"Let it all be over..."

Ye Lin's voice is very calm, but there is a kind of inexplicable fatigue.

He has been fighting with Mie Dao for a long time. In the fairyland, he has been suppressing Mie Dao, but let Mie Dao pester him endlessly and regard him as a thorn in the flesh.

Trying to beat him, I went crazy.

Although Ye Lin defeated Mie Dao again and again, Mie Dao only used it once, which made him completely defeated.

One hundred years after the destruction of the earth, Ye Lin was struggling under the shadow of destroying Tao.

All this makes Ye Lin feel tired.

"That's right. It's time to end. You lose!" The roar of Mie Dao roared.


In the bottomless black hole, a black thunder shot out, and the stars died out.


Mie Dao's attack easily hit Ye Lin, and Mie Dao laughs.

However, when he saw Ye Lin safely standing in the void, he was stunned.

His power has devoured countless worlds, among which the power of fairyland is useless to Ye Lin?

How is that possible?

"Since the attack is useless to you, it will devour you, and let your power become a part of me, so that I can become the real number one of the heavens!"


The black hole expands infinitely, devours everything, the stars vanish, and the darkness strikes.


Ye Lin was still standing with his hands down. His body was shining. The ethereal power easily rebounded and destroyed the power of destroying Tao.

See Ye Lin get condensed out of the infinite power of heaven, change into an unreal unicorn, send out the roar of vibration void.


Kirin roars, and the vast energy rushes into the black hole. In the dark, the energy fluctuates violently.


The miserable cry of exterminating Tao resounds, and the unicorn of heaven's magic rushes into the black hole and detonates directly!


The infinite white light shines in the void, and the black hole that devours everything is completely destroyed.

Kill the way, kill!

Looking at the elimination of the road in front of me, Ye Lin breathed a long breath, and finally ended.


The heavenly tree behind Ye Lin appeared, and the endless streamer was shining in the void.

Ye Lin looks at the tree and smiles. His arms are lightly waved. The endless brilliance of the tree is scattered in the void, and the power of the tree is scattered.

The power of the way of heaven flows and extends in the void, and the heaven and earth that are devoured by the way of destroying are born again.

Reshape the world!

Looking at the recovery of the lost world, Ye Lin smiles. This is the power of heaven.

The fairyland began to reshape in front of him, and then it became the same.

Fairyland immortals also resurrected, looking at the light after the rain, crying with joy.

Only those who have experienced darkness can realize how precious the sunshine is.

"And your excellency?"

Tuntian Qilin looks around, but he doesn't see ye Lin.

"Tuntian, from now on you will be the Qilin Immortal Emperor. Don't lose my face."

Ye Lin's voice appeared in his mind. His body trembled slightly. He knew that Ye Lin had left the fairyland.

Swallow day kylin mood lost, Ye Lin left like this?

"Don't be sad. It's not that I can't meet each other. I'll come to you with my daughter in the future. I also want you to carry Xiao Ye to the fairyland. By then, I hope you are the strong man at the top of fairyland. Don't let me down."

As soon as tuntian Qilin's eyes brightened, he immediately exclaimed, "yes, my Lord, I will live up to your expectations."

They can still meet. It's still looking forward to the idea that the Immortal Emperor will come with the little princess.

Yuqing. The real person, Jin Feng, looks at the void and smiles with relief.

Ye Lin still chose to leave, but he will meet again in the future.

Baize, the five great beasts, hovers in the sky and nods to Ye Lin.

In the void, Ye Lin smiles and moves. Ye Qi'er and the five eastern dragons appear beside him. He says, "I'm gone."


In an instant, Ye Lin and his men disappeared and appeared in front of a blue planet.

Ye Lin looks moved and finally comes back.

He can't wait to come, he went to ye first, ye Tianlong, Luoya and others came back.

He was very happy, but he didn't see his baby daughter and Prynne Jun. where were they?

Ye Lin thought of a place, an idea disappeared, appeared in the secular world he and brandy Jun's small home.

When he came to the door, he couldn't wait to knock.

Before long, the door opened, and the familiar face came into Ye Lin's eyes. He was as beautiful as ever. Now he was staring at him with a smile and welcomed him back.

There is also a small face, with round eyes looking at him, toward him with a pure smile.

Ye Lin's eyes became bright, and his vision was a little blurred.

A small hand touched Ye Lin's face. Ye Lin closed his eyes and gently held the soft hand.

"Cluck, cluck..."

The crisp laughter rings in Ye Lin's ear. He can't help but kiss his little hand.

This action provoked a little cute child to be a little bit grumpy, as if he was dissatisfied with Ye Lin's being too close to him.

Ye Lin's face can not hide the smile, gently hugged brandy Jun, and Xiao Ye Xi, enjoying the happiness at the moment.

"I'm back..."