Chapter 40 - Began Training

Translator: Li_Voon_Loke

However, he did not say that.

“Zhao Rui, I know you want a challenge, but I still hope that you can keep your feet on the ground so that you can become a steady veteran in the future.”

Hearing He Yingbo’s words, Zhao Rui was not stupid. He could understand the meaning behind it. However, he did not give up on his thoughts because of this. Instead, he smiled and said.

“Instructor He, I know that I am a little unsteady, but I think that the more challenged I am, the more I am not afraid of difficulties. The more I dare to exceed my limits, the more I can become an outstanding veteran.”

When he said this, He Yingbo was stunned.

He took a deep breath and said, “Alright, I’ll listen to you. Leave the farthest target and remove the other targets. I hope you won’t disappoint me.”

“Don’t worry, Instructor He. I won’t disappoint you,” Zhao Rui replied with a smile.

After Instructor He removed the extra targets, everyone held their breaths and looked at Zhao Rui, wondering if Zhao Rui’s words were true.

Could he really hit the farthest target?

Or was he trying to steal the limelight?

If it was the former, they would be willing to regard him as their eternal idol.

If it was the latter, then they would be utterly disappointed and lose all interest in this conceited man. They would even be filled with contempt for him and his self-righteousness.

Zhao Rui did not have the ability to read minds, so he did not know what they were thinking. However, he knew one thing. They were all watching a show. A good show, a show that would shock them to their knees!

In order to make this “good show” even more interesting, a thought popped up in Zhao Rui’s mind.

The corners of his mouth curled up slightly. Then, he pointed the gun in his hand at the farthest target.

In his eyes, the farthest target was as if it was right in front of him.

He could hit it with a single shot.

However, he still decided to challenge himself.

As for the challenge, it was… three consecutive shots, all hitting the bullseye! !

Exhaling a mouthful of turbid air, Zhao Rui’s eyes shone with sharpness and fanaticism.

He pressed the trigger.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Three consecutive shots! !

This scene was completely unexpected to everyone present.

When they came to their senses, they realized that this was three consecutive shots! !

“It’s actually a three-shot combo!”

“Isn’t this too risky? Is he sure he can hit it?”

They were very clear about the recoil force of the training rifle. Although it wasn’t as strong as a sniper rifle or an assault rifle, it would definitely affect the shooting.

A two-shot combo was already something, not to mention a three-shot combo.

This also shocked He Yingbo. When he came back to his senses, his view of Zhao Rui had changed. He no longer admired Zhao Rui. Instead, he felt that this young man was too conceited.

It was already ridiculous to remove all the other targets, leaving only the farthest target.

This was a three-hit combo. Did he really think he was a sharpshooter?

However, when he saw the results on the target, he froze.

He saw that there were three slightly out of the way marks on the bull’s-eye. This meant that these three bullets had hit the bullseye! !

“Three, three ten-ringed shots! !”

When these words were said, the entire hall fell silent. Everyone looked at Zhao Rui with indescribable gazes.

It was already very late when he went back. The evening self-study session had already ended. When he returned to the dormitory, he found that the lights had already been turned off.

From time to time, thunderous snoring sounds could be heard from inside.

Zhao Rui was also tired. After taking a casual shower, he fell asleep on the bed. Even the loud snoring sounds could not stop his sleepiness.

The night passed without a word. The next morning, He Yingbo still came to class.

“Everyone, get ready. Gather at the shooting range. It’s going to be target practice today,” Zhao Rui told everyone.

“Ah, it’s still raining outside.”

Just as Zhang Cheng had said, it was still raining outside today. Although it wasn’t as heavy as yesterday, it wasn’t light either.

“I’m not sure either. Alright, let’s not talk about it anymore. Instructor He is still waiting. The transport car is here too. Let’s hurry up.”

Zhao Rui clapped his hands and left.

Everyone looked at each other and left together. Sure enough, they saw a military vehicle outside. They got into the transport car and headed towards the shooting range.

If it wasn’t for the rainy day, the transport car wouldn’t have come. It was because it was raining and everyone didn’t have an umbrella. In order to make the best use of time, the transport car came.

After getting into the car, Zhao Rui and the others quickly arrived there.

When they arrived there, they found that there were already many people there. They were all from other groups.

At this moment, Instructor He appeared. He scanned the crowd and clapped his hands, he said, “Yesterday, we familiarized ourselves with the structure of guns. Today, we will officially start target practice. Other than those from Dormitory 314, all of you will line up from the west to the east. Look for your team leader to ask for guns and start practicing.”

After saying that, the members of each team left excitedly. Like Zhao Rui and the others, they also hoped that they could shoot. Now was their chance. They could finally experience the excitement of shooting a gun.

Soon, there was no one else here.

At this time, He Yingbo turned his head to look at Zhao Rui and the others.

“Bai Xiaofei, Chi Heng, come out.”

“Yes, Instructor! !”

Bai Xiaofei and Chi Heng received the order. As they shouted, they stepped out and stood straight.

“Yesterday, your class monitor, Zhao Rui, went to teach you with a gun. He already knows the structure of the gun. Do you know how to assemble a gun?”

“Reporting to Instructor He, we know! !”

Bai Xiaofei shouted.

He Yingbo nodded. “Alright, since that’s the case, come and show me the results of your learning. I’ll give you half an hour to assemble the gun. After that, you can follow them to target practice.”

“Yes! !”

Next, He Yingbo found two guns and timed them.

They didn’t disappoint He Yingbo and Zhao Rui. In half an hour, they restored the guns that had been dismantled.

“Alright, you didn’t disappoint me, and you didn’t disappoint your class monitor. In the future, you guys have to be more careful and don’t be distracted, understand?” He Yingbo said.

Bai Xiaofei and the others hurriedly nodded. “Understood, Instructor He. We won’t do it again in the future! !”

He Yingbo turned around and left. “Alright, you guys go to target practice. I’ll come back later.”

Seeing He Yingbo leave, Zhao Rui and the others smiled in satisfaction. “Not bad, you guys.”

“I didn’t disappoint you, did I, Class Monitor?”

Bai Xiaofei and the others laughed.

Then, they all headed to the target practice. When they reached there, each of them had a gun and began to practice..