Chapter 20 - All Fairy Tales Are Lies

Chapter 20 All Fairy Tales Are Lies

Kan Chen had completely recovered, and was now taking a walk in the garden. He frowned. Qin Yue had sneaked out again, and her phone was switched off.

Qin Yue was seated in a small cafe, and Xiao Yu was kneeling in front of her.

Qin Yue looked around impatiently. She didn’t tell Kan Chen about her meeting with Xiao Yu; all she wanted was to end this quickly.

“I heard that you’re really going to hold an engagement party with Kan Chen? What’s going to happen to our relationship then? Did you really choose to abandon me for that rich


Xiao Yu cried sorrowfully, as though he was really a man whose feelings had been cheated by Qin Yue.

Qin Yue rolled her eyes. “I gave you a chance. Yesterday was our tenth anniversary, and you actually forgot about it. Why should I be with someone who doesn’t love me?”

Xiao Yu couldn’t understand how this hideous woman, Qin Yue, who used to be extremely subservient in front of him, could act so arrogantly in front of him now.

He hurriedly took out a worthless necklace from his pocket, and was secretly glad that he had brought an apology gift. “I didn’t forget it! I just remembered the date wrongly, and thought that it was today! Qin Yue, can you stop being angry with me? I know that you love me, so please forgive me!”

Qin Yue looked at the necklace in his hand and sneered. Yesterday wasn’t even their tenth anniversary.

All these years, Xiao Yu had never given her a proper present. On Qin Yue’s birthday, he would only give her handwritten cards, flowers, or cheap handicrafts.

He even found a good reason for his stinginess. He would say that he was born poor and had never been in a relationship. He didn’t know what girls liked, but he had spent a lot of effort preparing these gifts.

“You called me out just to tell me all of this nonsense? Then there’s no need for us to meet again in the future.”

Xiao Yu had already cursed Qin Yue countless times in his heart. He didn’t expect her to be so hard to be coaxed, so he could only use his trump card.

“No! I actually have something important to tell you. The reason Kan Chen wanted to marry you was to destroy your family’s power. I have the evidence to prove it!”

Xiao Yu took out a document. He had originally planned to use it to threaten the Kan family after conning Qin Yue’s assets. Now, he could only show it to Qin Yue.

This was a contract signed between the Kan family and the government. The contract stated that the government didn’t want a powerful triad family like the Qin family to exist in the country. They hoped that the Kan family could find a suitable opportunity to destroy them.

A suitable opportunity.

These words stung Qin Yue’s eyes.

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Initially, Qin Yue was still doubting the authenticity of the document, but when she saw the familiar signature, her heart almost stopped.

“Where did you get this document?”

Qin Yue unwillingly flipped through the document. The government and the Pengfei Corporation’s seals made her hands tremble.

“Qin Yue, you can choose not to believe my love for you, but you have to trust this document. Kan Chen is really lying to you! Think about it, he’s the government’s lackey, and you’re the young miss of a triad family. It won’t do him any good if he marries you. He’s just helping the government to get rid of the mafia’s power. With the serial number and dates on the document, you can definitely check its authenticity. I’m telling the truth!”

Noticing Qin Yue’s panic, Xiao Yu sat down beside her and placed his arm across her shoulders.

When he turned around, he noticed a luxury car parked by the road. Kan Chen’s icy gaze pierced through the car window and landed on him like a nail.

“You… You have to believe me. I’m going to the washroom.” Without giving Qin Yue any time to react, Xiao Yu snatched the document and ran to the washroom. Such an important thing couldn’t be taken away by Kan Chen!

“Stop right there!” Qin Yue hurriedly stood up and wanted to chase after him, but her arm was held back, and she was forced to turn backward.

Qin Yue was surprised, and there was an unfathomable expression on her face.

Kan Chen’s face was in front of her, and from his furious gaze, he looked like he wanted to eat her up.

“Why did you meet him?” Kan Chen suppressed his anger.

The bodyguard who followed Qin Yue told him that she had met with Xiao Yu, so he came personally to check on her. When he saw her in Xiao Yu’s arms, he really wanted to chop her into pieces.

Qin Yue’s wrist hurt from his grip. All she wanted to do now was to break free from his hold and chase after Xiao Yu to get to the bottom of the matter. However, her struggle angered Kan Chen.

“Tell me why you met him in secret again!” Kan Chen had already lost his patience, so he grabbed hold of Qin Yue and yelled at her.

“Why were you tailing me?” Qin Yue looked into his eyes, and all that flashed across her mind was his signature and the chilling words on the document.

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Her mind was in a mess now, and she was in a lot of pain. She realized that she didn’t know who he was at all.

Everything that Kan Chen did for her in her previous life was true, but the document with the anti-counterfeit label was also true.

Qin Yue and Kan Chen were stuck in a deadlock.

In the end, Qin Yue removed the mask on her face and said, “What do you love about me? I’m ugly and rude, and I grew up in a gang. You were born into a noble family, and have been showered with love all your life. Your parents hate me. Everyone around you hates me. Tell me, what exactly do you love about


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