Wudao demon God is really speechless. The creation energy needs to destroy the universe. As a result, the guy opposite the decent man actually took out a mass of creation energy similar to him, which shows that he also destroyed a universe, a universe similar to the universe he destroyed!

Wu Dao demon God shouted, "are you the Savior?"

"Why not? What I destroy is the devil universe, the most evil universe. I am the Savior of the greatest light!"

Zhang Yunhao said righteously, the sky also shed a light on him, setting off his extraordinary greatness!

The demon God of Wudao almost vomited blood, but he could not refute Zhang Yunhao's words. Is it just to destroy the demon universe? Nonsense, justice can no longer be just!

"OK, I'll get back the creation energy. This method is a failure!"

The devil of Wu Dao said happily, but Zhang Yunhao shook his head and said, "don't take it back, continue to fight!"

With that, Zhang Yunhao tore off the creation energy in his hand and sprinkled it on the three thousand demons. The momentum of the three thousand demons soared, coming and going with those races!

Zhang Yunhao shouted, "you are actually one. Cooperate with each other. It's easy to kill them!"

The innate demons began to try to cooperate when they heard the speech. Although they had not done so before, they were all incarnations of the road and started to work soon. At this time, the situation began to reverse!

The devil frowned and asked, "do you want to eliminate these racial grievances?"

"Yes, destroy them! Only in this way can you avoid using the ultimate method!"

Zhang Yunhao smiled and said, "you not only have three methods, but you also have an ultimate method, right?"

Wu Tao demon God didn't deny it. He said, "yes, I have another ultimate way, that is to destroy Wu Tao. In this way, all martial artists will collapse and the universe will directly enter the non martial stage."

"However, I will not use this means. Only the martial arts can be destroyed by the martial arts, and there are some non martial people in the universe, such as Shura God, heavenly demons and so on. Once the martial arts are destroyed, the universe will become their hunting ground."

The demon God of Wudao then said, "although I may finally fight back and rebuild Wudao, the success rate is too low to be optimistic about me!"

"You don't need it, but someone will force you to use it!"

Zhang Yunhao looked at the racial resentment over there, shook his head and said, "because they hate martial artists!"

"So you're going to kill them?"

The demon God said, "you seem to have calculated everything, dragon subduing immortal?"

"There is a mental calculation, but there is no intention!"

Zhang Yunhao said with a smile: "I have stayed in the core of the universe for more than 1000 years. In these 1000 years, I am not only improving my strength, but also thinking about how to defeat you, so I have 99 plans!"

Zhang Yunhao said, "I even let myself imitate you to see what killing moves you have. You have fought with Wuzu and Wuxian emperor after all. I have a lot of information about you, but you don't have any information about me. In this case, it's normal for you to be defeated by me!"

"Knowing myself and the enemy, winning every battle, I was defeated for such a simple reason?"

The devil smiled bitterly. He said, "from the beginning, you are actually confident, not really desperate!"

"Yes, I'm confident. I can't kill you after more than 1000 years of calculation, so I don't have to live!"

Zhang Yunhao said, "Wu Dao demon God, end all this. I won't kill you. After I get away from Wu Dao, I will revive you and make you a congenital demon God of Wu Dao again!"

"No, just revive my true spirit. I want to reincarnate and become a Wuxian."

Wudao demon said, "Wuxian is the strongest and most free. If I were a Wuxian promoted step by step, I wouldn't lose to you this time!"


Zhang Yunhao laughed and smashed the head of Wudao demon God with a slap. The headless body of Wudao demon God directly compared the middle finger to Zhang Yunhao, and then dissipated in the air!

The martial arts demon God disappeared, and the races he resurrected were soon killed by three thousand demon gods. Zhang Yunhao opened his hand and blessed him with infinite martial arts power, so that he was officially promoted to the martial arts innate demon God!

"It's perfect!"

Zhang Yunhao smiled. Although he gave up his status as a Wuxian, he also became the master of the universe!

"Praise the Lord of the universe and congratulate the Lord of the universe!"

At this moment, all the intelligent life in the universe knelt down and shouted to the sky, the master of the universe, appeared!

It is all life, including blood sea demons, including three thousand demons and gods, including heavenly demons. Of course, they don't kneel down, which is the exception!


Zhang Yunhao's voice has spread all over the universe. Benefits such as nature, hype, earth surge, Golden Lotus and auspicious rain must be distributed. The new Lord of the universe can't be stingy!

"Speaking of, if this is a novel, there should be a drama of the resurrection of the Wuxian emperor and robbing me of my body. This is called twists and turns!"

When Zhang Yunhao thought of something, he couldn't help laughing. His process of defeating the martial arts demon God was too dull. If it was the end of the novel, it was inappropriate. According to common sense, he should explode the seed with blood and destroy the martial arts demon God with strength!

However, in the realm of Zhang Yunhao, exploding seeds is meaningless. In the realm of Wuxian, it depends on the understanding of rules. If exploding seeds is useful, what is the significance of continuous learning and research every day?

As for the resurrection of Wuxian emperor by body, it is also impossible. Zhang Yunhao and Wuxian emperor are the same kind of people. What Zhang Yunhao will not do, Wuxian emperor will not do!

So, everything, so a little plain ended!

"The next step is to build the way of heaven, set rules for the universe, and then revive the innate demons, gods and Wuxian, so as to revitalize the universe!"

Zhang Yunhao thought to himself, "at the same time, I should continue to make progress myself. Only in this way can I get rid of the innate demon God and explore more universes. In addition, I should create the earth of previous lives!"

It's just the earth, not the unarmed universe. Zhang Yunhao plans to open up a galaxy outside the universe, and then arrange the earth inside. In this galaxy, there will be no martial arts, only science and technology!

This is not only a solution to Zhang Yunhao's homesickness, but also a very important experimental place. In addition, Zhang Yunhao also uses this earth newspaper!

Zhang Yunhao never owed anyone in his life, even in his previous life!

"It's a long way to go. I'll look up and down!"

Zhang Yunhao smiled. He touched his chin and muttered, "how many wives do I have? Should I see them first?"


Earth, a teenager suddenly woke up. He felt the memory in his mind and thought with an incredible face: "haven't I fallen completely? Why can I recover my consciousness? Eh, this is the unarmed universe?"

"This is the earth, young man. Start writing your own chapter. I've figured out the name and call the Wuxian emperor to come to the earth!"

A strange laugh rang out in the boy's head. He said, "in addition, for fun, I transferred your woman, Wuzu, the mother of gods and the true spirit of Wudao demon God here. You play slowly!"

The young man was stunned and immediately smiled: "thank you, reincarnation!"

"You're welcome, past life!"