Chapter 394 - Chapter 394: The Complete Breakup of the An Family

Chapter 394: The Complete Breakup of the An Family

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In China.

An Yaoqing and Lu Lehua were sent back to Jin City by Qin Lu’s people.

Because he was injured, An Yaoqing was immediately taken to the hospital for surgery.

Lu Lehua was in a state of extreme shock, trembling nervously as she curled up outside the operating room.

When the four An brothers arrived upon hearing the news, she grabbed An Zhici’s hand and began to cry.

An Zhici comforted her, saying, “Mom, please calm down first.”

“You’re safe now, this is a hospital, no one will harm you here. Don’t be afraid.”

“Sob… sob…” Lu Lehua sobbed uncontrollably, not really listening to what he was saying.

The four brothers looked at each other, helpless.

They could only wait for her to vent her fear before asking her any questions.

Lu Lehua cried for nearly half an hour, and her emotions gradually calmed down.

And it was because she had her four sons by her side that she was able to calm down so quickly, her sense of security rising.

When Lu Lehua’s emotions seemed to have settled down, An Siting finally asked, “Mom, who kidnapped you and Dad? What did they do to you both?”

Lu Lehua’s eyes were swollen, and her voice was hoarse as she said, “I’m so hungry, please get me something to eat first.”

From the time they were kidnapped until now, she hadn’t had a sip of water or a bite of food.

She had asked for food on the plane, but the people on the plane said there was no food.

Of course, this was at Qin Lu’s orders; as long as they didn’t die, it was fine.

After arriving at the hospital, An Yaoqing was taken into the operating room for surgery, and she was left alone outside, not knowing who to ask for food.

In addition to being too frightened, she saw everyone as potential threats and didn’t dare to talk to anyone, so she had to continue enduring her hunger.

She felt like she could eat a whole cow right now!

An Mulin went outside the hospital to buy food.

Knowing that she was very hungry, he didn’t go to a restaurant and just went to a fast-food shop downstairs. He bought two boxed meals, a bowl of seafood porridge, and a bowl of spare rib soup.

When he brought them back, Lu Lehua didn’t care about her aristocratic image anymore.

She devoured the food, choking a few times and even rolling her eyes, but she forced down a few mouthfuls of porridge and continued eating.

She had never been in such a sorry state in her life, and she had never thought that such food could taste so delicious.

She kept eating until she was full and couldn’t eat another bite. She let out a satisfied burp, touched her bulging stomach, and tears welled up in her eyes.

“It’s because I was foolish in the past and didn’t treat Yanyan properly, but she still saved me and her father. In order to help us escape, she even used herself as a hostage to ensure our safety…”

“Please find a way to rescue Yanyan!”

An Zhici spoke coldly, “The kidnappers came for her in the first place. If it weren’t for her, you wouldn’t have been kidnapped.” “Big brother!” An Xiran’s voice carried some anger.

“Do you think Yanyan wanted this to happen?”

“She has brought our parents back now, but she’s still in their hands. Don’t you worry about her at all?”

“She’s your own sister!”

An Xiran truly couldn’t understand why they had so many prejudices against Yanyan. She had never actively harmed them; it had always been them hurting her.

Even now, they were not thinking about how to rescue their sister but rather trying to sow discord between their parents and her.

What was going on in his mind?

Originally, Lu Lehua had felt guilty about Nan Yan and thought that if she could rescue Nan Yan, she would treat her well.

However, after hearing An Zhici’s words, her guilt had turned into anger and resentment.

“That jinx, it would be best if she died there!”

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What she had just said was overheard by both Old Master An and Old Master Lu, who had just arrived.

Old Master Lu was consumed by anger and approached Lu Lehua, delivering a resounding slap.

He couldn’t fathom that his own daughter could be so heartless.

Concerned that Old Master Lu’s health might be adversely affected by anger, Old Master An comforted and brought him outside to help him regain his composure.

Witnessing this, An Xiran sighed and shook his head, then sarcastically remarked to An Zhici, “Big brother, that statement of yours was really well said!”