Chapter 331 - Chapter 331: Gathering of Wind and Cloud, Thunder Cloud

Chapter 331: Gathering of Wind and Cloud, Thunder Cloud

Spirit Body! Five-Colored Divine Light Is No Match for Lifespan Consumption! (4)

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“Sigh…” The old man was helpless. Because luck could change, it could indeed be said to be illusory. However, if he was Kong Yi, he would definitely rather believe it.

However, these peerless geniuses of the same age were all proud and arrogant. The only difference was that some people had broad appearances, while others were arrogant inside and out.

Among these people, Kong Yi was considered quite polite.

The Star Pavilion had always been on good terms with the aristocratic family and suppressed martial artists at the same time. Therefore, he naturally did not want anything to happen to Kong Yi.

However, the other party did not take his advice seriously at all, so there was nothing he could do.

Perhaps Kong Yi’s fate was noble enough. After transcending this tribulation, the Purple Qi might come from the east.

The carriage had just left the forest when it stopped.

“What’s going on?” Elder Xu asked.

“Lord Star Emissary, someone is blocking the way ahead,” the middle-aged man driving the carriage said respectfully.

“Huh?” Kong Yi was a little displeased and lifted the curtain.

A young man in purple stood by the side of the road. His face was as handsome as jade, and he was elegant like the wind.

Kong Yi sensed an extremely powerful aura from him.

He walked out of the carriage and stood at the front of the car. He said condescendingly, “Who are you?”

“You don’t know me?” Han Zhao looked at the ‘Young man” standing in the carriage. At first glance, he thought that the other party was a woman and was even more beautiful than the image on the Qilin Ranking.

“It means that you’re not very famous and not worth me remembering,” Kong

Yi said calmly.

“I’m Han Zhao. Are you Kong Yi?”

Han Zhao asked. Just from Kong Yi’s appearance, he felt that he was slightly inferior.

“You’re quite bold to be in such a hurry to die.” Kong Yi sneered.

“Han Zhao, this person actually?” At this moment, Elder Xu’s expression changed abruptly in the carriage, He looked at Han Zhao with surprise.

He checked through the Qi Observation Technique and saw that the purple aura on Han Zhao’s head soared into the sky. He was a noble among nobles and could be said to be the son of the heavens. He was favored by the world.

However, the black qi in the purple qi was extremely dense, as if it were material. It was simply intolerable by the world. It wished for nothing more than to send down a lightning tribulation to destroy it in the next moment.

Logically speaking, how could such an indescribably precious fate be accompanied by such terrifying bad luck?

Kong Yi’s providence was pure green with a hint of purple. It was faintly suffused with black aura, indicating that he might be in trouble recently or turn misfortune into good luck.

However, Han Zhao’s luck was so strange that it was even possible for him to pick up a treasure when he went out and choke to death from drinking water.

“Kong Yi, it would be best if you could stop fighting.” Elder Xu pulled Kong Yi, who was about to get out of the car. Even if Kong Yi could kill Han Zhao and take a portion of his purple qi, he would probably not be able to withstand the black qi that soared into the sky.

“Elder Xu, wait a moment. Watch me take him down!” Kong Yi smiled proudly and flew off the horse.

Chi chi!

In an instant, the void behind Kong Yi distorted slightly. Spiritual qi of heaven and earth gathered around him, forming a lifelike peacock.

This peacock was more than ten feet long. The top of its head was emerald green, and the feathers on its tail formed a tail screen. It was bright and beautiful, like a living peacock.

The only difference was that there were five three-foot-long feathers on the tail of the peacock. They were like swords of different colors, divided by green, yellow, red, black, and white.

The peacock flapped its wings gently and flew straight toward Han Zhao with

Kong Yi.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The peacock spread its tail feathers like a sharp sword and shot out at a terrifying speed several times the speed of sound.

Ordinary martial artists could only mobilize the spiritual qi of heaven and earth after breaking through to the Fiend Condensation Realm and returning to the Connate Realm.

Kong Yi directly used the spirit beast bloodline to attract the spiritual qi of heaven and earth and condensed the Peacock Illusion.

Although Kong Yi looked down on Han Zhao, he would never underestimate his enemies in battle. Therefore, he used his full strength the moment he attacked.

“Good timing!’

Han Zhao’s pupils constricted, and the Severing Karma Saber in his hand was suddenly unsheathed.

An extremely strange fluctuation surged from his saber, and the scarlet saber was completely covered by white light.

Han Zhao gently slashed out, and a dazzling white light bloomed. 200 years of lifespan instantly vanished.

“Withering Style!! This kid risked his life the moment he came up?!” Elder Xu, who was watching the battle from the carriage, was shocked. He jumped down from the carriage and ran into the distance.

Scratch! Scratch!

As the white light brushed past, ripples that seemed to have materialized appeared in the air. The peacock tail feathers instantly turned to dust.

The Nirvana Power did not decrease in strength and instantly landed on Kong Yi.

However, Kong Yi did not panic at all. The Peacock Illusion behind him shone brightly, and five sword-like tail feathers quickly materialized and flew into his palm.

The tail feathers in his hand brushed, and green, yellow, red, black, and white light flashed.

The Nirvana Power seemed to stagnate. Immediately after, the Peacock

Illusion behind Kong Yi closed its wings and blocked the Withering Style.

“Withering Style? The Nirvana Power is indeed dangerous! Unfortunately, you’re not a Martial Saint. You shouldn’t have provoked me.” Kong Yi was proud. Han Zhao was much stronger than he had expected, but he was not careless. He condensed the Peacock Illusion the moment he arrived. So what if it was the ultimate technique of the Heavenly Saint Sect?

“Today, you will definitely die!” At this moment, Kong Yi was determined to kill Han Zhao. If Han Zhao broke through to the Fiend Condensation Realm and used the Withering Style, unless he also reached the third Bloodline Awakening, he might not be able to withstand this move unscathed even if he used the Five-Colored Divine Light.

“It’s hard to say who will die!” The Severing Karma Saber in Han Zhao’s hand suddenly trembled, and the white light that had just dissipated instantly condensed.

He slashed out again..