Cheng ran picked a provocative tail: "do you still need to say that?"

"Sure enough, my sister kept her word and told me to do it."

Duan Youlin is about to love his sister.

Who knows this is heard by Zhuo Mulan? It's very unusual.

"What are you talking about? She came here today for you and Feng Yanfei? What do you two want to do? If you want to get married, I advise you to give up the idea as soon as possible. I won't agree with you."

But Duan Youlin is also very persistent.

"Mom, if you don't agree, I won't marry in my life. I'll stay at home with you and dad. I don't even have a girlfriend."

"You're just fooling around!"

Zhuo Mulan is about to die of anger by this villain.

Cheng ran was too lazy to talk so much nonsense with them and went straight to the subject.

"Duan Youlin has just said the purpose of my coming. I really came for him and Feng Yanfei. The father of Feng family has agreed. Now only you are left. If you don't agree, it doesn't matter. In another week, the stock will usher in an unprecedented downturn. I just don't know if your Duan family has thought of buying any stock to protect themselves. ”

Cheng ran did both hard and soft, and didn't threaten them directly, let alone argue with them on this matter. She just said it in a good way.

But only the Duan family know that Cheng Ran's proposal has proved that she has already planned everything in her heart.

The olive branch she threw out is really attractive. Now all enterprises in the industry are panicked and want to buy the dark horse during the stock turmoil, so that they can make a steady profit, much more than they usually make.

Everyone wants it, and so does Duan guogang.

Even Zhuo Mulan was moved by this condition, but

"You want to exchange my son's lifetime happiness for it. It's too cheap for you."

Cheng ran sneered: "it should be clear in your heart whether you take advantage of it or we take advantage of it."

Feng Yanfei is his daughter's family. Everyone can see who suffers. Zhuo Mulan can really lie with his eyes open.

Duan guogang doesn't stick to anything else now. He just wants Cheng ran to come back. Such a capable daughter is a good thing for the Duan family.

With so much property in hand and family support behind it, how can we see the property of their Duan family.

But Zhuo Mulan is the benevolence of women, and he can't see the interests in it.

"What you think is very beautiful. Let my son marry your daughter, and then want to inherit our Duan family's property in a decent way. Coupled with a hungry Geng Yanfei, you people who seal the family have discussed it."

Cheng ran was convinced by Zhuo Mulan's brain. If her mother had not been so kind at the beginning, I'm afraid Zhuo Mulan would not be her opponent.

She was also too lazy to advise: "if you don't agree, just forget how much turbulence this turbulence will bring to your Duan family. I think chairman Duan should be very clear. If there are any problems in your Duan family at that time, don't say we don't care about you."

Then she said to Feng moye.

"Husband, let's go back. Anyway, even if they don't agree, with Duan Youlin's temperament, they will be desperate to be with Yanfei."

"Come on, wife, be careful. Now that you're pregnant, you can't be as casual as before."

Feng moye holds Cheng ran carefully.

Duan guogang heard that Cheng ran was pregnant and almost thought he had auditory hallucinations.

"What did you just say? Cheng Ran is pregnant?"

Before Feng moye answered, Duan Youlin hurriedly said, "yes, Dad, you're going to be a grandfather."

Duan guogang was surprised: "really? That's great. Ran Ran Ran, my father decided to let Youlin marry Feng Yanfei. You can discuss a lucky day there. Let's do it."

"Lao Duan, you..."

"If so, that's the best. I believe you don't want Duan's group to make waves again. I also promise you that if their wedding can be held smoothly, we will quit the film and television industry and transfer all the projects we haven't signed to you."

The ecstasy in Duan guogang's heart could not be covered up.

"Is that true?"

"I'm not you. If I say it, I'll do it."

If she can't, she won't easily promise others, but as long as she says it, she will find a way to do it and never break her promise.

Duan guogang naturally believes in Cheng Ran's personality. For this reason, no one in their Duan family can compare with last Cheng ran.

"OK, let's discuss it at that time. The two families will sit together for dinner. Ran Ran, you are pregnant now. I still want President Feng to take you to the hospital for examination."

Cheng Ran's attitude is still indifference to people thousands of miles away. She temporarily suspended her troops with Duan guogang this time, but because of Duan Youlin.

If it weren't for her, she wouldn't come to Duan's house at all. She's not the kind of person who takes the initiative.

For Duan guogang's concern, Cheng ran only answered coldly.

