Chapter 120 - I Can't Sit?

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“Rica, Rica, Rica…”

Seeing Rica walking towards Bruce’s direction, Vincent hurriedly shouted from behind.

However, Rica acted as if she didn’t hear his voice at all and walked forward.

When Vincent, who was behind him, saw this scene, he became a little flustered.

But he could only brace himself and follow them.

“Maybe, Rica just wants to go over and insult Draco a little?” Vincent comforted himself.

At this moment, the members of the Torres family could only hold on to this kind of hope.

In a short while, Rica walked to Bruce’s side in front of everyone.

At this time, Draco raised his head with a playful expression and glanced at Rica.

However, Rica only glanced at him once and immediately retracted her gaze.

Draco had a bored look on his face as he rolled his eyes sulkily.

Upon seeing the scene filled with tension, the expressions of the Torres family members eased up slightly.

However, before they had the time to rejoice, Rica directly sat down beside Draco.

As soon as Rica sat down, there was an uproar at the scene, and everyone looked in this direction in disbelief.

The fact that Rica and Draco didn’t get along was known to everyone in Porta.

However, the two people who were so at odds actually sat together and ate at the same table?

Seeing this scene, everyone felt shocked.

This was even more shocking than seeing a mirage.

At this moment, the anxious Vincent hurried to Rica and asked respectfully, “Rica, what are you doing?”

Vincent looked a little aggrieved, but he didn’t dare to provoke Rica openly, so he could only act humble in front of her.

Not only that, but in order to get Rica to be on his side, Vincent even specially reminded her, “Rica, Mr. Samson will be here soon. I’ve arranged Mr. Samson’s seat at the main table.

I’ve arranged your seat at Mr. Samson’s side. This way, you and Mr. Samson can better communicate.

“Employees sit outside. You have such a noble status, so how can you sit here?”

Vincent, afraid that Rica wouldn’t stand on his side, fawned over Rica.

However, in the face of Vincent’s cordial invitation, Rica acted as if she hadn’t heard it at all. Instead, she glanced at Vincent from the corner of her eyes, and with a slightly unpleasant tone, she said, “What? I can’t sit where he, Draco, can sit?”

This… ?

Upon hearing this, Vincent’s entire body trembled, and he was directly frightened by Rica’s gaze until he broke out in a cold sweat.

Meanwhile, when the Torres family members heard Rica’s words, they all showed a blank expression.

What was this?

Rica was fighting with Draco?

The Torres family members, a little confused about Rica’s motive for doing this, looked at each other.

They didn’t understand, and neither did Vincent. At this moment, he suddenly felt a little overwhelmed.

He hurriedly apologized to Rica, “Yes, yes, yes. Rica, you can sit wherever you want. It’s just that…”

Vincent wanted to say something, but hesitated. He hesitated for a moment before continuing, “It’s just that Mr. Samson will be here soon. If you sit here, I’m afraid that Mr. Samson will blame me for not treating you well.

Rica, don’t you think it’s better for you to sit at the main table inside?

In this way, you and Mr. Samson can get closer. It’s also more convenient for you to talk, unlike outside, where there are too many people, which will also make things inconvenient.”

Vincent smiled in a flattering manner.

However, no matter how much he tried to please her, Rica turned a deaf ear and refused to listen to him.

After that, she said with an indifferent expression, “It’s alright, you can go ahead and do your work.”


Upon hearing this, Vincent immediately frowned. Why did it seem like he had heard this before?

Vincent, who was confused, couldn’t help but turn his gaze to Draco.

He saw that Draco, with a nonchalant and frivolous aura all over his body, was actually picking up the teapot on the table and pouring a cup of water for Rica. He said with a derisive expression, “Why are you talking so much nonsense with them?

I really can’t stand fake pleasantries like this.

In my opinion, just ask him whether he wants to or not. If he’s not, then beat him until he is!”

When they heard Draco’s words, the people present were all stunned.

Immediately after, the crowd saw an astonishing scene. They saw Rica glance at Draco sulkily, then she slowly stood up, walked to Bruce’s side, and respectfully called out, “Mr. White!”

When the crowd heard this, they were suddenly shocked.

“Oh my God! Am I seeing things? Why is she so respectful to that brat?”

“Oh no, Rica isn’t here to celebrate Old Mr. Torres’ birthday. She’s also here to help Bruce!”

“The two underground kings of Porta are supporting him at the same time? What identity does this kid have?”

Everyone was extremely shocked. If Draco standing on Bruce’s side was already enough to shock them, then at this moment, the two underground kings of Porta standing on Bruce’s side, couldn’t be described as shocking. It could only be described as terrifying!

Ever since the underground world of Porta was split into two ten years ago, the two underground kings of Porta had never made peace with each other.

Now, they were supporting Bruce at the same time.

More importantly, both of them acted extremely respectful, as if Bruce was their boss.

Thinking of this, everyone couldn’t help but gasp. They immediately felt a chill rise from the soles of their feet to the top of their heads.

The faces of the Torres family members were ashen. Vincent froze.

Aggrieved, angry, unwilling… all kinds of complicated emotions instantly surged into his heart.

Vincent was so angry that he was about to have a heart attack.

“In that case, I will take my leave first! I won’t disturb you!” Vincent gnashed his teeth and said word by word. Then, he turned around and left with his people in a fit of anger.

It was fine if Draco came to cause trouble, but now, even Rica came to cause trouble. How humiliating was that for the Torres family?

The people of the Torres family were filled with anger. Each and every one of them was filled with indignation as they began to persuade Vincent one after another.

“Old Mr. Torres, you have to keep your composure. At this moment, you can’t lose your composure. We still have Hugo!”

“That’s right, Old Mr. Torres. We have to regroup and properly entertain Hugo. We have to prepare the wedding for that big shot. That way, we won’t be afraid of not having a chance to turn things around!”

“That’s right, Old Mr. Torres.. As long as we work diligently for that big shot behind Hugo, sooner or later, Draco and Rica will have to submit to the Torres family!”