Chapter 498 - Chapter 498: Enduring God of War! Powerful Helper, Ice Phoenix! (3)

Chapter 498: Enduring God of War! Powerful Helper, Ice Phoenix! (3)

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The curly-bearded man said.

“Hasn’t Xiang Kang been pursuing the three sisters recently? Could it be them?” The last turtle-faced old man said in a low voice.

Xiang Chengyun had dozens of children in total, and more than half of them were at the Bind-level. There were also five to six Snake-level children, but only Xiang Kang had become a Weapon Master.

With Xiang Kang killed, Xiang Chengyun had to find the murderer even if he had to turn the entire State of Oi upside down.

Although the three of them did not have any relationship with Xiang Kang and even disliked him, as the Weapon Master of Corpse Soul Valley, he had actually been killed for no reason. Naturally, they had to investigate this matter to the end.

“Lian Chengjue! Come out!” At this moment, Xiang Chengyun’s voice came from the sky.

On a mountain peak at the front of the valley, a handsome young man flew out of the cave.

His facial features were well-defined. Under his handsome eyebrows, he had a pair of slender and seductive peach blossom eyes. Coupled with his tall nose and moderately thick lips, even if he was wearing the black disciple uniform of the Corpse Soul Valley, he could be picked out in the crowd at a glance.

However, the young man’s face was filled with fear. He flew five meters in front of Xiang Chengyun and bowed.

“Greetings, Second Elder!”

“Lian Chengjue, Kanger is dead! It must be those three b*tches from the Lian family. Others don’t have the guts.” Xiang Chengyun seemed to have recovered from his anger at this moment, but the uncontrollable killing intent in his eyes still made Lian Chengjue uneasy.

“These three b*tches, how… how dare they?!” Lian Chengjue cursed angrily.

“Come with me and use your Lian family’s bloodline to activate the divine weapon. If you find them for me, I’ll spare your life. Otherwise, prepare to die with my Kanger.” Yin energy surged around Xiang Chengyun.

“Yes!” Lian Chengjue hurriedly lowered his head and replied, his face filled with unwillingness and humiliation.

On the other side.

Just as Han Zhao flew out of Luohe County and entered Qingyuan County, his Three Spirits Unification ended and he split into three again.

After that, Vajra activated the Afterlife Sword and flew with Han Zhao’s main body and Demon Flame.

However, because he had used the Demon Dragon Blade when using the Three Spirits Unification just now, he had consumed a large amount of Dharma power, so his flying speed had slowed down.

As the three women were all on the same side, Han Zhao explained the situation to the three women.

Then, he sat cross-legged on the Afterlife Sword and began to count his gains from this trip.

“The Weapon Master is really rich!” Han Zhao probed the Sumeru Pouch with his divine sense and found more than 2,000 Demon Gold in a large black box.

Other than that, there was also a complete pseudo-divine weapon in the other boxes. It was a high- grade shield-shaped pseudo-divine weapon.

From the first time Han Zhao obtained the divine weapon fragment, his gains over the years were not as much as this time,

“What’s there to be afraid of!” Han Zhao was relieved.

He held the spear divine weapon in his hand and tried to absorb the Yin energy inside.


The spear divine weapon immediately emitted a dazzling green divine weapon light and resisted violently.

“As expected, it still doesn’t work.” Han Zhao felt the divine weapon’s determined will to resist and stopped absorbing Yin energy. He was still unable to fight the complete divine weapon head-on.

However, this did not mean that he could not absorb Yin energy from it. “Chengxue.” Han Zhao shouted at Lian Chengxue, who was flying beside him.

“Brother Han?” Lian Chengxue looked at him.

“Is there a way to devour this complete divine weapon with the Three Wonders Spirit Arrow in your bodies?” Han Zhao asked.

“We can, but devouring a complete divine weapon will cause us to be resisted by the divine weapon. We need a long time to digest the power inside. At this moment, if Xiang Chengyun catches up to us halfway through our digestion, our strength will be greatly reduced, and we might even be devoured by this power,” Lian Chengxue said in a low voice.

“As long as you can, I have a way to help,” Han Zhao said seriously.

If the three Lian sisters used the Three Wonders Spirit Arrow to suppress the spear divine weapon, he would use the Demon Vanquishing Light to weaken the divine weapon’s light. At that time, it would be much easier for them to devour it.

Buzz, buzz!

Hearing that the few of them were loudly plotting to devour it, the spear divine weapon in Han Zhao’s hand suddenly trembled, as if it was escaping.

However, without the control of a Weapon Master, a divine weapon could not unleash its full strength.

Purple light erupted around Han Zhao’s body, and the Demon Vanquishing Light directly shone on the spear divine weapon.

The divine weapon light on the surface of the spear quickly dimmed.

It let out wails.

“Now you know how to be afraid! It’s too late!” Han Zhao released the Demon Vanquishing Light to temporarily suppress the spear divine weapon before putting it back into the Sumeru Pouch.

The three sisters of the Lian family quickly distanced themselves from him as if they were avoiding a plague.

Although this purple light was not targeted at them, they still felt their hearts skip a beat. The divine weapon in their bodies seemed to have encountered its nemesis, urging them to leave.

Han Zhao looked up and realized that the three women were a hundred meters away from her.

“Eh? Why are you guys so far away from me?”

“Oh, right.”

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Han Zhao reacted and quickly dispersed the Demon Vanquishing Light.

“Young Master Han…” Lian Chengyu looked at Han Zhao with a complicated expression.

Every time they met, there seemed to be shocking actions. She really did not know where he got so many trump cards.

The four of them flew for a day and night and flew for 100,000 miles.

The main reason was that they could not fly in the air with great fanfare in the State of Qi. Therefore, they could bypass some large cities and take a long detour. They could run further..