabric at cost price plus an additional 10 percent. As for the profits from selling clothes, we’ll split it 80-20, with us getting the smaller share,” said the boss, Luo Hui.

After understanding the situation and careful consideration, he proposed the plan. His wife, Ye Tian, nodded with a smile.

Lin Fan was somewhat surprised. This couple offered low-priced fabric and did not demand much in terms of profit sharing. How were they planning to make money?

Although no one would reject making more money, since this was a partnership, it did not seem right for him to take the lion’s share of the profits.

Lin Fan smiled, saying, “Regarding the profit from selling clothes, I’ll take 70, and you can have 30. If everything goes smoothly, I intend for this to be a long-term partnership. We shouldn’t let profit issues affect our future collaboration.”

Luo Hui and Ye Tian exchanged glances, becoming even more satisfied with Lin Fan.

“Deal!” Ye Tian nodded.

The three of them quickly reached an agreement, formalized in writing, with three copies made. Lin Fan raised the document, feeling an unprecedented sense of relief. It was almost like a modern contract!

Once again using his expertise to venture into business, within just a week, he secured his first contract!

After leaving the room, Ye Tian enthusiastically linked her arm with Lin Fan’s, inviting her to visit her store, considering it as an on-site inspection for their potential collaboration.

Upon careful consideration, Lin Fan found Ye Tian’s suggestion reasonable. She instructed Yan Shun to drive and followed Ye Tian’s directions.

“I’ve chosen a great location in the mall. There are plenty of visitors every day. The sales numbers, not to say they’re extravagant, but they’re decent,” Ye Tian explained the advantages of her store to Lin Fan along the way.

But Lin Fan started to feel more and more familiar with the route they were taking.

“Thief! Catch the thief!”

Just as Lin Fan furrowed her brow, trying to figure out the store’s location, an anxious voice came from ahead, tinged with a hint of weariness.

Ye Tian and Lin Fan looked up to see a man hastily clutching a green bag to his chest, glancing backward.

Lin Fan quickly exchanged a glance with Yan Shun, then pulled Ye Tian aside, moving slowly in the direction the man was fleeing.

“Out of the way!”

The man ran too fast, attempting to dart directly between Lin Fan and Yan Shun. However, both of them extended their hands, blocking the man’s path. Despite the jolt of pain in their arms from the collision, the man was pushed back a bit.

At this moment, Yan Shun noticed the man attempting to change direction. He hurried forward, grabbing the man’s arm, and executed a shoulder throw. “Trying to escape? Dream on!”

The man grimaced in pain, his face contorted. The pain shooting from his back seemed to engulf his entire body, yet he stubbornly clung to the bag in his arms, even provocatively glancing at Yan Shun. “Nice skills, buddy! How about we team up? 50-50 on the money!”

Ye Tian was taken aback, visibly trembling.

One moment, Lin Fan admired Yan Shun’s impressive capture of the thief, and the next, he heard the thief’s words, his face displaying a perplexed expression.

This guy really dared to speak his mind…

In a bustling shopping mall, he dared to openly rob someone, and now, in front of so many people, he invited Yan Shun to be his partner? If only he knew Yan Shun’s identity, would he regret his words?

Yan Shun chuckled, his laughter laced with irony, as he stepped firmly on the thief. “Feeling quite bold, aren’t you? How about I escort you to the police station? They’re all professionals there. Maybe you could ask them if they’d like to be your partners. It might increase your chances of successful theft, don’t you think?”

Lin Fan could not help but burst into laughter; Yan Shun had managed to say something humorous with a straight face.

The thief’s expression immediately changed. “No, please don’t take me to the police station. I was just joking, bro.”

However, with his current appearance, who would believe his words?

The person who had been robbed finally arrived, panting heavily. It turned out to be an elderly woman.

Lin Fan was appalled. She wished she could march forward and slap the thief. “You dare steal from an old lady? Have you no conscience?”