Chapter 734 - Chapter 734: Outer Demon Wrecks Chaos! Responsive Dragon Soaring To The Heavens! (2)

Chapter 734: Outer Demon Wrecks Chaos! Responsive Dragon Soaring To The Heavens! (2)

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[When you heard this, you did not agree. Instead, you expressed that if Heavenly Saint Grotto-Heaven and Freedom Heaven were in trouble, you would help. You would not interfere in other matters.]

“l asked you to hand over the grotto-heaven and return to the Origin World, we will benefit together. You dawdled, now that there is trouble, you came quickly.”

Han Zhao’s expression turned cold.

[After that, you ignored the urging of the other Devas and returned to the Origin World’s Qian Heaven Palace.]

[Just in case, send a few projections to the plane near the Outer World to serve as sentries. At the same time, begin to strengthen the Yin-Yang Micro-Dust

Array at all costs.]

[Just as you were strengthening the Yin-Yang Micro-Dust Array, another shocking news came. The Outer World Demon sacrificed the Blood Sacrifice in the Jambu Sea to the northern sea area of the outer seas. Hundreds of millions of humans, demons, and Magi were devoured.]

[Because the Outer World Demon created endless killing sins in the outer seas, it triggered the array left behind by the previous Perfected Lords in the outer seas. The Connate Numinous Treasure Demon Slaying Seal that suppressed the array was triggered and injured the Outer World Demon. However, the Demon Slaying Seal shattered because of this. According to the description of the artifact spirit of the Demon Slaying Seal, the Outer World Demon is a horned dragon at the peak of the Spirit Refinement realm. Its strength is astonishing.]

[For a moment, the entire Outer World and Origin World fell into panic.]

[In less than ten days, three Perfected Lords came from across worlds. It turns out that the horned dragon at the peak of the Spirit Refinement Realm encountered the Titan Merchant Alliance’s giant ship in the Northern Region of the outer sea and swallowed it. It also swallowed several high-grade Spirit

Summoners of the Titan Merchant Alliance guarding the outer seas.]

“This Titan Merchant Alliance is really not simple!” Han Zhao was shocked.

Back when he was in the outer seas, he had heard that the Titan Merchant Alliance was a super faction that spanned several realms. He did not expect that they would send three Perfected Lords to the lower realm just because a

Spirit Summoner died.

The key was that among so many factions, only the people from the Titan Merchant Alliance came the fastest.

[Not long after the three Perfected Lords of the Titan Merchant Alliance descended to the lower realm, they met the horned dragon and were evenly matched. After that, the horned dragon escaped. The three Perfected Lords searched the outer seas and inner sea but could not find it.]

[At this moment, in the deep sea east of the East Victory Continent, the horned dragon appeared on the Penglai Immortal Island and sank it. It infuriated the Star Pavilion and sent two Perfected Lords over.]

[The three Perfected Lords of the Titan Merchant Alliance came to the Qian Heaven Palace to visit and invite you to slay the dragon together. After thinking about it, you said that you would attack at the critical moment but not directly participate in the slaying of the dragon. One of the Perfected

Lords was very dissatisfied with you, but he was stopped by his companions.

The three of them left together and went to invite the lower realm Perfected Lords of the Star Pavilion.]

“Where did this horned dragon come from? Its strength is so shocking?!” Han Zhao was shocked.

In the simulation, each of the three Perfected Lords had powerful auras that were definitely not comparable to the First Tribulation Perfected Lords. They were at least Second Tribulation Perfected Lords and the leader was very likely to be a Rank 3 Perfected Lord. Furthermore, two of the three of them cultivated the Time and Space Laws.

Clearly, the horned dragon’s strength had exceeded the expectations of the three Perfected Lords of the Titan Merchant Alliance. That was why it had invited help.

Han Zhao was only at the First Level Spirit Refinement Realm. Against this horned dragon at the peak of the Soul Refinement Realm, his life might be in danger in battle. That Tribulation Substitution Doll was not a life-saving trump card that could be easily exposed.

Furthermore, he did not trust these people from the Heavenly Realm.

It was not wise to surround and kill a horned dragon whose strength exceeded his with a group of people he did not trust.

The key to this simulation was to increase his realm and cultivation.

Of course, if the situation in reality was really irreversible, he would take action.

However, he did not join forces with others.

[In the next year or so, the horned dragon did not appear, and the factions behind the grotto-heavens sent three more Perfected Lords to the lower realm.]

[For a moment, eight Perfected Lord-level experts have already gathered in the Origin World for the Dragon Slaying Battle.]

[Originally, the situation of you dominating the Origin World had changed.

You clearly felt that the attitude of the various factions towards the Qian

Heaven Palace had changed.]

[Among them, the Perfected Lords representing the factions behind the three grotto-heavens came to the Qian Heaven Palace one after another and invited you to join their faction. They also offered conditions that they thought were more generous, including the Perfected Lord of the Green Mist Dao Sect.] [However, you rejected them and did not choose to join any faction.]

[After that, the Perfected Lords of the three factions invited you to participate in the Dragon Slaying Battle. That’s because according to the Perfected Lords of the Star Pavilion, that horned dragon was already half a step into the Void Returning Realm and was about to become an Emperor. It had turned into an extraordinary Responsive Dragon.]

[If they could take this opportunity to kill a dragon, just the horned dragon blood of a half-step Emperor can be used to temper their bodies and refine pills to greatly strengthen their bodies. It would be very beneficial to condense their immortal apertures and break through the bottleneck in the future.]

[Perfected Lords from all sides were fully prepared this time. The Dragon Slaying Battle was almost certain. If you agreed to participate in the battle, you could also obtain a portion of the dragon blood after the battle.]

“Looks like… if I don’t agree, they’ll have to deal with me first.” Han Zhao’s gaze focused. He didn’t expect a horned dragon to descend this time.

“Then I’ll feign civility first.”

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[In the end, you agreed to participate in the Dragon Slaying Battle.]

[After that, after more than a year of preparation, the horned dragon still did not appear.]

[At this moment, a special reaction suddenly appeared in the Time Seal. It seems that a power of the same origin is approaching you.]

[Half a month later, the horned dragon appeared in the sea south of the East Victory Continent and headed straight for the Cloud Prefecture,]

[The eight Perfected Lords have arrived and intercepted the horned dragon at the estuary of Cloud Prefecture’s Long Forest River..]