"I know what to do with these things. I don't need chairman Duan to worry about them."

"I... I just want to care about you." Duan guogang saw that Cheng ran was still so indifferent, and his heart was still a little lost.

"No, as long as you can serve snacks when Duan Youlin and Feng Yanfei get married."

"It's natural." Duan guogang nodded. His son's wedding must be attentive. To put it another way, Feng Yanfei's marriage to Duan Youlin is actually a good story. The Feng family is also the leader in the industry. I don't know how many people want to go in. How can they be unwilling.

Duan Youlin sends Cheng ran out with Feng moye.

"Sister, I really want to thank you for what happened today. If it wasn't for you, I'm afraid my mother couldn't pass." “

"It's all up to you. If you really want to marry Feng Yanfei, no one can stop you. Not to mention your mother. You love him and he loves you. Well, you can prepare the rest by yourself."

"Well, sister, you should go to the hospital with your brother-in-law to have a check. You're just pregnant. You'd better go to the hospital to make a diagnosis."

Zhuo Mulan would like to go with Cheng ran if he didn't go back later. After all, the child in her belly will be called her uncle when she is born.

Duan Youlin's words reminded Feng moye. He said to Cheng ran.

"It's still early to see the time. If we go to the hospital in time, I'll let Che Jin make an appointment. It doesn't take a long time. At least we have to know what the child is in the stomach. Even if you have excellent medical skills, you don't have perspective eyes to see the child's situation."

Feng moye completely blocks what Cheng ran wants to say. What else can she say.

Cheng ran can only promise: "well, I'll just go."

Feng moye drives, and the two go directly to the hospital. After a series of examinations, Feng moye seems more nervous than Cheng ran, waiting for the results.

Cheng ran looked back at him, couldn't help laughing and said, "Why are you more nervous than me? You're not having a baby."

"For the first time, it's inevitable..."

The doctor was looking at the report. When he heard Feng moye say so, he couldn't help joking.

"Don't worry, Mr. Feng. Your wife's baby is very healthy, and we just saw several doctors. Maybe he is still a twin."

"Twins, which means twins?" Feng moye's deep fundus flashed consternation.

"Yes, there is a 90% chance that it should be twins, but now men and women can't see it."

Feng moye hurriedly said, "I don't care about men and women. I like them as long as they are mine and my wife."

Doctors can't help but envy.

"What a good husband, sir."


"Then I'll prescribe some folic acid for you and take it back to your wife. It's good for the fetus and adults."

"Trouble the doctor." Feng moye finishes saying this and carefully holds Cheng ran up.

Cheng ran was stunned by him. She gently pushed him away.

"I haven't been pregnant for more than a month, and I'm not stupid. Don't be so careful."

Feng moye just released Cheng ran.

After that, the news that Cheng ran and Feng moye are going to have a make-up wedding soon spread in Yecheng. The president of Feng Group is going to have a make-up wedding, which can be regarded as a top priority. The media began to prepare as early as a month ago and waited for the highlight of that day.

Needless to say, it must dominate the headlines again.

In addition, the three young ladies who closed the house this time have to marry the young master of the Duan family. The weddings on both sides are held together, which is unprecedented.

Master Feng made a date and talked to Cheng ran and Feng moye. Then the Duan family met with Feng family again and soon settled the matter.

Although Zhuo Mulan seems a little reluctant, it's still because of Cheng ran, but he didn't say anything.

On the wedding day, Cheng ran wore a white wedding dress, and her figure and appearance were rare. Naturally, they surprised everyone, but in her eyes, only Feng moye, and in Feng moye's eyes, only Cheng ran.

The media never let go of any classic picture and are more dedicated than photographers.

When exchanging rings, Feng moye holds Cheng Ran's hand like a treasure.

"Wife, I finally saw you in your wedding dress. It's so beautiful. It's worthy of being my wife."

Cheng ran chuckled: "just you stink!"

Duan Youlin and Feng Yanfei are also happy for them.

The bride and groom exchange rings and kiss

There was cheering below.

Nine months later

Cheng ran gave birth to a pair of twins in the hospital. His son's name is Feng Mochen and his daughter's name is Feng Xiaoran. Feng moye hugged Cheng Ran's shoulder and looked at the children in his arms with satisfaction.

Cheng ran burst into tears: "husband, my life is finally complete."

Feng moye leaned over to kiss Cheng Ran's forehead and sighed, "I can have you and two children in my life."

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