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Congratulations! You have been working for five consecutive days. You gained 60 Exp. Points and ten Gold Coins.

It was another day of an employee’s life!

It was going to be another fulfilling day of farming Exp. Points from work and study after work!

Lin Shu entered the office to start working and gain more Exp. Points as usual.

“Lin Shu, prepare the materials for the internal review by tomorrow and send them to Zhou Quan. The internal review is about to begin,” said Zhao Xuan.

Hearing Zhao Xuan’s words, Lin Shu said, “I’ve already sorted out the internal review materials and sent them to Mr. Zhou. Also, I have something on Saturday tomorrow, so I won’t be working overtime.”

‘Not working overtime on a Saturday? What music to my ears!’

The colleagues beside Lin Shu heard his words and felt their hearts ache.

Now, all of them were working on a one-day break. It had been a long time since they had a two-day break.

It was already a long time before they didn’t work overtime on Saturday.

Most importantly, the company had always said that Saturday was a typical working day, not overtime.

‘To hell with a normal working day on Saturday! Lin Shu, bring me along! I don’t want to work overtime on Saturday either!’

Quite a few people in the office were growling madly in their hearts!

Lin Shu didn’t plan to work overtime on Saturday. He still had to look for a place to live. Obviously, after he resigned, he couldn’t live in the company’s dormitory anymore, so he naturally had to look for a place to live.

Going back home had never crossed Lin Shu’s mind at all.

Lin Shu was born into a rural family and had not told his family about his resignation yet. He knew very well that it would only add to his troubles. Moreover, if Lin Shu did not work and stayed at home, he would receive a lot of harsh concern from his surroundings.

For these reasons, Lin Shu wanted to rent a single room and spend the next three months studying for his postgraduate entrance examination.

Lin Shu has been working here for three years. Although the salary was not high, he had saved up ¥100,000, excluding the expenses and the money he sent home.

This was also why Lin Shu felt he could take a break for a while and focus on preparing for the exam.

Lin Shu’s hard-earned money was also the economic support for his postgraduate studies.

When Zhao Xuan heard Lin Shu say that he wouldn’t be working overtime on Saturday, he was in a daze for a moment and felt very upset. However, he knew Lin Shu was about to leave and would never work overtime again. He also wouldn’t be like his colleagues, who were bound by the performance bonus and would work overtime in resignation.

More importantly, Lin Shu had already sorted out the information from the internal review.

“A-alright then. Send me a copy of the relevant information later,” said Zhao Xuan.

Lin Shu nodded.

Many people in the office were envious of Lin Shu’s freedom after his resignation. However, they would not do that because they still had to survive.

When Lin Shu said he didn’t have to work overtime on Saturday, Chen Ping grinned at Lin Shu and asked, “What are you going to do tomorrow if you don’t work?”

“I’m going to look for a place to stay,” said Lin Shu.

Chen Ping was a little surprised when he heard Lin Shu’s words. It seemed like Lin Shu really wanted to rest for a while. He just didn’t know what Lin Shu was thinking and whether he had any plans for the future.

However, Chen Ping didn’t ask much. He only said, “If there’s anything you can help with later, just tell me if you want to move.”

Lin Shu nodded to express his gratitude.

Lin Shu didn’t have any special requirements when looking for a room. He just wanted to rent a single room with a decent environment. He had already looked up a few places on the internet and was just waiting for the weekend to go see the rooms.

Pessimist Qi Yuan felt a little upset when he saw how free and fearless Lin Shu was. He said in a low voice, “You’re really free now.

“I wonder if you could still be so carefree in the future!”

Lin Shu’s mouth twitched as he listened to Pessimist Qi Yuan’s words. Lin Shu said, “I don’t think you should worry about whether I’ll be able to live a carefree life in the future. You should think more about yourself.

“You’re just a regular person. Why do you have to be so obsessive with others’ life?”

Qi Yuan felt a little hurt.


Congratulations! You have used your sharp tongue and injured the Level 9 Pessimist. You gained 354 Exp. Points and 32 Gold Coins.

Lin Shu felt that he had grasped Pessimist Qi Yuan’s weakness entirely. From time to time, Lin Shu could stab him with his sharp words and farm some Exp. Points.

‘Tsk, tsk, tsk. Thinking about it, I’m so cruel and crazy!’ Lin Shu thought.

Lin Shu thought that since he had stabbed Qi Yuan with his words once, he tried it again…

“The outside world is fascinating, don’t trap yourself to death here,” said Lin Shu.

Qi Yuan didn’t know whether the outside world was exciting, but Lin Shu would soon experience it.

On Saturday, Lin Shu left early in the morning to look for houses. He thought about how other systems would allow the player to instantly reach the pinnacle of the world with indescribable wealth and net worth. At the same time, he had to take the bus to find a house to live in. His system was a little…

When Lin Shu saw the Wishing Talisman in his virtual panel, Lin Shu felt that the system was indeed powerful, but his level was too low.

Or he was still not worthy!

As soon as Lin Shu saw the Wishing Talisman, his heart ached, and he cried inside.

‘My level wasn’t high enough to possess this Wishing Talisman!

‘I wonder when I will be able to reach the heavens in one step and live the life of a god-like rich man like in the novels.’ Lin Shu thought.

On the bus, Lin Shu was chatting with his good friend, Yao Chen, on WeChat. Only Yao Chen knew that Lin Shu was going to take the postgraduate entrance examination.

Lin Shu didn’t want everyone to know about it. It would be embarrassing if he didn’t manage to get into the program.

Of course, Lin Shu was still very confident about taking the postgraduate entrance examination.

[I don’t have time today. Let’s have dinner another day. I still have to look at some rooms today.] Lin Shu texted.

[No problem. I’m really impressed by your resignation without hesitation. All the best!] Yao Chen replied.

Lin Shu’s mouth twitched. One didn’t need to be impressed with someone who had resigned to study for a postgraduate entrance examination. What was needed was determination and perseverance.

[If there’s anything else, just say it! By the way, are you not going to consider living with me?] Yao Chen texted.

[No, I’m worried I won’t have enough willpower.] Lin Shu replied.

If Lin Shu were to live in a house with a Tempter every day, he would be in danger if he could not resist the temptation.

Lin Shu didn’t want to live with Yao Chen. He just wanted to study by himself.

[Alright then, just let me know if you need my help in the future. Don’t take it all on yourself!] Yao Chen texted.

Lin Shu couldn’t help but smile when he saw his friend’s reply.

Lin Shu continued texting with his friend. However, someone behind him suddenly kicked the back of his chair, causing him to be unable to rest comfortably. It was extremely annoying.


Lin Shu could feel someone kicking his back from behind, causing him to feel uneasy.


A Level 30 Spoiled Brat provokes you, ready to attack and fight you!

Lin Shu was stunned.

‘A Spoiled Brat? What the heck?’ Lin Shu thought.

Lin Shu felt a powerful demonic aura behind him.

Lin Shu was kicked in the back of the chair by the person behind him. He was kicked so hard that his body leaned forward, and his phone almost fell.

Lin Shu turned around and saw a boy laughing heartily, looking pleased with himself.

‘This demon’s demonic Qi was overflowing, and his aura was monstrous!’ Lin Shu thought.